Sooo….I may have bought some accident I couldn’t leave them behind they insisted on coming with me…. I did buy all these second hand and altogether they came to £6 so does that make it anymore agreeable? I’ve been wanting to read #TheLuminaries for a while now but everytime I go to a bookstore I either put it down cause its to expensive or cause its so big but I spotted it, in near perfect condition for £2 and I couldn’t not…. #MattHaig is the writer of #TheHumand which I really enjoyed so when I spotted this so cheap (50p!) I had to and in hardcover:) #books #reading #bookstagram #booklover #bookporn #bookish #NeilGaiman #FragileThings #NeverWhere #MatthewQuick #Boy21 #bookhaul #secondhand #Cheapbooks

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It’s been a while since I last posted something about Utapri! Anyway, a great friend of mine helped me translate the first track of the BLOODY SHADOWS drama CD, so here is a summary based on the track:


Masaferry (Masato): The son of a mayor who is to marry a girl to continue his family’s lineage

Warren (Ren): Masaferry’s childhood friend who lives in the forest with Ailess

Ailess (Ai): A cold-hearted vampire who lives deep down in the forest. He thinks humans are fragile

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