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I’m so tired of tumblr forcing fans of Moffat-era Who to defend ourselves and why we like the show. Rant below the cut.

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I wonder when Louis is finally going to get his re-brand and full launch as a solo artist.

And I say this because Niall and Liam had all their social media accounts updated, got a professional photo shoot done, and their labels and management have been using those for their profile. They have been essentially given a re-launch as solo artists.

With Harry’s advert dropping yesterday and his Instagram and Facebook getting a white out, I am fully expecting we’ll get the same.

Meanwhile, Louis has had a solo single out since December and his social media accounts, management and PR profiles, and even Spotify, use pictures from the FOUR and MITAM era. He only changed his twitter AVI today with that photo from Ultra. (Thank God.)

It’s really just apparent that no one has cultivated a solo campaign for Louis despite having a product out, and worse, despite have that product actually do well. It’s been absolutely the same bullshit (and worse) around Louis and his press, doing his image and his brand no favours whatsoever!

Again, I ask - what has his team been doing this whole time? It’s become painfully obvious that they have NOT really put a lot of thought into how to promote Louis and his brand? He’s been with JGG for 9 months now!

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I'm all here for Rowena Ravenclaw being a middle eastern muslim woman due to the whole golden age of Islamic Knowledge and that being heralded as such an incredible age of enlightenment, Godric Gryffindor being a fearsome Viking who'd already done a great deal of traveling, and then either Helga Hufflepuff or Salazar Slytherin being a Romani person, Slytherin due to the need to survive troubling times so often and Hufflepuff because the need to travel means the need to adapt to anything.


Rising of the Second Sun

*A series of important birthdays Fitz has experienced over the years that have each changed the course of his life irrevocably.*

Title based on this quote: “Most of us can remember a time when a birthday - especially if it was one’s own - brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.” - Robert Staughton Lynd

Fun fact: Pierre Curie’s birthday is today, meaning that section of the story would actually be taking place today - and also that I’ve gone twenty-one years without realizing his birthday was May 15th too?? Well, here’s to me and you, Pierre!


Two and a half months.

It’s been two and a half months since Fitz first laid eyes on Jemma Simmons, who is twenty-three days younger than him and the holder of two PhDs and a dizzying intellect. In all his life, Fitz has never before been intimidated by someone smarter than him (likely because he’s never met anyone who even comes close), and he has no idea what to say to her.

When they were paired together in chem class, he’d seen it as the perfect opportunity to show her that he’s just as smart as her and they could get on quite well. But, nothing in his life is ever that easy, and he may have the perfect opportunity, but the perfect words are nowhere to be found.

By circumstance, it just so happens that is on Marie Curie’s birthday that Fitz is in chem class, sitting silently beside Jemma and silently running through, then quickly shooting down, a list of clever things he could say to her, much like he does every other day.

But, today is different. Today, Jemma seems to be frustrated with their current assignment, muttering under her breath as she tries to figure her way around an issue that’s stopping her from completing it. It hits Fitz with all the subtly of a lightning strike that he has already solved that particular issue.

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There are four different eras of Lefou’s relationship with Gaston.

The first era is when they first meet, twelve years old and neighbors to each other. There is the initial meeting where Lefou is stricken in the face of Gaston’s confidence and boldness. It wasn’t exactly narcissism. It was sureness, practiced precision. It was gorgeous, and in the face of it, Lefou fell in love.

The second era is the war. There, the war, where Gaston is heavier, stronger, brutish and untamed. It’s as if something about the war brings purity and purpose to Gaston. No longer was there gray area. There is the enemy. There is the friend. Lefou remembers this era most distinctly, for it was this era they grew closest. They spoke more. They slept within inches of each other, waiting for the morning call in a few hours. They fought together, bled together, grew together.

Then there is the era they both return to the village. Gaston is seen as a hero, brave for having fought, and Lefou walked in his shadow. He didn’t mind, in fact he preferred it. Lefou wouldn’t know what to do if he had such attention directed at him, how to live up to expectations Gaston lives up to.

It is in this era their relationship becomes strained, though, because Gaston says something so detrimental to Lefou’s ideation of them both: that he is going to make Belle his wife.

And it’s ridiculous for Lefou to have thought that Gaston and he would be together for the rest of their lives, just as they had until that point. It’s unthinkable, unbelievable, ludicrous, laughable, meritless.

And yet Lefou finds himself yearning for it. And hates himself for it. He truly does feel like the fool.

And the final era Gaston falls deeper into obsession with the idea of a wife, something the people around him urged him to undertake, and if Gaston were societally forced to wed a woman, it would surely be objectively the best woman he finds. And driven with this idea, it deteriorates the Gaston that Lefou fell for in the first place. The Gaston that was brave, strong-willed, blunt, but not unkind. The Gaston that Lefou knew and loved called him dearest friend, grabbed his shoulder and leaned closer to hear his words, smiled at him. Laugh with him.

But the Gaston of the fourth era left him in the midst of battle, and Lefou, in that moment, felt the sting and the sinking of his heart.

The Gaston Lefou had fallen in love with was gone. He understands that now. Sitting among the rubble of the castle, Lefou understands.

The guests invited to the ballroom had long since gone home. Belle and Adam are in bed, sleeping. The moon is high in the sky. Lefou is alone for the first time since he was twelve years old.

But then he hears: “Lefou,” his name on a familiar tongue.

Lefou stands, looking out past the broken castle. He searches with his eyes- and sees him. He sees Gaston.

“Gaston,” the word rushes out of his mouth like short breath of air. He runs to discover Gaston bloodied, a familiar sight, and weak, an unfamiliar sight. He is overwhelmed with the idea of Gaston not being in control of a situation. It feels wrong. Lefou doesn’t like it at all.

He tries to remember: Gaston of eras one two and three are gone, but then Gaston says, “Lefou, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you.”

“Stop,” Lefou admonishes. “Stop talking.”

He isn’t sure if he’s saying it because he doesn’t want Gaston to strain himself or if he doesn’t want to let himself believe Gaston cares for him. Not again.

But Gaston continues, “I might not make it. I need you to know,” he takes a breath. “I was wrong. In the castle, I was wrong to do that to you.”

There’s a spell of silence. It covers them like a blanket.

“We fought together,” Gaston says quieter, not exactly gently because very little about Gaston could ever be gentle. No. He was strong, but quiet. “I’ve never abandoned you before, and I can’t believe I did it then. I need you to know that.”

It’s everything Lefou had ever wanted to hear. Though, against his better intuition, Lefou found himself brushing the words off. “You were confused. You get like that when you’re angry, you know? I’m usually able to calm you down, talk sense into you, something. It’s nothing.”

Gaston reaches out. His hand is a heavy, weak weight on his knee. “Don’t defend my actions,” he said simply, and nothing more.

Lefou’s throat feels tight. He feels like he wants to cry, and he’s never cried for as long as he can remember. He swallows, and stands up. He grabs Gaston by the forearm, and then the waist, and hoists him up.

“Let’s see if we can find anyone to help.”

Lefou carries Gaston back to the village, and in his heart, feels another era beginning. So in fact, there were not four eras to his relationship with Gaston. There is the beginning of confidence, the second of bravery and the third of maturity. There is the fourth of obsession, misdirection, and confusion.

And then there is today. The fifth era where Gaston learns to love what has always been in front of him.


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FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.


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“She didn’t enjoy it very much. She doesn’t think you treated her very well, because you wouldn’t dance with her. I don’t think I’d have have minded. I don’t like dancing very much.”