Found Objects

The Power in FOUND.

Originally posted by accionarnia

This is something that I feel is exceedingly powerful - the power of found. Found objects, found people, found sources. Found. 

Found objects hold more power because they are gifts, things you did not expect, things the world decided you needed. They have a magic all their own.

Now this varies. For example, I now have two altar cloths and a wrap for my fae oracle deck – because I was at a friend’s house and had this FEELING. So I looked at them and said: “I know you have a lot of fabric, do you have anything in green?”

Lo and behold, they had just enough green silk to make three beautiful pieces for my home. This is the same friend who GAVE me my Fae deck, which has a very strong connection with me. My Rider Tarot deck was found in a box, and recovered from neglect, but it had bonded with my mother and not with me, so we communicate slowly and it’s a lot harder – but I still found it.

I am going to a metaphysical fair in March, and I expect to find a few of the things that have eluded me so far there. I can’t find a good journal or notebook for my spells, I don’t want to go out and buy crystals off the internet. I expect to find a lot of things there, and save money for that purpose. Yes, I will be buying them, but I will have found them first.

Found objects are strong as heck. Bought objects are GOOD, but found has that little something extra. You know?