Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year old Black man from Mali, without hesitation scaled four stories of a Paris building to save a toddler facing certain death. Mamoudou is an undocumented immigrant. He knew getting caught would mean deportation

But instead, France has a new hero. President Macron thanked him, granted him French citizenship plus a job at the French fire brigade.

Shout out to Mamoudou Gassama!

Fun facts of countries 1:

Austria: The Austrians invented croissants not the French.

Belgium: World top exporter in billiard balls.

Canada: Canada built a UFO landing pad in 1967.

China: Green bean-flavoured ice pops can be bought in China.

Denmark: No place in Denmark is more than 30 miles (50 km) from the sea.

Finland: There is a dinosaur heavy metal band in Finland that is incredibly popular with children

France: You can marry a dead person in France. 

Germany: It’s illegal to run out of fuel on the highway.

Iceland: They don’t have any mosoqitoes in Iceland.

Italy: There is a free 24-hour red wine fountain in central Italy.

Japan: They use more paper for comics than for toilet paper.

Netherlands: The Dutch cultivated orange carrots to honour Willem van Oranje (of Orange).

Norway: Norway introduced salmon sushi to the Japanese.

Poland: Max Factor was invented by a pole.

Sweden: Sweden pays high school students $143 per month to attend school.

Switzerland: In 2007, Switzerland accidentally invaded Liechtenstein.

United kingdom: The Navy used to use Britney Spears’ music to scare off Somali pirates at the east African coast.

United States of America: 100 acres of pizza are served in the United States every day.

Part two

Countries according to Hollywood

Germany: It‘s either all Lederhosen and screaming men or Nazis from the moon. There is no inbetween.

France: Hon hon oui oui let‘s eat baguette underneath the Eiffel Tower that you can see all the time no matter where in Paris you currently are, hon hon.

India: Cramped to the extreme and everyone has those weird red dots on their forehead right?

Tibet: monks only!

England: Sexy accents, God save the queen and we‘re all secret agents or something like that i guess. Oh and just like the Eiffeltower in France you can see the Big Ben no matter where in London you currently are.

Italy: Spaghetti Mamma Mia, hairy dudes and it‘s all Venice, Period!

Luxembourg: What‘s a Luxembourg?

Switzerland: Girls with big boobs… and mountains are there too i suppos

New Zealand: Lord of the Rings… That‘s it.

Any African Country ever: Idk let‘s just make up some fictional african country so we don‘t have to do any research and hope it will end up as good as Black Panther (authors note: I know they actually did a shit ton of research for Black Panther, this is meant as a joke towards any other movie. Black Panther is a gem)

Canada: Mooses and everyone says aboot.

Untited States of America: The only country that matters a-fucking-perently and the one place the apocalypse breaks out first.

Feel free to add more