France vs Honduras

All you people talking about how bad Honduras played need to shut up! Honduras is the underdog, a mini country from the third world, full of poverty and corruption, we barely have an stadium good enough to host a world class game, these soccer players, most of them come from the low class, they play the best that they can under their circumstances. Their bodies are pushing hard compared with the training of players like Giroud and the others. Most of them play inside the teams of the country, this is a big deal for them. It’s like sending the poor malnourished kid to the school and expect him to get straight A. They do what they can and I’m not ashamed of them. It might not be the best, or the most talented but it’s what it is. And guess what there’s other countries that don’t even make it but they did! It would be more unexpected and embarrassing if France would have lost. QUE VIVA HONDURAS! Oh and people saying it was a violent game… Bitch please, watch some CNN so you can see violence, those were lame fouls with people from both teams diving on the field.