since this is a common topic in the fandom, us admins of fyeahyurionice have decided to make a fanfic rec page! 

what’s this page for you may wonder? to put it simply, this is a page made for fans to navigate easier and faster through yoi fics! all you have to do is fill in this form in which you include one of your favourite fic, or even your own writing, and submit it to us so we can add it to our fic rec page

since the page has just been created (literally), there are no fics to feature yet, so we are looking forward to see your recs & hopefully read them with everyone if time allows! ^ ^

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Hello I'm plums. I've sent another ask and I really need to create an account but I'm too lazy. I saw someone request a story about how the wedding dress coffee goal came to be and was wondering if I could write it.

Sure go for it! If you don’t want to make a tumblr account, you can send it as a submission with an email address. (It will accept a fake email address.)

Sorry for the terrible graphic, couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I rejoined the Sherlock fandom with my Jim only about two weeks ago and honestly you guys have all been so welcoming, I’d been pretty worried because I’d not written for a canon Sherlock character for almost 5 years but the quality of the fandom has most certainly improved over that time and I’m glad to be a part of it again. 

So, I’m going to list a bunch of followers I think are great and interesting, whether we’ve interacted or not and regardless of how new you are to this blog (since I wouldn’t be following back if I didn’t like your content). These are in no particular order, I’ve just gone through my follower list to find all of you.

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it’s brexit eve. tomorrow morning, racists all over the country will run downstairs and shout “HE’S BEEN! HE’S BEEN!” upon seeing the parts of their country they’ve been given back, on the floor by the fireplace. nigel farage, no longer bound by EU health and safety laws, has managed to break into their homes and distributed £350million-worth of bendy bananas. st. george is there,

i have my final road test tomorrow. having postponed it twice last year, and having started practice driving when i was 16, it feels… surreal, to say the least, to think i could actually finally get my driver’s license for real.


If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it. #mondaymotivation #shit #forward #wow #incredible #inspiring #NBA #70s #basketball #ABA #topps #shopbcv #baseballcardvandals #🏀

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Can you imagine how good it would be if instead of rebooting spiderman again they just kept Andrew Garfield and make Peter an adult (which he, yknow, should be) for once. Like. Can you even imagine. Adult human disaster Peter Parker in the mcu. Glorious

Man like I don’t want to be a downer about Homecoming (except about the fact that so far it really does look like it’s a Miles Morales movie with Peter pasted on top, down to the fact that that is not Ned Leeds that is Ganke Lee, I want to be a downer about that because it’s not cool to be lifting Miles’ characters and relationships) but my feelings are already on twitter so they might as well be here too: gosh I miss Andrew Garfield’s Peter.

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JIKOOK 46!! <3

Thank you for sending anonie! I already did exactly the same one but hey, the more Jikook the better, am I right? ^^
46.“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

“Hyung, have you seen Jungkook?” Jimin asked, he was looking for the maknae cuz he needed to ask him something. “Last time I saw him he was in the laundry room” Seokjin replied. Laundry room? Jungkook never did laundry this late. Jimin thanked the elder and padded to where Kook’s supposed to be. Something was off to him, maybe the maknae was watching porn? Jerking off? Jimin wasn’t sure but catching the younger mid action seemed like an exciting idea to him. He slowly opened the door and luckliy they didn’t make any noise. He walked in and closed them, Jungkook too occupied with his laptop to notice him. Jimin sneaked behind the younger and took a closer look at the screen. “ Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” he whispered, wanting to give Kook a jump scare but he stopped mid sentence when he realized what was on the screen. Kook was looking at NSFW fanarts with the two of them. What? JUNGKOOK WAS DOING WHAT? Jimin has never been this shook in his entire life. Was Jungkook attracted to him? Or was he just experimenting? Jimin wouldn’t care if it was either if he could have Kook for himself. “HOLY SHIT HYUNG” Jungkook screamed, jumping up and closed his laptop with so much force it almost fell on the floor. “It’s not what you think, hyung” the maknae mumbled, he was so embarrassed he could just die. “You know Jungkookie, if u wanted me to fuck you, you could have just asked” Jimin said. “What?” Kook uttered after few seconds of just blankly staring at smirking Jimin. “Exactly what I said, maknae. Think about it and come to my room later if you want” the elder offered and walked out of the room, leaving the blushing Jungshook inside.

(Something a bit different this time)

Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble!