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I just want to wish the WOY crew good luck at the Annies tonight! We’ve got a couple nominations on this show and we’re rootin’ for ya!

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and everybody else on the WOY crew!

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Story Editor Frank Angones is helping in the pilot and show bible for Craig McCracken next show for Disney
GOOD LUCK And Hoping It Gets Greenlighted !

These are the most interesting answers of the creators of WOY about the watchdogs and Commander Peepers

1)  Are the Watchdogs meant to be some kind of hive or similar society, and perhaps in their pre-Hater days had a Queen? (*headcanons C.Peeps as every Watchdog’s mom* haha) They strike me as very bee-like anyway…

Frank Angones: Craig’s original idea was that they were just eyeballs that could be interchanged amidst various robotic body types: soldiers, robots, tanks, etc.  But, as always, the hilariously dumber idea won out.

2)  Are Peepers and the Watchdogs native to the galaxy where the show takes place, or is their home planet somewhere else?

Frank Angones: That’s their home galaxy.  They are, in fact, the only main characters from that galaxy.

3)  I like to think of Peepers and the watchdogs as being similar to that one episode of Spongebob where Plankton sought out his family to take the recipe from Krabs except instead of the recipe it’s the galaxy

Frank Angones: Nah.  Peepers knows who his family is.  That’s part of the problem.

4)  Why does Peepers love Hater so much?

Dave Thomas: He’s everything Peepers isn’t, and all he wishes he was. (Minus the unhealthy obsession with an orange hippy weirdo.)

5)  Do you think Peepers could take over the galaxy? Maybe if he wasn’t so short?

Dave Thomas: He needs a front man. Someone with charisma! …And electrical skeleton powers.

6) If Peepers was on his own, and talk enough to be respected, how do you think he’d rank on the villains list?

Dave Thomas: We explored that in “the Axe.” Peepers and Hater are like Milli and Vanilli . Awesome together, useless apart!

7)  As the show went on and other villains and Dominator were introduced, Peepers ended up playing the hero more often. Yes for conquering reasons but still. Yet from early early days it’s always been stated that Peepers is more villainous than Hater. Had the show gone on, would we ever see anything come from that?

Frank Angones: Most definitely.  Peepers had a heck of an arc planned.

8)  What was Peepers’ story arc supposed to be like?

Frank Angones: C. Peeps was going to be tempted by the dark(er) side…

9) If Peepers ever took off his helmet, how would Hater find him? Would their necklace help?

Dave Thomas: Peepers is a little shorter than the other Watchdogs. The height difference might help, assuming Hater noticed it.

10)  Does Peepers have borderline personality disorder?

Dave Thomas: From what I read on Wikipedia, yeah, you could make a pretty good argument for it!


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