France vs Honduras

All you people talking about how bad Honduras played need to shut up! Honduras is the underdog, a mini country from the third world, full of poverty and corruption, we barely have an stadium good enough to host a world class game, these soccer players, most of them come from the low class, they play the best that they can under their circumstances. Their bodies are pushing hard compared with the training of players like Giroud and the others. Most of them play inside the teams of the country, this is a big deal for them. It’s like sending the poor malnourished kid to the school and expect him to get straight A. They do what they can and I’m not ashamed of them. It might not be the best, or the most talented but it’s what it is. And guess what there’s other countries that don’t even make it but they did! It would be more unexpected and embarrassing if France would have lost. QUE VIVA HONDURAS! Oh and people saying it was a violent game… Bitch please, watch some CNN so you can see violence, those were lame fouls with people from both teams diving on the field.

Summary of my WC2014 experience : day 4

Switzerland 2 vs Ecuador 1

Both teams played so well but Switzerland took it for the win.

You know when you are playing fifa and you slide tackle but its not exactly like you see the players do it? well this is your lucky day.

and yes this goal clearly meant a lot 23 seconds of added time remaining and he put it in.

But basically Switzerland is the king of substitution… Both goals were scored by substitutes Admir Mehmedi and Haris Seferovic as they joined the game.

France 3 vs Honduras 0

They did not play the national anthem… If they did? I did not hear it!

Nasty unnecessary tackles everywhere in this game. A total of 27 Fouls, 7 yellow cards and 1 red card.

Yellow card for you,

yellow for you too

Yellow for everyone

Honduras players: “is that a foot, an ankle, a leg?… I want to match and kick it” the game was distracted by the whistle always going off

meanwhile Goal Line Technology finally makes a breakthrough and somewhere FIFA is gloating like a bread dipped in water. First goal awarded by goal line technology

France broke the yoke of “score first goal by penalty you loose the match”, With Karim Benzema hitting the target after a frustrating first half

Argentina 2 vs Bosnia 1

Bosina stole the heart of the majority and got this massive… support wow!

Before the game could even start… Majority: DIE ARGENTINA DIE CRASH AND BURN

Bosnia did a Marcello so early in the game 


but they scored again and it was good. even if you don’t support them you acknowledge that its a big thing for them, first ever goal in the world cup and their first time.

Then Messi revived himself from the dead in the second half…because first half messi (no comment)

Meanwhile look who came down from the mountain… “Christ the Redeemer Statue” has a day off.

quick credit to all owners of gifs and photos i use. Bring on Day 5