If only DeRay Mckesson was keeping cows on government land and refusing to pay the rent. Or occupying a federal wildlife refuge by force. Then he’d be a “patriot” and an “activist” and he’d get good press from Fox “News”.

I’ll take Deray “burning things down” over a Republican like Snyder poisoning the people’s water. Good luck to Deray! #Love it!


Hillary's Goldman Sachs speech: "10,000 Women: Proving the Case for Women Entrepreneurs"
Hillary’s Goldman Sachs speech, "10,000 Women: Proving the Case for Women Entrepreneurs": x YouTube Video H...

Hillary’s Goldman Sachs speech, “10,000 Women: Proving the Case for Women Entrepreneurs”:


Anabella De Leon of Guatemala pointed to Hillary Clinton, who was sitting right in the front row, and said, “I met her and my life changed.” And all weekend long, women from all over the world said the same thing:

“I’m alive because she came to my village, put her arm around me, and had a photograph taken together.”

“I’m alive because she went on our local TV and talked about my work, and now they’re afraid to kill me.”

“I’m alive because she came to my country and she talked to our leaders, because I heard her speak, because I read about her.”

I’m here today because of that, because of those stories.

I didn’t know about this. I never knew any of it. And I think everybody should know. This hidden history Hillary has, the story of her parallel agenda, the shadow diplomacy unheralded, uncelebrated – careful, constant work on behalf of women and girls that she has always conducted alongside everything else a First Lady, a Senator, and now Secretary of State is obliged to do.

And it deserves to be amplified. This willingness to take it, to lead a revolution – and revelation, beginning in Beijing in 1995, when she first raised her voice to say the words you’ve heard many times throughout this conference: “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights.”

When Hillary Clinton stood up in Beijing to speak that truth, her hosts were not the only ones who didn’t necessarily want to hear it. Some of her husband’s advisors also were nervous about the speech, fearful of upsetting relations with China. But she faced down the opposition at home and abroad, and her words continue to hearten women around the world and have reverberated down the decades.

She’s just been busy working, doing it, making those words “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” into something every leader in every country now knows is a linchpin of American policy. It’s just so much more than a rhetorical triumph. We’re talking about what happened in the real world, the institutional change that was a result of that stand she took.

Now we know that the higher the education and the involvement of women in a culture and economy, the more secure the nation. It’s a metric we use throughout our foreign policy, and in fact, it’s at the core of our development policy. It is a big, important shift in thinking. Horrifying practices like female genital cutting were not at the top of the agenda because they were part of the culture and we didn’t want to be accused of imposing our own cultural values.

But what Hillary Clinton has said over and over again is, “A crime is a crime, and criminal behavior cannot be tolerated.” Everywhere she goes, she meets with the head of state and she meets with the women leaders of grassroots organizations in each country. This goes automatically on her schedule. As you’ve seen, when she went to Burma – our first government trip there in 40 years. She met with its dictator and then she met with Aung San Suu Kyi, the woman he kept under detention for 15 years, the leader of Burma’s pro-democracy movement.

This isn’t just symbolism. It’s how you change the world.

When Vera Stremkovskaya, a lawyer and human rights activist from Belarus met Hillary Clinton a few years ago, they took a photograph together. And she said to one of the Secretary’s colleagues, “I want that picture.” And the colleague said, “I will get you that picture as soon as possible.” And Stremkovskaya said, “I need that picture.” And the colleague said, “I promise you.” And Stremkovskaya said, “You don’t understand. That picture will be my bullet-proof vest.”

Never give up. Never, never, never, never, never give up. That is what Hillary Clinton embodies.”  

~Meryl Streep

At the end of the day, the Clintons paid a 35.7% tax rate: $40 million total taxes over the last 7 years. They aren’t hiding their money overseas in Swiss Bank Accounts like Mitt Romney, a man who paid a 14.1% tax-rate.

We tend to forget both Clintons came from humble beginnings and used their natural talent and determination to achieve success, building the Clinton name side-by-side since their days together at Yale Law School. That’s the American Dream. I don’t begrudge them for it, especially considering how much they give to charity, pay in taxes, and have done for our country. The Clintons pay their fair share and give back to a country that has given them so much.

Why wouldn’t the Clintons hold Wall Street to the same standard they hold themselves to?


Hillary has consistently fought inequality and worked to even the odds for women, children, the poor, and under-privileged. I have no doubt in her commitment to take on corporate America just as President Barack Obama did with Dodd-Frank [despite taking corporate contributions]. Hillary’s Wall Street plan is tougher and more comprehensive than Bernie’s, tackling derivatives and shadow-banking. Hillary also fought for unions and a higher minimum wage was New York Senator despite corporate contributions.

If you look at Hillary’s full record dating back to the Children’s Defense Fund, you will find someone who has consistently produced real results for real people.

“When I left the Secretary of State’s office, like so many former officials, military leaders, journalists, others, I did go on the speaking circuit. I spoke to heart doctors, I spoke to the American Camping Association, I spoke to auto dealers, and yes, I spoke to firms on Wall Street. They wanted me to talk about the world, what my experience had been as Secretary of State.

But what I want people to know is I went to Wall Street before the crash. I was the one saying you’re going to wreck the economy because of these shenanigans with mortgages. I called to end the carried interest loophole that hedge fund managers enjoy. I proposed changes in CEO compensation.

I called for a consumer protection financial bureau before it was created. And I think the best evidence that the Wall Street people at least know where I stand and where I have always stood is because they are trying to beat me in this primary. They have collected and spent as much as $6 million on these ads.”​

~Hillary Rodham Clinton

As the first woman to win an Iowa caucus for President of the United States, Hillary gave a speech to Goldman Sachs about the empowerment of women in the economy.

“10,000 Women: Proving the Case for Women Entrepreneurs”:

Keep hating, haters!!

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Fox News opens Black History Month by insulting black voters: “Blacks have shown a slavish support for the Democrat party”
By Sophia Tesfaye

While most morning news programs devoted much of their Monday coverage to tonight’s highly anticipated Iowa caucuses, Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” took some time to examine the importance of the African American vote on this first day of Black History Month, only to blast black voters for “slavish support” of the Democratic Party.

Guest and conservative pundit Crystal Wright (aka GOPBlackChick) began by arguing that Donald Trump is the only Republican presidential candidate credibly suited to compete for the African American vote, citing his plans for mass deportation as a boon to blacks and applauding the billionaire frontrunner for not “pander[ing]” to Black Lives Matter.

Fox hosted a black conservative to call black voters “political dummies”