Halloween is tomorrow so here’s a friendly reminder that kids are going to dress up like kids. You’re going to see children in costumes from Steven Universe, Fortnite, Minecraft, maybe undertale. Please, for the love of fuck, be cool. These are children dressing up as characters from video games/ children’s TV shows and your opinions about those shows are irrelevant right now. Don’t be a dick, let children have fun. If a 12 yr old in a Fortnite costume knocks on my door for candy, I’m damn well going to give it to them, and I really hope you all will too.

Cringe culture is dead and gone and now it is A-okay to like Minecraft, Animal Jam, Roblox, LPStube/the toys themselves, Eddsworld, Undertale, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Cuphead, FNaF, Warrior Cats, Fortnite, and everything in between. Everyone go wild.