[Video] White supremacist shot and killed in attempted racist attack on Black man at Waffle House restaurant
Ft. Myers, Florida A group of drunk, racist white men entered a Fort Myers, Florida Waffle House restaurant and began hurling racial slurs at two men of color, Jehrardd Williams and Jorge Henrandez...

A group of drunk, racist white men entered a Fort Myers, Florida Waffle House restaurant and began hurling racial slurs at two men of color, Jehrardd Williams and Jorge Henrandez, who were sitting at the restaurant counter.

A video of the encounter shows Williams and Hernandez take notice of the shouts, but calmly try to finish their meals as the group of white supremacists walked towards them. One of the white racist men, Robert Black can be seen on surveillance video attempting to shake hands with Williams and Hernandez, but when Jehrardd Williams refused to shake hands, Black throws a punch prompting Williams to pull out his gun.

At this point, one of the racists who had already exited the restaurant, Dakota Fields comes charging back in the restaurant to attack Williams. Obviously unaware that Williams was carrying a gun, Fields attempts to tackle Williams but instead gets himself shot three times before running back out the restaurant.

Surprised and bleeding profusely, Fields and the group of drunk white racists jumped into their car and sped off in search of a hospital. The bad luck/karma didn’t end there: The drunk white racists crashed into another car just a few blocks away from the Waffle House. Dakota Fields was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

No charges were filed against Jehrardd Williams for defending himself.

Modern Aviation’s First Fatality

“Bystanders help extricate the mortally wounded US Army (USA) Lieutenant (LT) Thomas Selfridge from the wreck of the Wright Brothers Flyer after its crash at Fort Myer, Virginia (VA). At right, several men attend the injuries of Orville Wright, who lies on the ground at their feet, 09/17/1908”

Lieutenant Selfridge became the first fatality of powered aviation, succumbing to his injuries shortly after this crash.  The flight had been part of a series of tests by Orville Wright to demonstrate the aircraft’s ability to carry a passenger.

In the east the morning comes,
Hear the rattle of the drums
      Far away.
Now no time for grief’s pursuing,
Other work is for the doing,
      Here to-day.
He is sleeping, let him rest
With the flag across his breast.

Paul Laurence Dunbar, Dirge For A Soldier

Getting pumped by The U.S. Army on Flickr.

A group of Soldiers get pumped for the camera before the Nov. 8th live broadcast of SportsNation. ESPN broadcasted SportsNation live from Whipple Field at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall on Nov. 8 at 5:00pm in celebration of Veterans Day. All Soldiers, family members, and workforce personnel were invited to attend and participate as audience members. Photo by SSG Dale Sweetnam

Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Myer

Arlington, Va

These were soldiers in African-American cavalry units formed in 1866.  From 1891 to 1894, the Buffalo Soldiers of Troop (Company) K of the 9th Cavalry Regiment were stationed at Fort Myer.  From 1931 to 1949, Buffalo Soldiers of the Machine Gun Troop of the 10'th Cavalry Regiment were at Fort Myer.

All of my fellow army girlfriends/boyfriends out there!

My boyfriend is stationed at Fort Myer Virginia. 

I would LOVE to connect with more people from that area and especially the base as I have a 90% possibility of moving there in a month or so.

I would LOVE to talk to some! even Fort Belvior or Quantico just people in the same area and similar situation :)


I want everyone, particularly in the US, to keep their eyes open for this woman and car. My co-worker’s daughter Chelsey Green has gone missing. She lives down in Fort Myers, Florida, but at this point could be anywhere. She went missing on Thursday night. She drives a two-door pearl Dodge Stratus with a pink decal on the rear window.

Her brother got a cryptic text the night she went missing at around 3am, which was just a ‘location’ marker only. No words.

News article on her story here.

If anyone has any information please call Lee County Sheriffs Office at  (239) 477-1000.

Please share if you can. Thank you.

 Ft. Myer and the Wright Brothers

These buildings, part of Fort Myer, face Route 50 in Arlington, Virginia, just east of Washington, D.C.

Behind the buildings, there is a parade ground where Orville Wright took off on September 17, 1908, to demonstrate a Wright Brothers airplane to the U.S. Army. An Army observer, Lt. Thomas E. Selfridge, rode with him.

Unfortunately, the plane developed mechanical problems while in flight, and it crashed. Lt. Selfridge became the first fatality ever in a powered airplane.

In 1909, the Wrights gave it another try at Ft. Myer. They needed to pass certain required tests before the Army would buy their plane, and the final test was a ten-mile cross-country flight carrying a passenger. This flight went better than Lt. Selfridge’s. It was successfully completed at an average speed of 42.5 miles per hour.

The Army paid the Wrights $30,000 for their plane.

Newly Found Abraham Lincoln Note Makes First Book about Fort Myer Outstanding!

Writing a book is a challenging project … finding information about the topic is also challenging … finding something to make it special is a key factor, but when you find something that’s rare and undiscovered, it makes the book outstanding!

Little did I know when I began the research for my book about Fort Myer, Virginia that I would discover a rare find - a note from Abraham Lincoln, which may have been tucked away since General Joseph G. Totten read it some nearly 150 years ago … or where and how I found it!

The first book about this historic US Army Post with origins during the US Civil War when it was known as Fort Whipple, “Images of America - Fort Myer” was published in June 2011 and on page 15 is Lincoln’s note that I found in the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

Words couldn’t express my amazement when I discovered it or where and how I discovered it!

My research at the Archives was confined to the floor dedicated to still photographs.  Yet as I meticulously explored the contents of every box I requested, sandwiched between two photographs was a sheet protector containing what I first thought was a blank piece of paper … until I turned it over.  At the top it read:

Executive Mansion - Washington

The date

May 13, 1863

As I continued to read, the note (which was re-written on the 14th) appointed William Whipple, older son of General Amiel Weeks Whipple to West Point.  Recognizing the relationship, it quickly went onto the scanner to be included in the book.  I didn’t realize until much later how rare a find it was since no one really knew about the note or even its existence!

General Whipple was the commander of the Defenses of Washington - they were comprised of 70 forts which ultimately surrounded Washington DC during the US Civil War.  He used Arlington House as his headquarters.  According to other accounts located during the research of the book, President Lincoln would drive over to have lunch with General Whipple and afterward wrap his arms around Whipple’s two sons as he got the briefing.  This note combined with the research established that Lincoln did visit Arlington House during the Civil War and a friendship developed between him and General Whipple.

What I found at the National Archives made the book “Images of America - Fort Myer” outstanding.

By John Michael