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Hmm… between this recent Wander Over Yonder S3 hint (plus others like Id, ego, and superego & challenging the characters’ strengths than their weaknesses), the multiple Samurai Jack revival pics I found for some reason, and reminded of Wander’s personalities good and bad in The Wanders…


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Annie Awards

I just want to wish the WOY crew good luck at the Annies tonight! We’ve got a couple nominations on this show and we’re rootin’ for ya!

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and everybody else on the WOY crew!

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Channel Frederator just made the What Ever Happened to Wander Over Yonder, after 107 Facts of WOY was made!

Just saw it, and it did state the background, and fate well. Plus a shout out to the #SaveWOY campaign which is great! Plus the available platforms to buy episodes!

However, the last crucial part kinda missed it which is where the creator is at:

“Craig McCracken was stated to be out of Disney and assumed to be taking a temporary retirement”. FALSE - Craig, as he recently tweeted a month ago, is still at Disney developing his serialized action comedy series (as hinted from the CTNExpo posted by Butch Hartman). Whether it got green-lighted or not is the question. But also if Wander got enough demands in a distant future, he would be eager to return and finish what he planned for Season 3 or a TV Movie.

As for the crew members, despite leaving Wander after its cancellation to pursue other works, they are still interested in returning as notably with Frank Angones making hints of Season 3 and still answering WoY related questions as he still enjoyed working on it. Even Chris Tsigoritis made a 3D Skullship.

So overall despite that false assumption of Craig’s whereabouts, it’s still a great video to share about the status of Wander. And also remind them that there are more info to showcase like the hunted S3 ideas, possible reason of cancellation due to low ratings (which Craig thought that it’s the obvious as money and art don’t mix).

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Man you give me ONE LBD related thing and all of the sudden hi hello it’s 2012/2013 and all I can think or talk about is the Lizzie Bennet Diaries starring Ashley Clements, Laura Spencer, Mary Kate Wiles, Julia Cho, Maxwell Glick, Briana Cuoco, Janice Lee, Christopher Sean, Jessica Jade Andres, Wes Aderhold, Daniel Vincent Gordh, Craig Frank, Alison Paige, and Rosie Wiles.