It is soon fall by max max
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Did you cool down soon? I look forward to it in this autumn

Everything feels wrong again.
But not in a bad way this time.

Only in the way
that you’re not here,
and that’s wrong.

Everything I do alone
feels silly,
I have to question why I’m doing it,
because usually you’re why.

I don’t like doing things anymore,
things that don’t involve you,
because they all seem pointless.

You’re all that seems to matter to me anymore,
and as scary as that is,
it’s comforting.

I like knowing that
you’re everything to me now,
you’re all I care that exists in my world.

And I think I know now,
this is what love is.

—  Eternum

So I’m making a gnome bard for a new D&D campaign, and I was challenged into making him a rhyming bard, and while I think I’m going to just be incorporating poetry into as much as I can instead of forcing rhymes every time I speak, I decided to also take it a step further… and so I present my background sonnet:

Kellen “Puck” Turen of Many Names: A Sonnet

He hails from Kiergard - Ravenfast, in fact;
A library he first would call his home,
Until he found that what he had in tact
Was harder to contain within a tome.

From there, he realized his way was set:
His path, it led to making knowledge free.
The greatest villains he had ever met
Were scholars, charging patrons each a fee.

And so he left the academic life,
Installed himself within the World of Talk:
He got himself a job correcting strife
And going anywhere that he could walk.

Thus, the diplomatic life of Puck
Began with yet an ‘up’ with which to fuck.

anonymous asked:

About what you just vented. I can kinda relate. I write undertale fanfiction and I reblog it to reach people in different time zones, but feel bad at doing it too cuz I don't want to annoy people. But I work hard on it, and want people to see it and enjoy it. So anyways, just want to say I understand and I definitely don't think there's anything wrong with reblogging your own stuff(even if I am at odds with me doing it myself). Anyhow love your art and your AU! Keep it up!

Ahh, and I know you have it even worse considering you’re a writer!

Writers definitely get ignored MUCH more than visual artists do despite how much more work you guys put into your stuff (I said what everyone knows to be true, writing has MORE WORK than a picture does)! It’s apparently so easy to just nod to a story and read it but then move on, and since people don’t like reblogging stories (which I don’t understand unless it’s NSFW–and even then… just make a NSFW blog?), it just gets buried!

I know of a few “popular” stories that barely reach 40 notes every update, and yet everyone talks about them and eludes to them constantly? It’s like… at least drop a like and a comment sharing your feelings–don’t leave writers hanging–

(And I also highly recommend posting anything you do to AO3 as well! That community is exceptionally kind and supportive to its writers from what I’ve seen!)

But thank you for the support! And I hope that one day you can comfortably reblog your own stuff as well without fear of getting Anon hate about it!

so a little update on my life since it’s been awhile~

i got an apartment! i signed my lease on friday (the 23rd) but all my stuff is still in colorado so i have an empty apartment right now, haha. but my cousin carlene and i are leaving this friday (the 30th) to make a little weekend trip back to colorado to pick everything up

so i have one long week of ten hour shifts, one long weekend packing, another long week of ten hour shifts + unpacking AND THEN I’M BACK. because i will totally have Internet when i actually get to move into my apartment. so sometime at the beginning of october, i should be making a grand reappearance.

i also am up for a permanent position at work which means i won’t be a temp anymore and i’ll have better hours and benefits and make more money. and basically be able to actually afford my life. and all my supervisors said they said good things about me. so hopefully that works out. my interview for that is tomorrow so send good thoughts my way??

i think that’s about it? I literally have the best friends though. I bought a bottle of sparkling cider and we went to my empty apartment and sat on the floor playing uno. it. was. awesome.

Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek on the 250 follower gift I’m working on!

We are approaching 250 followers! We never expected much when we started the simperius curse so thank you all so much for taking interest! It has been awesome getting to know the simblr community. ^.^

So…Fiora and Pia in the same picture! What ever could this be?


Red Dark Sweet - Oh! Carol