Let’s do this !

1. Name, Age, Country?

Lolita, 29 (don’t judge !), France

2. Appearance?

3. Hobbies?

Video games !!!

4. What is your dream job?

Pokemon Master !

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?

My phone, with Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube ! 

I would put my rats ♥ in it, but it’s not cool for them.. Poor babies !

6. How would you describe your personality?

A really shy girl hiding behind sarcasm.

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?

December 2016

8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!

Ze good doctah ! Jacques Septique and Marvin.

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch?


10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?

It depends..

If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

Gifs are the only things I can do. I don’t talk that much.. :(

subgenres of electronic music

  • trans woman made it (1970s)
  • modern pop
  • modern pop but if you call it “pop” the fans will murder you
  • chiptunes and vg soundtrack remixes
  • dubstep (video games)
  • dubstep (other)
  • dance
  • trance
  • prance
  • lance (neoclassical/symphonic metal/electronica fusion)
  • france? (daft punk)
  • 1-3 songs that induce ludicrously vivid flashbacks of LAN parties, computer camp, etc. They will do this even if you’ve never been to one.
  • trans woman made it (2010s)
10 things I learned from APUSH (as non-American student)

1. Andrew Jackson needs to stop
2. Jefferson really liked farmers and France
3. Hamilton liked national debts (he must be very content now) but then died
4. Pauvre Native Americans
6. Henry Clay never dies
7. so many compromises and panics
8. don’t go to the South
9. FDR was very productive (*cough cough* Hoover can you even pronounce laissez-faire like the French)
10. At some point Democrats stopped being racist and Republicans took over

Hier, j’ai regardé le premier épisode de Maigret, version BBC (dispo sur le pluzz), et je bisque.

Je bisque, parce que, une fois encore, les rosbifs adaptent un roman français de façon fidèle, charmante et intelligente, alors que les français eux-mêmes en demeurent incapables.

D’ailleurs, c’est assez amusant de constater que les qualités de ce Maigret sont exactement les mêmes que celles de Musketeers :
- Décors incroyablement bien fichus, foisonnant de détails (sérieux, comment font-ils ça ?)
- Costume et accessoires d’époques tout à fait ravissants.
- Images de toute beauté.
- Casting absolument impeccable.
- Dialogues charmants.
- Digressions intelligentes vis à vis du roman d’origine (si les événements ne sont pas respectés à la lettre, ils sont toujours modifiés dans le but de renforcer le ton de l’oeuvre d’origine).

Et, preuve que les deux productions sont très proches, Maigret et Musketeers version BBC partagent aussi le même défaut :
- Le rythme est (un peu) trop lent.

Zimbits/Made of Honor AU

Fair warning, I played fast and loose with the actual Made of Honor plot but it’s similar enough that I guess it counts.

–Jack didn’t kiss Bitty at graduation and they fell a little out of touch

–Bitty gets a job in Providence post graduation so he moves close to Jack and they reconnect

–They have weekly lunch dates and are in general BFFs

–Jack obvi plays hockey, and brings Bitty as his plus 1 to events since they’re BFFs

–They’re at some charity dinner and Bitty is like are you ever going to settle down with someone and have a plus 1 who’s not me

–And Jack is like well no hockey

-Bitty = :(

-Bitty’s bakery job sends him to France for like 3 months

-While he’s gone, Jack is like huh this is weird I like super super miss Bittle and hockey isn’t really as much fun without him around to text and have lunch w/e

-Also the Falconers get knocked out of playoffs and he’s grumpy that Bitty isn’t there to comfort him

-He tells Shitty and Shitty is like JLZ you useless robot you’re in love with him

-So Jack is like oh shit I’m in love with him and I must tell him

-So he goes to pick Bitty up from the airport and tell him

-But Bitty shows up holding the hand of another man dun dun DUNNNNN


-Cut to restaurant scene where Jack is sitting miserably while Bitty and Pierre gush on and on about their whirlwind French romance and how they’re getting married at his parents estate in the French countryside

-Bitty: “Jack, you’ll be my best man of course say you will? You’re my best friend!”

-Jack: “…uh yeah sure.”

-Bitty: “Great it’s next month!”

-Jack: “…what”

-Jack, later on the phone to Shitty: “what do I do he’s marrying someone else in a month”

-Shitty: “We’re rounding up the troops and causing havoc #SamwellGotYourBack”

-Shitty calls in Ransom, Holster, Lardo, Chowder, Dex, Nursey, Tango, and Whiskey

-They decide to hold a series of tests designed to prove that Jack is a more worthy opponent than Pierre

-So they do like an Olympics/Chopped sort of thing with a variety of tasks. Bitty, Shitty, and Lardo are tasked as judges

-one of them purposefully fails each round to make Jack look good

-But Pierre is….keeping…up?

-The final round is a baking competition

-Somehow Pierre wins even though Jack busts out the maple sugar crusted apple and weaves literally the best lattice of his life.

-Holster: “Bro, idk…Bitty seems to really like him.”

-Ransom: “Yeah maybe we should let it be.”

-So fast forward to wedding time in France! There’s all sorts of fun shenanigans

-Interspersed with shenanigans is little hints that Pierre and Bitty don’t really know each other that well and have some fundamentally different ideas on things

-Like Pierre says something about pie not being the best dessert and Bitty is like waitwhat

-Jack and Bitty go for a run one afternoon and Jack almost gets up the courage to tell Bitty

-But then they’re interrupted by all of the Bittle women who have come to kidnap them for a bachelor party night!

-Cue “kisses for change scene” from the movie (for those of you who haven’t seen it, Bitty carries around a jar and people drop money into it in exchange for a peck)

-Jack puts in his money and leans in to kiss Bitty on the cheek and whoops, now they’re accidentally making out

-Bitty breaks off, slightly dazed, and is like “uh gotta go, bye.”

-Unbeknownst to them, Suzanne Bittle saw that whole exchange

-(Suzanne Bittle is also not a fan of Pierre)

-Suzanne corners Jack that night and is like “you love my son go talk to him.”

-Jack goes to talk to Bitty

-Cue epic blowout fight. Like…its ugly.

-“I pined over you in college and I pined over you in Providence and you have had plenty of time to decide that I was worth more than hockey to you and I’m not letting you ruin this for me because you’re scared of letting me go!”

-“You just ran off and got engaged to some rando and that’s how you want to get over me? Because you know, and I know that you know, that that kiss earlier was real. And you want this just as much as I do.”

-“But are you ready to come out? Because I won’t play second fiddle to hockey”


-“That’s what I thought”

-Yeah not good.

-So after all that Jack leaves.

-Bitty and Pierre start getting ready for the wedding.

-Jack realizes he’s an idiot and turns around

-Jack comes busting in the doors right at “does anyone object.”

-Cue long impassioned speech about all the things about Bitty that Jack knows and Pierre doesn’t and why that means Bitty should marry him because Bitty is more important than any hockey game

-Bitty cries and then sadly tells Pierre that he can’t marry him

-Pierre lets him go because he’s honestly a good guy, he’s just in the way of the #Zimbits

-Jack and Bitty and the rest of the Bittles fly back to America

-Jack comes out with Bitty by his side

-They get married and live happily ever after