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Top Venture Investors of 2015

Top Venture Investors of 2015

As the top 100 names in tech grow increasingly familiar, it becomes apparent that the Midas List, too, is growing more concentrated among the top performing firms—a trend that reflects the shrinking of the venture industry itself.

The Midas List is an annual ranked catalog of the best newcomers in the tech business by Forbes, looking at the top 100 names in the business. For 2015, Forbes’ list…

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Enterprise incubator Alchemist lands $2.1M from impressive backers

Enterprise incubator Alchemist lands $2.1M from impressive backers

Two years ago, the Alchemist Accelerator started with the goal of creating a platform to help promising enterprise seed-stage startups. The accelerator has announced $2.1M in funding that should give enough capital to keep the company afloat through the first quarter of 2018.

The round is led by Mayfield (the Menlo Park-based venture capital fund, not the dairy product company) with help from…

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Shared Economies: Sharing is Caring

It’s 2014. The world, though still very much in the midst of the Digital Age, has matured from the early days of the internet and personal computing, (they now call us Digital Natives, eek!). One defining characteristic of the present day is the way we own and use tangible assets–through sharing.

We share our homes through Airbnb. We share our cars through ZipCar (and now our bikes, too). We share our wardrobes through Rent the Runway, and even our private jets through Netjets. And it makes sense. Ownership is often cumbersome and inefficient. Even electronic property–mp3s and movies–demand resources that can be prohibitive of sole ownership, and so we share our music and shows too. (If you’re not on Netflix, you’ve probably just deactivated your account to recover from that House of Cards binge. If you’re not on Spotify, you probably will be soon.)

It makes sense then that we now also share collections of fine art. By pooling capital and sharing in the costs of identifying and acquiring art, a new generation of collectors is now able to participate in a world previously closed off to them. Through Arthena, investors share art collections like it’s 2014.

- Arthena 


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A new generation of lenders is about to eat between 25 percent and 30 percent of the business that “too big to fail” finance companies are now doing, growing to about $1 trillion in business by 2025, according to Foundation Capital partner Charles Moldow. (via VC Charles Moldow on why peer-to-peer lending will hit $1 trillion by 2025 - Silicon Valley Business Journal)

adRise's new in-laws: Foundation Capital and Netflix

So you’re asking what does adRise have to do with Foundation Capital and Netflix. Some of you may be asking “who’s Foundation Capital?”. Good question. We’ll answer that shortly. If you’re asking “What’s Netflix?” – well, you might be reading the wrong blog.

After a customary courtship of startup and VC firm between adRise and Foundation Capital, a leading VC firm in Silicon Valley, a VC financing round resulted.

Foundation Capital is a great partner for us because they’ve had great successful with both technology and content-focused companies. The best example is their investment in Netflix, on which they still sit on the board. I’m not sure if the analogy really works, but we’re now sort of in-laws to the content-technology Goliath that is Netflix.  

Foundation Capital is an investor in a lot of other great companies that are relevant to us, including Freewheel, which is standard for content owners who want to track their rights and revenue across various digital platforms. And, yes, Freewheel and adRise have done an integration already so content owners can use Freewheel to monitor and schedule their ad campaigns on Connected TVs via adRise’s apps or ad SDKs.
Uber Solves the Fundamental Problem of the Marketplace
After three Uber rides in the last two weeks, not only am I more convinced about the value that the so-called "sharing economy" is providing, but I have been struck by the way technology helps to solve the fundamental problem of the marketplace.
By Steven Horwitz
For example, all of the data that is now available for analysis associated with the financial services industry is really changing that industry, from lending and borrowing to underwriting and investing and payment. Those industries are changing as a result of the insights associated with Big Data. There is a democratization of information that consumers can get access to and they can do their own analysis on, which is putting a lot more power in their hands. That’s really causing a lot of strain and change for the financial service industry.
Advice on Starting a Bitcoin-Based Business
Three leading industry experts share why they took the leap and why they think you should, too.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow

Three leading industry experts share why they took the leap and why they think you should, too.

anonymous asked:

“i h9ope bernie sanders does get elected president, and then you’ll see what happens when you pin all your progressive hopes on a war-mongering capitalist” ??????????? bernie sanders is against war? bernie sanders is a socialist? i am confused? ??????

bernie sanders did initially vote against beginning the iraq war but once it was underway he continually voted to provide fund it and extend it, and did the same in afghanistan. he also supported the bombing of kosovo (and called the police when protesters against that action showed up at his office), voted to make the patriot act permanent, has supported the neo-nazi-led coup in ukraine, and has ardently continued to support israel throughout its horrific bombing campaigns against gaza. he might be ok on domestic “social issues”, but like, socialists oppose capitalism. the foundation of u.s. capitalism is imperialism, and sanders supports imperialism (and by “support” i don’t just mean rhetorical support—as a sitting senator he has a direct voice in whether any given imperialist venture can take place). however much he hoots and hollers about being a “socialist”, it means nothing as long as he is actively working to keep the engine of capitalism running

In her essay, Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of While Supremacy, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence co-founder, Andrea Smith elucidates the ways that modern white supremacy banks on the equation of Blackness with Slaveability.  She explains that despite what form slavery has taken throughout history – from the formal system of slavery to sharecropping to the modern Prison Industrial Complex — this logic of Blackness being regarded as slaveable has remained a constant.  This premise is a foundational assumption of modern capitalism in the United States as well.  Smith writes,

The capitalist system ultimately commodifies all workers – one’s own person becomes a commodity that one must sell in the labor market while the profits of one’s work are taken by someone else.  To keep this capitalist system in place… the logic of slavery applies a racial hierarchy to this system.  This racial hierarchy tells people that as long as you are not Black, you have the opportunity to escape the commodification of capitalism.  This helps people who are not Black to accept their lot in life, because they can feel that at least they are not at the very bottom of the racial hierarchy – at least they are not property; at least they are not slaveable.


Andrea Smith , Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy

This excerpt explains so much about contemporary racism.

Arguments Against Marriage

Marriage isn’t for everyone. A friend told me recently that he wants his life “to be a frustration of capitalism,” and he believes that marriage is foundation of that capitalism. So he and his long-time partner aren’t going to get married, despite all of the legal and economic benefits.

The great thing about marriage equality is that you get to choose whether you want to get married, rather than the government deciding for you. Just because we may all soon have the right, doesn’t mean we have to or should. 

Along those lines, I wanted to highlight some reasons same-sex couples aren’t getting married. 

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Список более чем 100 ресурсов где можно получить финансирование вашего проекта

Если вы делаете свой социальный проект и не знаете где найти для него инвестирование то можете начать с этого небольшого списка)

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The problem with social democratic systems is that they are just a prop for capitalism. It doesn’t actually solve any of the problems of capitalism, just makes it so that it is no longer literally killing people.

Capitalism is inherently evil and any form of social organization that still relies on it as a base system will never be free of the exploitation of the masses, gross systemic inequality, poverty, racism, and various other intersecting systems of oppression which support and rely upon capitalism.

Unless a society completely eradicates capitalism from its functional social organization, capitalism’s foundation in unsustainable never-ending growth will continue to kill both people and the planet. Implementing social structures that alleviate some of the worst ills capitalism foists upon our society might help in the short term, but in the long term does nothing to combat the evils of capitalism. 

Any system which includes capitalism is a system that will have systemic, built-in inequality and exploitation. Full stop. 

College and City Life

I’m another day closer to college and yes I am freaking the heck out. First of all, although my tuition fee is covered and I am allowed a certain amount of allowance my accommodation fee is still sky high. But according to my aunt who lives around the same area, she says that it is the standard price considering it is a ‘high end’ area. My condo being a home away from home, I want to ensure that I am completely in my comfort zone although it’s technically not home. Can’t deny that the place looks pretty classy and the facilities are kinda promising. However, I am not the type of daughter who indulges in her father’s money to live in luxury. Especially not after returning from the States. Plus, apparently I can’t cook ? Well I mean I’m not allowed to cook. Like wtf ? I’m a college student, that is what I’m suppose to survive on. This dilemma adds on financial burden because I’ll have to frequently buy meals or else eat cold meals or just shove oatmeal down my throat. Like, I still freaking need hot water for my coffee ya’ll ! Oh well, thankfully America has taught me how to eat Nachos, Salads and Quesadillas which can all be prepared most to most in a microwave. Oh and, this is the best part yet ! Ready ? Apparently the 1k rental that I pay monthly, DOES NOT include water and electricity bills. And Wi-Fi ? May be available at a cost :) How nice, right ? This is what happens when you live in a freaking capitalism controlled world. Hey but you know what, I came here for a reason and whatever brought me here will make sure I have  good life and ace my foundation/degree. Cheers.