Sometimes you find the darnedest things lying about abandoned buildings… on the second floor of the Fort Totten Army Hospital in Queens, I found this plastic riding grasshopper.  How this object got into a building that had been abandoned for decades is beyond me - the documents on how to zero a .50 caliber machine gun in the basement at least made sense!

Friends (part 2) — Peter x Reader

Part 1 

Summary: Two months have gone by since the roof incident with Peter. You two have been getting closer with each day, but remain friends, although everyone in school knows you like each other, but you two are taking it slow. Peter asks you out on a date, however, he didn’t give you any details, just told you to wear jeans and comfy sneakers.

A/N: I would’ve made this longer but I need to sleep. Part 3 coming soon. 

Word count: 1 177

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Friends (part 2: Skinny Love)

“You guys heard Lis is having one last party before moving to Oregon” Michelle said as she arrived to her locker.

Ned, Peter and you followed her, and waited for her before you all went to the cafeteria. Peter and you were walking next to each other, with your pinkies entwined. You two liked each other an awful lot, but were taking it slow. It was no secret. You knew Peter liked you, he knew you liked him, the entire school knew you liked each other. You were constantly asked by peers and teachers if you were official yet. However, you were enjoying going slow.

“The party is this Friday” Said Michelle as you all sat down on a table and had lunch.

“Wait, what?” Asked Peter

“Friday night, I guess 8-ish?” Ned said. “You guys are going, right?”

“Actually…” You began.

“We plans for this friday…” Peter added. “But I think we could make it to the party…”

“Well, let us know if you’re going and when you’re already there” Michelle said, before focusing on her food. “Have fun in your date”

The word date instantly made you blush and looked away, feeling Peter’s stare on you.

“You haven’t told me what we’re doing on Friday” You added, without looking at Peter.

He chuckled, and entwined his pinkie with yours.

“It’s a surprise. Just take comfy shoes, because we’ll be walking a lot” He said, before he leaned forward kissing your cheek.

By friday, you were anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. As soon as it did, you grabbed your things and ran to your locker, leaving everything inside, and then rushed to Peter’s. Peter was just closing his locker when you arrived. He swung his backpack, which looked slightly heavy,  over his shoulder.

You two left towards the subway, and from then, you followed him, asking where you two were going. He refused to answer, and always made a joke instead of actually answering. It was a matter of time before you realised you were going to the abandoned Civil War fort Fort Totten. Built in 1826, used as a fort to protect the approaches of Confederate ships to NY, now it was a City Park.

You’d visited this place before, but weren’t really excited by it. You still followed Peter, as he made his way inside. He walked as if he knew where he was going. You two were holding hands, as Peter walked towards God knows where.

You arrived to an abandoned place. The rest of the park had a few people walking around, but this particular place was empty. It had a nice view of the ocean, even though the ground looked dusty.

Peter got a light blue blanket from his backpack. He then got out a couple of can cokes, and snacks from his backpack. You looked at Peter set the picnic up, unable to say anything. You blushed lightly and covered your mouth with your hand before you were able to take a step closer to him.

“Peter this is fantastic!” You said, hugging him.

He hugged you tightly, thanking you softly before he broke the hug.

“Well” He said, blushing lightly. “Take a seat” He said gesturing to the blanket.

You sat on the blanket and grabbed a small half of sandwich. He opened a coke and took a sip, looking at you.

“Peter, this was definitely a great idea”

“Thanks” He chuckled. “It was May’s idea, actually. I asked her for something cool and original we could do”

“Well, May knows” You said, eating the sandwich.

You two ate the snacks, and by the time there were no snacks left, Peter gor a box of chocolates from his back pack, and opened it. You two ate chocolates, as you kept talking to each other. You were closing next to each other, your hands slightly touching, and you were constantly looking at him from the corner of your eye.

The two of you talked pretty much the entire afternoon. You got the chance to watch the sunset together, and right before the sun went completely away, you asked Peter if he was still planing to go to the party.

“We should probably get going, it’s getting late” You muttered.

Peter stood up, and stretched his arms.

“Wait, I still have one last surprise for you” He said. “You stay there, and don’t look” He whispered, grabbing his backpack and walking behind you. He had been feeling very nervous for getting to this part. He’d been going over and over again to this thought, and finally he’d made his mind.

He grabbed the Spider-Man suit from his backpack, and began undressing as he’d regularly do in the alleys after school. It took him lest than a minute to get ready. He got his clothes inside this backpack, and held the mast in his grip.

“Y/N” He whispered, as you turned around.

You frowned at first, confused at what was going on. Your first thought was: what a cool cosplay. However, Peter shoot a spiderweb at the ceiling above you and jumped to the ceiling, before sliding down, upside down from the spiderweb. Still, without putting the mask on. He was right in front of you, your noses almost touching. You gawked.

“Yo-you’re him” You whispered, not believing what you were seeing. “Oh god…”

“The rumour that I knew Spider-Man wasn’t precisely a lie. I am Spider-Man” He whispered. “I-I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now, but didn’t know how to…”

“Peter” You chuckled. “You planned the most awesome date just to tell me?”

“No…” He sighed. “I did it because I wanted to do something really special. And thought that maybe this would be the perfect time to tell you” He said, handing you the mask. “Would you do the honors?”

You giggled and grabbed the mask. You looked at it attentively before holding it with both your hands and putting the mask on Peter’s head. Once you were finished, Peter made some light adjustments.

“Now, ready to go to Lis’ party?” He said, getting back to the ground. “First, we’ve got to put this all away, and make sure I don’t forget anything because May will kill me if I lose something”

You helped Peter pick everything up, and helped him by keeping the blanket with your backpack, since Peter’s was already full because of his clothes. Once the place was cleaned up, Peter walked to the closest window and climbed outside. You looked out the window, and he offered you a hand to help you climb to the top.

He shot a web at the closest bridge, and held you from the waist.

“Ready?” He asked you, as you gulped nervously. “Hold on to me, it’s going to be okay” You nodded and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. “Do you trust me?”

“More than anyone else” You said nervously, as he looked at the bridge.

“I’m glad. I trust you more than anyone else too” He said before jumping from the roof.

I change trains at Fort Totten to take the red line. My timing, arriving on the green line, coincides with a group of black kids who’re waiting for the green line train going the other way.
There’s one real tall kid among them, and on the first day of this commute he looked at me, said “what’s good bruh?” and stuck out his hand to clasp. I didn’t look at him or acknowledge him, but I grabbed his hand and shook as I walked by, leaving him laughing.
The next day he was there and we repeated the gesture, and we’ve done this every time we’ve passed by for the past three weeks.
He’s never heard me speak, and I’ve only ever heard “what’s good, bruh?” come from him.


The bud ain’t all roses.
She hops the train and hopes
that she got cash for Monday’s dosage. 
When she sober she can make shit
if she high then she compose it.

Finds her dealer posted up at Fort Totten.
Cottonmouth tongue
he’s got his fingers on the hostage.
A dub of nugged greens
but she’s got empty pockets, 
holds out her hand
as if he preaching gospel. 

Boy got the low eyes,
got that good lip
reeking purple like periques.
Says when the plug dry
in Baltimore, they blow smoke
dipped in PCP.

Says the up lives long
and hits fast.
He bums another black lung
from the homie with the slick back,
curl the finger light a lucky
lick the thumb and flip a thick stack,
toss the bitch the ones
the little bills becoming knickknacks,
come get cozy at the kickback,
got a burnhole I can stitch that