Fotographiqa grading scale

How We Grade Our Camera Items

Many people have asked how we grade our camera items so we thought we’d give you a run-down of how we determine the condition of each item: 

(BGN) - BARGAIN (70-79%)
“Bargain” 70-79% of original condition. Shows slightly more than average wear for the item’s age. May have slight dents, dings and/or brassing. Glass may have dust or faint haze that should not affect picture quality, no fungus or scratches though. Items will be 100% fully functional with no image quality loss.


(EX) - EXCELLENT (80-89%)
“Excellent” 80-89% of original condition. Shows slight wear for the age of the item. May have small dings and/or slight finish wear. Glass may have slight dust or very faint haze that will not affect picture quality. Items will be 100% functional with no image quality loss.


(EX+) - EXCELLENT PLUS (90-96%)
“Excellent Plus” 90-96% of original condition. Exceptionally nice. May have slight wear on finish but visible only under close inspection. Glass very clean. 100% fully functional with no image quality loss.


(LN) - LIKE NEW (97-99%)
“Like New” 97-99% of original condition. Extremely slight wear only seen upon very close inspection. Box and accessories usually not included. Glass perfect.*

97%至99%新,近乎全新, 新淨整潔,可只有非常少用舊痕跡,但詳細檢查下才會見到,多數不包括原廠盒及配件。鏡片無暇。