Check out the Benedictine Abbey on Mont St. Michel, France - a rock that sticks out above a tidal flat, flooded sometimes and open at others. 


Just a few photos of embroideries for pendants that I just finished! Maybe it’s a bit weird to finish them the day before Ldoll, but I really wanted to make the first one into a pendant to wear for Ldoll, since it’s a French landscape :D They are about 4.5 by 3.5 cm, so pretty tiny, and handembroidered with super fine silk threads. After Ldoll, I’m going on an artist residency again, to Norway this time for three weeks where I’m going to work on making more of these and then when I’m back I’ll have them photographed professionally and finally, finally open a second shop to sell them. I’m super excited about it, I can’t even explain how much! All of them are made after pictures from travels, to try and capture the essence of the place and share its beauty <3

Jade - 2008 concept art by Melanie Delon - We tried to keep the mixed origins spirit from BGE1 - I like the idea of non stereotyped characters - Specially for games . Ellie from Last Of Us is a great example of how wide the range of possible heroes can be . There is still a lot to explore in this specific area.” -Michel Ancel

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Improvised tattooing.
Excerpt: “SOURIRE” / “Smile”

Olivier Poinsignon | France / On the Road

L’Andro Gynette | Belgium / France / Canada / Switzerland … 
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