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I just want to wish the WOY crew good luck at the Annies tonight! We’ve got a couple nominations on this show and we’re rootin’ for ya!

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and everybody else on the WOY crew!

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I see what you did, Frank!

Was watching the DuckTales reboot by @duckyeahducks and @suspendersofdisbelief, and the first supernatural being known as Peghook, sounds really familiar…

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Not kidding!

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As if Lord Hater rose back from the recent cancellation of Craig McCracken’s Wander Over Yonder to be in this short time charge at Scrooge McDuck!

The same ol’ Keith Ferguson (Bloo, Foster’s Home; Reaper, Overwatch), and is also voicing:

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PS: Oh and the reboot I just saw is actually very good! Definitely a good upgrade from the original show in much respect to the source material while taking on new elements of character and story with a serialized arc established. Go check it out, if you can be open-minded that is! 

Oh and Frank wrote this series premiere episode, seems like he had upped his game lately!


Channel Frederator just made the What Ever Happened to Wander Over Yonder, after 107 Facts of WOY was made!

Just saw it, and it did state the background, and fate well. Plus a shout out to the #SaveWOY campaign which is great! Plus the available platforms to buy episodes!

However, the last crucial part kinda missed it which is where the creator is at:

“Craig McCracken was stated to be out of Disney and assumed to be taking a temporary retirement”. FALSE - Craig, as he recently tweeted a month ago, is still at Disney developing his serialized action comedy series (as hinted from the CTNExpo posted by Butch Hartman). Whether it got green-lighted or not is the question. But also if Wander got enough demands in a distant future, he would be eager to return and finish what he planned for Season 3 or a TV Movie.

As for the crew members, despite leaving Wander after its cancellation to pursue other works, they are still interested in returning as notably with Frank Angones making hints of Season 3 and still answering WoY related questions as he still enjoyed working on it. Even Chris Tsigoritis made a 3D Skullship.

So overall despite that false assumption of Craig’s whereabouts, it’s still a great video to share about the status of Wander. And also remind them that there are more info to showcase like the hunted S3 ideas, possible reason of cancellation due to low ratings (which Craig thought that it’s the obvious as money and art don’t mix).

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A Thought on Wander Over Yonder maybe working better on the new Disney Streaming Site in 2019

You know, with the new Disney streaming site about to be launched in 2019 (besides the popular discussion on moving Disney and Marvel and Star Wars movies to there causing outrage from Netflix buyers and concerns of subscriptions going off the roof for low income/low middle class payers), I think maybe it’s possible for Wander reruns/all 2 Seasons to be moved from DXD to there that is if Disney plans to stream their current Disney XD animated shows (more likely the popular ones like Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Phineas and Ferb, Kim Possible, maybe the nostalgic 2000s Disney Channel animated shows, and DuckTales reboot as those that don’t have popular numbers would either not be included or included depending on how much shows ended/cancelled and new ones need to fill).

I mean I’m kinda reminded of Young Justice being streamed on Netflix and the former crew at that time reminded the fans to possibily subscribe and watch all of 2 Seasons to raise the engagement for WB/DC to maybe reconsider and bring it back for a S3, which it finally did.

I think Wander would work much better on the streaming site given that there weren’t much engagement on TV (you know, DXD’s limited availability and scheduling, and low word of mouth from big cartoon YouTubers), and that Disney may have missed other kids who are more likely to stick to Netflix/Amazon/Hulu for animated shows episodic or even Serialized (something Craig McCracken always wanted to do, but TV has its trickiness in treating them). And given that Craig’s new show is serialized and Disney has still kept him despite telling him that Wander is done for them, maybe they wanted to test his serialized idea for the new streaming site if the pilot does well with kids.

Either direction of where Craig would wound up working on (more likely his new show since the new site won’t be up til 2019), we can plan to raise awareness and requesting Disney to have all WOY 2 Seasons (for now) stream on the new site in 2019 if it doesn’t pop up on its launch date or does on that date.

Because I’m starting to see Wander more likely to have a new life on Streaming site than on Disney XD given that its reruns were already taken off. And that with how Disney only had a few successful original animated shows money wise on Disney XD and maybe they wanted a little more shows to do well and in response to Wander’s cancellation and fan outcry, that could be one of the factors to why Disney wanted to create a streaming site knowing that serialized stories and even episodic ones would work much better there than on TV so they don’t have to worry about reruns numbers and pleasing ads because the consumers paying the subscriptions and viewing engagement without just ads would show a little more accurate results in what shows would be deemed successful or not.

Which means if we manage to convince Disney to have all 2 Seasons of Wander Over Yonder streaming, and its numbers improves to the point of popular status like Gravity Falls and Star Vs., and DuckTales reboot where more demand is there in Disney’s eyes, then at some point in the distant future, it might be revived for a Season 3 made exclusively for the streaming site.

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