Angel Haze - ‘No Bueno’ - Label : Island Records - Directed by Frank Borin


I was pretty skeptical about them doing a song together but it sounds really good :o

Meeting Frank Borin

I just came from the shooting of a Starobrno (a Czech beer) commerical, that was shot in my city (Brno, Czech Republic) by no-one other than my favourite music video director Frank Borin.

Just so you know, Frank is the one who shot music videos like Dani California (RHCP), Punk Rock 101 (Bowling For Soup), Don’t Talk To Strangers (Hedley) and also six Simple Plan music videos: I’m Just A Kid, Addicted, I’d Do Anything, Don’t Wanna Think About You, When I’m Gone and Jet Lag.

He invited me to the shoot via Twitter, so of course I just had to go… and I gotta say he really is as amazing as everybody says. I had such a great time with him. Here is my picture with Frank and a short recap of what happened:

First i waited at a tram station next to his hotel and waited for a tram which would drive me to the place where i thought the shoot was supposed to be. And thank god no tram arrived, cause i was just texting ä friend when i saw three guys walking on the square next to the hotel and one of them was very small, had dark hair with sort of a mohawk and wore dark jacket. So i crossed the street and followed them. I was walking like 5 meters behind them and when i heard they were speaking english i was sure it was frank. So then i ran to him and was like: hi frank! (he looked confused) so i added: im dominika! And then he was like; oh my god, hi!!! And hugged me so good! Then asked me if i was just hanging here and randomly spotted him, so i said yes. And then i asked where the shooting was happening and he didnt know and neither did the guys with him, but at least one of them said ‘somewhere over there’ and pointed to a direction which was on the totally other side than i thought it was supposed to be. Then i found our the 2 guys were czech so one of them told me he would give me his phone number that i could call to find out the street of i couldnt find it. So then i said hi and see you later and went back to mums cafe, which is like 50 meters away from where i met frank and tried to calm down and waited for a couple of minutes cause i knew the shoot wouldnt start till 9. After that i wantwd to go try to find the location. So i went to the direction the guy showed me and i ran into few guys setting up lights and cables, so i was pretty sure that was it. Nobody besides them was there so i decided to go buy myself a latte and hang at mcds for a bit. Then i freaked out for a bit cause i didnt know what i was supposed to do and how to act at the shoot so i called a friend of mine who was already sleeping and asked her to come. She said okay. But since she still hasnt arrived, i grabbed my balls and went back to the location. So i was just hanging around at the site, trying to find frank among all the people there. Then i saw him, then he left for a while, but then came back, saw me, i smiled, and he waved at me soooooo sweetly (i dont care if thats not a word), so i went to him, said hi and he hugged me so awesomely again. And then we started talking. I was so proud of myself for not being the normal chicken that i am. I asked him what the shoot was about and he said it was a commercial for starobrno, thats a czech beer that is made in brno. I asked if he was the main director and he was like damn girl, i am always the main director! :D then he said he remembers i was at the warsaw to see sp and asked how the show was, so i told him that it was awesome, that we even met the guys. And he was like yeah i heard it was one of the best shows. And i told him they even played a new song amd he was like well im sure they played a shitload of new songs, and i told him no, but i mean one that we havent heard before. I told him that all the Simple Plan fans wanted me to say hi to him and that they really appreciate and love all his work and he thanked me/them a lot. he also said that he was supposed to tour with SP in Poland and Germany, but he had to work. He stayed in Prague on this “worktrip”, but shoots in Brno. He also asked me what the fans reactions on Jet Lag have been like so i told him how great they were and he seemed very pleased. Said it was pretty hard to shoot it in the two different language versions. And after that I asked him to take a picture with him, he said of course, so we took it (check my profile pic and the whole “on set” album) and then he said i could just hang around the set if i wanted to so i thanked him, said bye and went to mcds to get another coffee while i waited for my friend to arrive. then we went back to the location, hung out for about 1 or 2 hours, saw some shootings of a pretty girl who is being pulled by her mother (i suppose?) - not sure what it has to do with the beer though :D and then we went home. it was awesome. he is the sweetest guy ever im telling you.