I have a little cat

I have a little cat in my lap

He is bony in places and

Has shrunk a bit in the last year

As have I

Both of us

A little more fragile

The white parts of his fur

Aren’t always as clean

As they once were and


I have to wash a little schmutz off his nose

He still puts a paw over one of my hands to hold it there

So I must type one-handed

And we both sigh

Only, I think, because there is comfort in a sigh, because it is a breath

Taken deep


It’s been a while since I last posted something about Utapri! Anyway, a great friend of mine helped me translate the first track of the BLOODY SHADOWS drama CD, so here is a summary based on the track:


Masaferry (Masato): The son of a mayor who is to marry a girl to continue his family’s lineage

Warren (Ren): Masaferry’s childhood friend who lives in the forest with Ailess

Ailess (Ai): A cold-hearted vampire who lives deep down in the forest. He thinks humans are fragile

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they label him “wolf dog” 

they call him cruel and heartless

wang so hesitated when he stood opposite his own blood, sword in hand

the realisation that he killed his brother destroyed him

if it was the other way around, would yo have done the same thing?

they label him “wolf dog”

they say he shows no mercy

but the truth is his heart is gentle and fragile

the truth is he cares too much than he lets on

the truth is he has always been human more than anyone else