• Cree Summer:

  • “There are some very fine young black female actresses coming up in voice-over and so now I sometimes I have to fight for that shit! Ain’t that a bitch! They better get out my fucking way!”

  • “I’ll never forget the cutest thing like when Tara Strong got the new Inspector Gadget, they wouldn’t let me audition for some reason (I don’t know why?) Hmm… but she called me and was like should I do this? Is this okay? She got me a coupon to take me out to dinner and I was like bitch just get paid, it’s all good.”

  • “Valerie Gray? Valerie is so spoiled rotten. People love Valerie but she really was an asshole you know.”

  • “I love Kida! I was the last picked to audition for Kida, Disney really put me through the paces. I also remember thinking, don’t get your hopes up because it is one in a million that get to play a Disney princess. And I was even more shocked when I got to work with MJ Fox. Kida looks like me! So Kida’s endearing to me because I think that’s me. Now Disney princesses can be powerful! But Kida was powerful! Self contained, self respecting and I didn’t know why she’s denied that, and now she’s a Queen, a King’s daughter.”

  • “Freddie was me, they shaped that character around me.”

  • “Foxxy Love is the best of us and the worst of us and I’ll never apologize for her.”

  • “Elmyra? How fucking crazy is that character? First of all I’ll never forget the audition. They showed me this freaky looking character, she looked bat shit nuts and they said she’s like a baby Elmer Fudd and I thought shit I can’t do a voice like Elmer Fudd, I’m never gonna get this. And I looked up and she had a gerbil skull in her bow and I thought this chick is crazy and I’m just gonna play her as crazy as possible. I just thought Cree go fucking crazy, I literally got two lines out and Andrea was on the floor, she was like it sounds nothing like Elmer Fudd but I fucking love it!”

  • “I do get given at this point in my career I’m almost 50, there’s a lot of parts now that I don’t have to audition for. I’ve paid my dues and often times the ones given to me are the black characters, and you know what? I’m proud of them!”

  • “I’ve been doing cartoons since I was 11 years old, I started with Penny from Inspector Gadget, Emlyra Duff from Tiny Toons, and Susie from Rugrats, Max from Batman.”

  • “When I was Dulcy I was 17? I have a little brother, my little brother played a character in Stargate Atlanta, he’s not little he’s 38 but he’ll always be my baby. I am adored to Dulcy because Rainbow loved Sonic the Hedgehog that was his thing when he was little.”

  • “I believe the jobs I get are only mine.”

  • “I’ve gone to auditions and just taken a dump and been awful and I get that gig.”

  • “I’ve gone into jobs where I thought I was perfect! Call my agent, god I nailed the shit outta that! Please let me know when to report to work! Bitch you didn’t get that job.”

  • “I’ll go in to play a princess and they’ll say you know I don’t sound like nobody’s damn princess, I sound the evil Queen or the shitty sister or the white girl’s best friend or whatever, but every now and then I’ll get to be the white girl or the white boy. I’ll go into an audition for a princess and it is pulling teeth you know what, I’ll say? this is a job is for Tara Stong.”

  • “A lot of people have sad stories where they go south and do drugs, and where things go sideways to fill that void. But if you have a great family, friends something healthy in your life because then your career can do what it wants. I’ve had years where I don’t work at all, where I’ve had 6 jobs this year. Fucking destroyed, Where you gotta live in your car… I got the best man. I was dragging ass, I was really selling but it goes over. Sometimes it is great sometimes it is a fucking drag.”

  • “I’ve been fired, I was the original Meg in Family Guy and I got the boot! I kept trying to be funny and it is a really straight character. I have a hard time being the straight man, I’m full of shit. I think I did one season and I got fired. That’s just the nature of the beast. and I’ve been fired from more jobs too, I’ve been fired from better jobs than that. If someone says they didn’t get booted from a job, they are full of shit!”

  • “I’ve taken some hard roles, video games are hard! I really like video games, because you get some real dramatic work. It’s a pain in the ass. They drop that video game script, it is literally… fucking kill me now! It thrashes the shit outta your voice. We’re not built to do that for 12 hours straight. It is your job and I don’t regret video games.”

  • “Rainbow and I never… holy shit… we did when he was really little. When I was a child actor there was a sitcom called Hanging In, because my mother was an actress too. And we were this hippie family who came to this foster home, and I was like my name is Rainbow.”

  • “My children did their first voice-over on a Disney show called Vampirina. Keep the family tradition!”

  • “My old man had a great saying and one was "I just need one more big failure an I’ll be a big success!” and he’s right! * gets distracted (talks in baby voice) - Aww? is that a real baby? What’s up? I’ll call you later! I can’t say I’ll look back on my career and say there bad, we learn from that shit.“

  • "I recover from my mistakes by not repeating them.”

  • “I did start as an on camera actress a video actress. But yeah, ya know if something comes along I say yes if they feel safe and fun.”

  • “You don’t need much to be a voice-over you just need a cellphone and you can do it in your basement. It is just about practice that gets it done.”

  • “If I am sick, or it is like tough titty, I’ll go in and do it the best I can. People get sick.”

Cree Summer’s tip for preserving your voice.

Cree Summer:

  • “Truth be told I’m probably the worst person to ask this question, because I smoke a ton of cigarettes, I like to smoke a little weed and I like to drink, none of the above are good for your voice, but the good news is most of my characters sound like a thousand miles of dirt road so I guess in that sense it preserves mine, haha!”