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Nicolas Martin (French, b. 1980, France, based Montreal, Canada) - 1: The Yellow Window, 2014  2: The Block, 2015  3: Bay Window, 2014  4: Free Birds, 2014  5: Night House, 2015  6: Haven, 2013  7: La Petite Bretonne, 2014  Paintings: Oil on Linen/Canvas

NEWSHOUR: French burkini bans face legal challenge as tension mounts

Images of uniformed police appearing to require a woman to take off her tunic, and media accounts of similar incidents, have elicited shock and anger online this week.

In London, about 30 demonstrators threw a “wear what you want” beach party outside the French Embassy on Thursday to protest the bans.

Whatever the reason behind the ban, it doesn’t justify “men with weapons standing over a woman telling her what not to wear. That’s not a sight that any of us should stand for,” said demonstrator Jenny Dawkins, 40, a curate at All Saints Church in Peckham.

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