Foxy Lady

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Hey there! You don't have to answer this because i know you said you've been getting a lot of angsty messages but I thought I could share one of my happy head cannons with you to maybe cheer you up! Alya secretly loves the fact that she was Lady Wifi because she's always wanted to be a hero and she knows she only did bad things because she was being controlled, so Nino calls her Lady Wifi when they're alone (pre-fox!Alya). :>


And post reveal fox!Alya he calls her foxy lady! 

  • She calls herself the Foxy Lady, and then she laughs about her own joke. Every time. This is triply awful because she speaks with five voices at once and each of them is slightly out of sync with the others.
  • She’s extraordinarily friendly - doesn’t insist on formalities, laughs loudly at all jokes not at her, appreciates wit - but don’t ever mistake that for kindness.
  • Always wears elaborate dresses that sweep the ground. You don’t know what’s under the skirt, but judging by the way the fabric moves when she… walks? there’s a lot of them.
  • Her hands are unsettlingly small. She could just about close her fingers around an object the size of, say, a human eyeball.
  • On an unrelated note, the number and color of the eyeballs orbiting her head changes often. They are always watching you, even if her head isn’t turned in your direction.

A Happy Birthday to the man and the legend, Mr. Jimi Hendrix. 


Femslash Feb 01- Snow

Dedicating this one to @larvesta for supplying about 90% of my Alyanette needs.

“Cold! ColdcoldcoldcoldcoldcoldCOOOOOOLD!!!!!”

Marinette pressed a hand against her mouth to hold back a giggle as she watched the orange figure on the rooftop above her bound from one foot to another, clearly displeased with the surprise snowfall they had received the night before.

“Okay, seriously, why is it so cold?! I mean, really Trixx?! You give me a freaking supersuit that can withstand bullets and getting powerbombed from the top of the Eiffel Tower and I don’t even breaking a nail, but then you forget that little detail about providing some WARMTH?! You know, that thing clothes are SUPPOSED TO DO?! I swear to whatever deity your furry little butt prays to, I’m feeding you tuna fish for the rest of the month if you’re doing this just to mess with me again…”

“Having problems there, Rena?” Marinette called up teasingly.

The fox heroine yelped in surprise at the sound of her voice and whipped around frantically to stare at her with startled amber eyes before promptly losing her footing on the icy roof. The brunette’s tailbone hit the shingles with a loud crack and, before Rena had the chance to recover, the poor frozen fox slid right off the incline and landed straight in a snowbank that was nearly up to Marinette’s shoulders.

Marinette almost cried trying to keep herself from laughing as Rena Rouge groaned in dismay.

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What do the fairies and the students think about the modern depiction of fairies? I can imagine quite a few students going to Elsewhere for Tinkerbell and being... Hurt. In more than one way.

Yeah the thing is if someone tells you point blank ‘we have fairies’ you’re all going to have a bad time for a lot of different reasons, misunderstandings being just the beginning. It’s usually pretty easy to avoid, though. Students typically learn of the Gentry through warnings and strange shadows and chills when the fog rolls in; if they ever reach a point where they can articulate their suspicions, they already know this isn’t a Tinkerbell kind of deal.

Regarding the Gentry - there are some creatures who everyone tries very hard not to show anything that could be insulting. Others think it’s pretty amusing. The Foxy Lady in recent years has taken up the habit of claiming to be the inspiration behind virtually every non-human character in every work of media, from Tinkerbell to the Predator. And then she laughs at her own joke for a long time, every time, in five voices.