Happy Birthday, Kim Taehyung! 

look i have absoluetely no idea of why he’s holding a four loko or why he fought someone. i was only going to draw him, keeping it PG 13 and then I thought fuck it lets put some gore and some alcohol even if it has nothing to do with his birthday. maybe this could be a new au 🤔  (hk is my artist signature btw)

Happy birthday to the most beautiful human being I know, Kim Taehyung! 

Ahhh… You guys. I love Kim Taehyung, to a point that it can become literally painful to know that he doesn’t know it. He’s a man with so much talent, with the most beautiful mind and the kindest of all hearts! He also looks absolutely ethereal and has perfect facial features, but what I love the most is his complex mind and personality. There is something about Taehyung that makes me always interested: it’s how he sees, thinks and says things. He only has a different way of doing things, and a creativity that goes beyond all bonds, and that’s what makes him extremely interesting to me, because I’ll always be wondering how he’ll react to a certain event, which words he’s gonna choose to express himself. What I love is when he talks and doesn’t know how to express what he thinks, he’ll make up some words or phrases to describe what he wants you to understand in such a creative and intelligent way. For example, in Bon Voyage (I believe) when he didn’t know how to say “dessert” and used “honey meal”, since honey is sweet. I also love it when he makes remarks that you would never expect but that are, in a way, very clever. For example, when Yoongi and Jeongguk were referencing an event that happened in 1994, Yoongi said “It happened when I was born”, Jeongguk said “It happened before I was born” and Taehyung simply said “It happened when I was still in my dad.”

Some people would pay millions to talk with Namjoon about life, but I would kill to hear Taehyung’s opinion, or to just have a deep talk with him. I wonder how he sees things. I wonder about his perspective and opinion on life. 

On TV he seems like this weird, corky, playful, funny guy, and people might think he’s weird and a “dumb blond”, but Taehyung is actually a very serious person. He has this habit of putting on a persona when he’s in front of cameras, but sometimes we can see his seriousness, and that fascinates me. Just his gaze, his eyes and how he stares at things is fascinating. He has a very serious and passionate side that we don’t get to see so often, and I think it’s a shame because some people keep calling him a 4D alien and still thinks he’s weird and dumb. He is not.

Since I don’t want to write a novel, and that I said what I thought was really important already, here is a list of things I love about Taehyung, that I haven’t mentioned yet :

  • The fact that he has to hug someone or something in order to fall asleep
  • The fact that he cheats when they play games
  • The fact that he keeps lying when he gets caught cheating
  • His complex aesthetics
  • His photographies!!
  • His way of always finding new ways to wear something, or to make it fashionable (ex: a necktie as a belt)
  • His moles that he loves so much
  • His voice
  • His laugh
  • His beautiful tan skin
  • His boxy smile and the way his eyes disappear when he smiles
  • His little tummy ! ! !
  • When he wears an entire cashmere pajama as an everyday outfit
  • The fact that he loooves comfy clothes
  • His dog ! ! !
  • When he has long hair
  • His eyebrows
  • His eyes
  • His unique double eyelid
  • His love for Van Gogh and art in general
  • His drawings
  • His love for music. He seems very passionate about music, but he doesn’t get to share his feelings about it at all :( You realize it when he spends time on V live just to share his favourite songs of the moment, or when you decide to listen to his Spotify Playlist and realize he enjoys music from the 40s !

(creds to whoever made this gif btw)