Glenn Beck criticizes My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” for spreading propaganda

And was then dragged by Gerard Way: “I think the word Glenn Beck was looking for was ‘subversion’ not 'propaganda,’ because I don’t know what [the lyrics] would be considered propaganda for? Truth? Sentiment?” Way wrote. “And I can’t tell what he’s angrier about, the fact that it’s how I feel about the persistent sterilization of our culture, or the fact that it’s on network television for everyone to hear.” Way then poked fun at Beck for featuring incorrect “Sing” lyrics on his show — “Children that can talk about it/ Living on the railways/ People moving sideways” (the actual lyric is “living on the Webways”) — by pointing out the fact that, well, kids don’t exactly live on the rails these days.And railways? Is it 1863? Seen any children living on these lately instead of the Internet?he wrote. “I’m actually shocked that no actual fact-checking was done on the lyrics. I mean, Fox is a major news channel, covering factual topics in an unbiased and intelligent … oh wait.”

The Fox Box........

Does anyone remember The Fox Box??

In the early 00s Fox rebranded Fox Kids (their Saturday morning and weekday afternoon scheduling)as The Fox Box. It sucked.

For the producers it must have seemed like a sure win. Have “3D” animated promos with a loosely sci-fi theme, and broadcast a bunch of Japanese cartoons. I worked for Toonami; why not Fox?

The Fox Box was Toonami without everything that made Toonami great. It was the corporate copycat. For the sake of marketing they removed any form of grit or personality. Nothing was particularly violent. Nothing was particularly funny. It felt sterile.

I think the Fox Box sits alongside Dragon Ball Evolution as one of the greatest failed anime cash grabs. When television producers see Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh and think “I can find the next big eyed cartoon character with spiky hair and make millions!!” they should consider the failure of the Fox Box.

People who consume media appreciate being treated as people first, and consumers second.

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Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out at Fox News
The exposure of multiple settlements involving sexual harassment allegations against Mr. O’Reilly brought an abrupt end to his two-decade career at Fox.
By Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt

Bill O’Reilly’s reign as the top-rated host in cable news came to an abrupt and embarrassing end on Wednesday as Fox News forced him out after the disclosure of a series of sexual harassment allegations against him and an internal investigation that turned up even more.

Welp, that’s the end of the Factor, at least on Fox News. So who’s taking over?

He will be succeeded in the 8 p.m. Eastern slot by Tucker Carlson, who moved into the channel’s prime-time lineup only in January.

No. NO.

FEAR & UNbalanced: Confessions of a 14-Year Fox News Hitman
Click that and read the entire article at Medium
By Tobin Smith

This is a doozy: Tobin Smith is a former contributor to Fox News Channel and/or Fox Business Channel, and now that Roger Ailes has shuffled off this mortal coil, he feels he can reveal openly how panel discussions and talking-head segments actually become theatre – scripted, even – on the rapidly-diminishing cable newser.

This shouldn’t be anything new to longtime observers of FNC, but to read it from someone who was on the front lines is especially eye-opening:

Roger knew it was easy to manipulate the elderly audience raised on 3 broadcasting channels (CBS, NBC & ABC plus PBS) who grew up trusting the news and Walter Cronkite. He knew better than anyone (coming from a small conservative town in Ohio) that in their endless desire to confirm the righteousness of their right wing tribalism they would NEVER see the Big Lie perpetrated every day to them by Fox News on their beloved TV screen.

The Fox News opinion panel scam works like this. More often than not, in my panel segments I was the protagonist or “designated hit man” aka the one called on by the host (as instructed by the producers in my ear or the ear of the host) to “kill ‘em.” You’d know I was the designated hit man when the panel show hosts tossed the final death blow 15–20 seconds to me when they say “Toby you have the final word.”

But before I delivered the final rhetorical death blow …the producer of the segment had given me my script 24 hours BEFORE the show started . I knew 24–48 hours in ADVANCE of how the designated liberal was going to argue his/her point…and more important how I was going to win.



Meanwhile, right-wing media previously called Comey the “straightest shooter in Washington, D.C.,” “a guy with impeccable integrity,” and declared “I trust in Jim Comey completely.”


Fox News apparently aired false information about France having several undred Muslim “No-go zones” where non-muslims and cops are forbidden to enter and Sharia is enforced, according to an UKIP member.

Obviously, it’s all bullshit.



“Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Right now. You’re going to write down this email send them just these two sentences, no insults…”

“Let’s see, if they get 2,000,000 e-mails from angry French people, it might be enough to flood their inbox and actually turn it into a no-go zone.”

I am going to laugh about this for years.

Bias By Selection Of Sources

Between taking a summer course in Media In Politics and maintaining this Tumblr, I have tried to step outside of my liberal bias and give the Republicans a chance.  This means seeing things in new ways, along with trying new things.  One of these new things I’ve been trying has been watching more FoxNews.  I usually avoid such a channel because it is a biased towards conservatives as what I watch is towards liberals.  As a liberal, this just makes it seem even that much crazier. 


The other day I was watching a show on FoxNews when I noticed something interesting.  They were doing a segment on minimum wage union workers going on strike demanding $15 an hour. Four guests were brought in to talk about the story, along with the host.  Three of these guests were Republican and one was Democrat.  The Republicans all stood by their ideals, saying that businesses can’t afford to pay outrageous wages, and the money they do make goes back into the business.  They all stand on similar ground and make similar points.  When it is time for the Democrat to talk, he immediately takes on an opposing stance, which requires he defend his position adamantly.  He mentions that these businesses take their profits and send them over seas to avoid taxes.  I noticed that when he said this, he raised his voice to finally be heard amongst the others which made it seem like he were just “another crazy liberal”

.  By putting him in a corner and forcing him to quickly rebut their claims, he seemed like he was no longer a credible source.  I’m sure many Republicans watching thought this man was a typical liberal nut. 

I’m not saying such a biased selection of sources is exclusive to FoxNews.  Other networks certainly do this, but only by actually looking for it did I realize it.  The take away here is that the public needs to be more aware of what they are watching.  Just because it appeases the viewer does not mean it is properly informing them.  The network was able to maintain their conservative agenda by making the guest Democrat appear to be as wacko as the Democrats on Capitol Hill. 

Viewer beware: be on the lookout for your news outlets choosing sources that will only benefit their agenda. 

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Palin responded to anchor Chris Wallace’s claims that she made a mistake in her history:

I didn’t mess up about Paul Revere…part of his ride was to warn the British that were already there. That, hey, you’re not going to succeed. You’re not going to take American arms. You are not going to beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia that we have…he did warn the British."  ~ Sarah Palin, never admitting a mistake

[Even that Rightie, Wallace, could not hide his disbelief.]


Fox News interview with 61 year old hero Patricia Maisch.

After being struck with a bullet, Patricia saw the shooter attempt to reload his gun, grabbed him and knelt on his ankle, preventing him for killing or injuring anyone else.


Behind Fox News’ Baseless Seth Rich Story: The Untold Tale - NPR  Morning Edition

The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story about the murder of a young Democratic National Committee aide, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday. The explosive claim is part of the lawsuit filed against Fox News by Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for the news network. The suit was obtained exclusively by NPR. Wheeler alleges Fox News and the Trump supporter intended to deflect public attention from growing concern about the administration’s ties to the Russian government. His suit charges that a Fox News reporter created quotations out of thin air and attributed them to him to propel her story.

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Air date: May 11, 2011 - Jon Stewart kids Fox News’ about their rage over Common being invited to a Poetry event at the White House.  In his own inimitable style, Stewart proves the hypocrisy of Fox News and satirizes them with a rap of his own.  [heh heh]