“Great On Board footage to get an impression how the riders experienced the third stage of the Tour de France; a 159.5km stage from Antwerp to the uphill finish on the Mur de Huy - by Velon CC”

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1) Describe your perfect breakfast.
waffles with maple gravy, fruit cup, jelly on toasted bread and some soy milk!

2) If you could go on a hot air balloon, over which city would you want to go to see the view?
aaaa don’t make me chose! (but probably somewhere in southern France)

3) What sort of wallpaper do you have in your room?
I don’t have wallpaper but my walls are painted beige

4) If dinosaurs still existed would you want a friendly herbivorous pet dino and if so what would you call it?
yes their name will be Herbert!!!

5) Do you prefer short airplane trips or long ones?
long ones because they have better food haha

6) Describe your favourite pair of shoes.
ones that accommodate my high arches! I really don’t know what else to say!!

7) Almond milk or soy milk?
soy milk

8) Do you prefer to jump rope by yourself or with two friends spinning the rope?
I’m not very good at jumping rope but I prefer two friends holding the rope.

9) What’s your favourite furniture section at IKEA?

10) Do you make a wish when blowing dandelion seeds?
yes and then I cough afterwards for like 10 minutes!

11) Outer space or the deep ocean?
deep ocean because what if there are mermaids!!!

And now my questions:

1) Where do you wish to travel to/live in someday?

2) Favourite thing to drink in the winter?

3) what’s your dream job?

4) favourite musician?

5) when did you first get a tumblr?

6) train or plane?

7) top 5 favourite books?

8) do you have any pets? if so what are their names?

9) describe your dream apartment!

10) do you want to go to college?

11) describe your best friend!

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Dear terrorist, firts today is Friday, and you all know what Friday means in Islam, second it’s Ramadan, a holy month, and then you attack innocent people and kill them in the name of Islam? what are you talking about? do you even know what Islam is? or what Islam and Allah asked to do? there is no such thing as killing innocent people for no reason in Islam! you have nothing to do with Islam or with religion itself!
18 moments ultra WTF dans l'histoire de l'EUROVISION

Ce soir, c'est la 58e édition du concours de l'Eurovision sur France 3. Qui succèdera au Danemark, grand vainqueur de la 57e édition ?

Est-ce que ce sera une de ces prestations totalement WTF dont le grand concours européen de la chanson a le secret ? Peut-être.

2007: Ukraine - Verka Serduchka “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”

2010 : Moldavie - Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira “Run Away” 

1976: Suisse - Peter, Sue & Marc “Djambo Djambo”

2013: Azerbaijan - Farid Mammadov “Hold Me”

2006: Finlande - Lordi “Hard Rock Hallelujah”

1977: Autriche - Schmetterlinge “Boom Boom Boomerang”

2013 : Roumanie - Cézar “It’s my life”

2008: Azerbaijan - Elnur & Samir “Day After Day”

2003: Belgique - Urban Trad “Sanomi”

2008: Lituanie - Pirates Of The Sea “Wolves Of The Sea”

2012: Irlande - Jedward “Waterline”

2008: Irlande - Dustin The Turkey “Irelande Douze Pointe”

1981 : Royaume-Uni - Bucks Fizz “Making Your Mind Up”

2012: Russie - Buranovskiye Babushki “Party For Everybody”

2009: Bulgarie - Krassimir Avramo “Illusion"

2012: Turquie - Can Bonomo “Love Me Back”

1979: Allemagne de l'ouest - Dschinghis Khan “Genghis Khan”

2002: Grèce - Michalis Rakintzis “S.A.G.A.P.O.”

Just a friendly reminder that the first Wakfu OVA episode ’Le Trône de Glace’ makes its TV debut this saturday (15th of November) on France 3.

Be sure to watch it if you are located in France or can access the channel!

As for the other episodes…

Episode 2 ’Ush’ makes its TV debut a week later on saturday the 22nd of November.

Episode 3 ’Mont Dragons’ debuts on France 3 on saturday November 29th.

Elizabeth and Scott dubbing Anna and Kristoff on the ‘foot size doesn’t matter’ scene

Scott impersonating Emma Swan’s ‘you traded your ship for me?’ then Colin answering ‘Aye’ in pure emotion

A video posted by Scott Michael Foster (@scottmfoster) on Jun 21, 2015 at 4:19am PDT

Jen, Lana and Victoria being in ultra sync shouting ‘STOP !’ and the end of the convention