Taken completely out of context…: Scenes of a Happy Marriage

Resting on one of these frames, it made me giggle. “This woman…”, and so on. So I decided to share these. This is the most involved scene, as it has the most unique frames in a limited animation production. In fact, I’m done with all scenes after.

So with that, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. It’s more than just this being uploaded to Youtube, but so many other things connected to it (hence “back end”), and I’d rather it was all posted in the afternoon than 10:00 PM when everyone in the US is practically in bed. Consider it a kickstart to the week, something to look forward to after school/work. Or during! Sneak it in!

Why did nobody tell me that manga coloring is so fun?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


here is pete literally right on top of me