So I was going through some of my dads stuff and came across this plaque full of his old concert tickets. A bunch of them had fallen off or been ripped, but these stood out to me. The first two (the ones on top of each other) are Boston, then Super Tramp, and then Frank Zappa. The thing that caught my eye is the price. These tickets, to see these massive bands, especially BOSTON, didn’t even cost more than $20. He had a few GA Kiss tickets on there too that were only $25 but they’re too worn out and tore to be photographed. When did putting on a concert, putting on these shows for fans, become all about the money? All about the price of a ticket?


G-Spot Tornado - VK Goes Wild

I remember reading somewhere that FZ called this piece impossible for one musician to play, it was so demanding on a musician that lactic acid would build up and force them to stop before it was finished. Well, somebody I only know as VK arranged it herself for solo piano and I think it’s great. I think you will, too!