TV Line interviews the cast at Comic Con. Tons of big reveals about upcoming guest stars, Gilmore Girls, and John Roberts’ letters to Ronald Reagan.

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I planned another art but made a sketch with Ahri and understood that I must finish it! Her face expression and hand were challenging but it’s very good to try something new and difficult) Hope you enjoy this work :3

Thank you guys for all your likes, reposts and support! You’re awesome! <3


Foxes seem to need rescuing from some very strange places and one day, Simon got a late-night call to a young fox that had wandered into a families living room.

It had chosen to lie low under the sofa, and was proving difficult to catch. Foxes stress easily and Simon had to make the rescue as gentle as possible to avoid it destroying the room!

Once safely contained, it was just a short trip back out to the garden where the young fox was free once again.

In Simon’s words - “That’s what we call a rescue-release!”