-David Attenborough voice- 
and here we have the cosplayer. The cosplayer is a proud creature, but shy outside it’s natural environment. Look at it proudly parading it’s carefully build shell. They have an amazing symbiotic relationship with the photographer species. Look here comes one now. We can see the photographer greet the cosplayer and politely enquire if it is interested. And, oh! The cosplayer says yes. It will now pose in a way that is complimentary to it’s shell, having carefully practiced this in their home.

E il cuore mi va in pezzi, certo, in ogni momento di ogni giorno, in più pezzi di quanti compongano il mio cuore, non mi ero mai considerato di poche parole, tanto meno taciturno, anzi non avevo proprio mai pensato a tante cose, ed è cambiato tutto, la distanza che si è incuneata fra me e la mia felicità non era il mondo, non erano le bombe e le case in fiamme, ero io, il mio pensiero, il cancro di non lasciare mai la presa, l'ignoranza è forse una benedizione, non lo so, ma a pensare si soffre tanto, e ditemi, a cosa mi è servito pensare, in che grandioso luogo mi ha condotto il pensiero? Io penso, penso, penso, pensando sono uscito dalla felicità un milione di volte, e mai una volta che vi sia entrato.
—  Jonathan Safran Foer, “Molto forte, incredibilmente vicino”.
Losin Control- Michael Clifford

Song: Losin Control by Russ (LOVE IT)

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That was the end of it. You had enough. Fuck him. You both had been through so much shit together. You know when he was upset, he’d beat him self up, then he’d start beating on you. The first time that happened you should have left, you should have gotten yourself the fuck out of there. But no. You thought it was a one time thing. He told you it would never happen again, and how sweet he was to you the next day. How much he gave you soft kisses and told you how he loved you and how sorry he was.  How much he reminded you of the person he was when you’d first met. Then it happened again. And again. Each time ending the same, ‘I’m so sorry baby’. Then came the drugs and alcohol…and when that wasn’t enough, the girls. He didn’t tell you about them, but you knew. How often he came home late, how he’d leave the room when taking phone calls, how detached he was from you….and then of course there was the fact how you came home tonight to find him fucking some bitch in your bed. That asshole. At that moment you knew you had to leave, you couldn’t do any of it anymore. You were so good to him, and this is the way he treated you. You packed some of your things, and walked out the front door. He started to stop you, then just dropped it. Letting you leave without another word.

“I left Jack.” was all you told your sister as you showed up on her front doorstep at 2 in the morning.

“Oh Y/n, come here” Your sister Sara said, pulling you inside and giving you a hug.

The feeling of your sisters embrace made you start to cry. It felt so good to be in the arms of someone who truly loved you and cared. You and your sister were super close. She told you multiple times to leave him, that you deserved so much better. You should have listened.

“I….he….he was with another girl….I can’t do it….I love him so much but he's…..he’s not that same person I fell in love with….I can't….” You sobbed, tears falling on your sister’s shoulder.

“I know. I know. It’s ok. It’ll be ok. It just takes time.” She said, petting your head and holding you tight. “Come on Y/n, let’s go sit down. I have your favorite ice cream! And Netflix of course.”

“You’re so cliché” you laughed, although it came out more like a ragged cough.

“But you know you want it” She said, giving you a soft smile and a wink.

You gave her a tight lipped smile and nodded. Then you walked over to the couch, laying down and covering yourself with the throw blanket, trying to stop the tears that seemed never ending.

You barely got through half of the movie before falling asleep.

You woke up the next morning to the smell of pancakes. You got up off the couch and walked over to the kitchen.

“Hungry?” Sara asked, getting down plates.

“Just a bit”

“Good. Go sit down.”

You did as she asked. A few minutes later she put a huge stack of pancakes in front of you.


You finished your plate, then got up to shower, hoping the hot water would make you feel better. It didn’t. You laid back down on the couch, only getting up to eat.

That’s how you spent the next few days.

Your sister finally had enough after a week.

“Y/n. This is not healthy! You need to move on! And you aren’t going to if you live your life through tv shows and that couch!”

You didn’t argue with what she was saying.

“Y/n go leave! I want you to go somewhere, anywhere, for an hour. You can’t come back until you do. You need to get out of this house, get some fresh air, before you make yourself sick. There’s a park just down the street. Go there if you have to.”

The next thing you knew you found yourself pushed out of the house, with nowhere to go. You took your sister’s advice and headed to the park, praying not many people were there. Luckily for you, at least that wish came true. You sat down by a fountain. The only people anywhere near you was a mother and her two children in the distance, and the occasional jogger. You pressed your back into the smooth stone of the fountain, staring at the stream of water, the way the light glinted off the change at the bottom. So many wishes. Wonder if any of them ever came true.

You felt tears forming in your eyes, thinking of all the wishes and dreams you had for your future. How critical Jack had been. You were going to get married, start a family….be happy. And now…It’s all over.

You felt someone’s presence. You looked up to see a guy with long blond hair, sunglasses and a hoodie. He sat down not too far from you, entranced with the water as you were. You wiped your eyes, hoping he didn’t see you crying. But he did, of course he did.

He sat up, pulled off his sunglasses and began digging in his pocket. The he walked up to you, slowly grabbing your hand and lifting it up. You were so confused as you stared into his green eyes. You felt him open your hand, and place something in your palm. Then he sat back down. You looked down to see a quarter in your hand.

“It’s to make a wish. Make a wish that whatever is making you sad will work itself out. Wish that everything will be ok. And one day, that wish will be granted.” He said, giving you a soft smile.

“Thanks.” You said, smiling back.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Just some shitty breakup..” You didn’t even know why you told him this. It would have been best if you told this gorgeous stranger no. But of course, you were drawn to this guy. You couldn’t deny it.

“Those are the worst. I’m sure you’re better off without him though.”

“That’s for sure. But it still hurts…”

“What happened?”

“He cheated on me” And here you were telling this guy everything. Well not everything. No matter how comfortable you felt with this stranger you weren’t just going to start telling him about your abusive former relationship, and how mentally fucked up you were to still love him. Then again here you were talking to this guy, although he could be just like Jack so you couldn’t really tell if that was a good or bad thing.

“Wow” He scoffed.

“Yeah he’s an asshole who I never want to see again.”

“That’s unbelievable…”


“That some jerk could do that to a beautiful girl like you”

You instantly felt your cheeks flush, and tears beginning to form, again. You looked down, avoiding his stare.

“What’s your name?” He asked you.

“Y/n. You are?”



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I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 4

My brain is going a million thoughts a second as I swipe the screen, “Y/N! I’ve called you three times! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” she bombards. “Relax, I’m fine. Actually I’m not fine, I just ran into Ashton and Calum,” I breathe out and rub my temples. “Oh my goodness. I’m heading over to your apartment now,” she says and I can hear her jiggling keys. “I’ll buy the beer,” I say. “And I’ll get the Ben & Jerry’s” she replies and we both hang up; this is gonna be a long night.

You can find pt. 3 right here –> I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 3

“So…what happened again?,” y/b/f/n asks as she swallows two big spoonfuls of ice cream and finishes her third beer. “I’ve already told you twice,“ I say as I roll my eyes; I love her to death but she can be a real pain sometimes. “Yeah but I learn something different after each time you tell me,” she says, but she really means, “I’m not paying attention.” “Please, y/n last time,” she begs and her words are starting to slur as she reaches for another beer. “No. You’re done,” I snap and take the cold bottle from her hand. This is what I mean, she’s a pain. I’m the one who just went through what felt like life’s worse case scenario, I should be getting drunk, not her. “Awww y/n but I’m not even tipsy,” she says. “I thought you were coming over here to help me figure out what to do with Calum and Ashton, not get drunk,” I say looking down as she ignores me and goes on babbling about some nonsense. This has been a crappy day and all I wanted was my best friend to make me feel better by talking about what happened, her saying a funny joke, or consoling by saying, “I’m out of their league” or “They don’t deserve you” hell, suggest we go out, anything besides what she’s doing now. I open my phone to block out her noise and I notice my Twitter has a million notifications, I open the app to see #Calum&Y/NOfficiallyOverParty trending. My heart beats faster as I read the first tweets: (g/n = girl’s name)

“I’m so happy for Calum. He deserved much more than y/n. #Calum&g/n”

“Calum & g/n are so cute together. I ship them.”

“Calum’s new girlfriend is so much prettier than y/n.”

I throw my phone across the room as tears roll down my face. I literally just seen him 3 hours ago and he didn’t bother to tell me he moved on. No, of course Calum wanted to frick with my emotions and make me believe there was still something there when he already had a new girlfriend. “Y/n what’s wrong?” y/b/f/n asks suddenly sobered up. “He has a girlfriend,” I say looking at her. “Oh sweetie,” she says, immediately knowing who I was referring to, as she pulls me into a tight hug. I cry into her shoulder for a few more minutes before she says, “Sweetie, he is not worth your tears, you already wasted so much on him, don’t waste anymore. Save them for when you’re watching Les Miserables or Lion King,” she jokes making me chuckle. I stop crying and wipe my face on the sleeve of my pajama shirt, “I just wish he had told me. I’d rather hear it from him than Twitter,” I add. “Forget him! There are so many other guys out there, which reminds me why I was calling you,” she says wiping some smeared mascara off my face. “Yes, please tell me why you kept calling,” I say while taking a heaping spoon of cold cream into my hot mouth.

“So guess who asked Niall, who asked Luke, who asked me if you were seeing anyone…” she perks up and jumps to sit on her knees, her eyes all big and excited, now that’s the y/b/f/n I know. “You and Luke?” I question as I raise my eyebrow at her, suddenly their relationship taking my interest. “Don’t change the subject,” she warns and I wiggle my eyebrows at her. “We’ll talk about that later. Now come on, y/n, guess!” she squeals as she gently shoves my shoulder. Oh no, another boy I can’t even deal with the two frickers right now, how can I add another to the pot? I stutter, “I-I’m n-not really interested in–

“Come on, y/n. Honestly, you need to move on. It’s obvious that Calum acted that way in the store because he was jealous seeing you and Ashton that close. Remember how adamant he was about you and Ash and how you could never be alone together; it just brought back memories. And yes Ashton is a good candidate but you already dated Calum. Y/n you can’t mess up their bromance. Both I and the fandom will murder you,” she says seriously. She’s right, it’s been six weeks and I should move on, Calum already has and I can’t break up Cashton. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go on one date,” I breathe out, finally giving in after weeks of her begging. “Yay!” she squeals, “So, who asked about me?” I ask curiously, “Shawn,” she sings as she grabs my shoulders in a death grip while giving me the biggest smile. “Mendes? He’s like 2 years younger than me,” I groan as I rub my temples. “So?” she asks. “So? Y/b/f/n he’s a child,” I exclaim, how am I supposed to get over two daddies (lol) with a boy. “Y/n, you’re 21 and he’s 19, what’s wrong with that? Plus he’s fine as hell and I know you like him! I saw you eye-fucking him when he was at the 1D release party,” she says as she reaches for the ice cream again. “I wasn’t eye-fricking him!” I gasp as I snatch the ice cream from her. “Okay, so what was this?” she asks as she looks at me with sexy eyes and starts biting and licking her lips. I burst out laughing at my best friend “eye-fricking” me, “Okay, I did not look like that!” I say. “Oh honey, you were worse. But he was doing it too,” she says taking the ice cream back. “He was?” I ask, not believing the girl. “Totally babe,” she says winking at me. “He is cute,” I admit. “He’s having a party tomorrow night and you’re going,” she says as gets off the couch pulling me with her. “Where are we going?” I ask, “To pick out your outfit. We gotta make you desirable,” she says as she turns around to face me. “Oh I don’t know. A simple outfit will be fine,” I tell her as I turn around to sit back on the couch. “Luke told me that he and the guys were gonna go, meaning Calum and Ashton are bound to make an appearance,” she smirks at me. “We better figure out how I’ll do my hair too,” I say popping off the couch and leading the way to the bedroom as she follows me laughing. “And you better be ready to spill the deets on you and Lukey,” I tell her as she stops laughing making me laugh at her.

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Random newly arriving plunder post.

Even though I have no interest in Funko figures like most of the masses, and there’s something incredibly wrong with a happy, adorable Wily, I caved on the Dorbs set. Essentially getting them for free helped, but they actually fit in with Bobble Buds, minus the bobbling.

I totally forgot the Worlds Unite collections were a thing that actually got printed, considering the status of Archie and all. So I picked those two up while they are still in print, since I never actually read that whole thing, not being a Sonic subscriber when it was going on. ‘Course, if Volume 3 never comes out, I guess I never really will read the whole thing, will I?

And then, finally, a few cheap deals. Took forever to find anyone selling the X novel, and even though I can’t really read it (until the fan translation is done at least), man there are some tasty Iwamoto pics in there. Also got Izuki’s Rockman and Forte omnibus, complete with Rockman Burning Shot and R10 Extra F (R10 Arranged CD) comics, plus nice bonus images from Ariga and Iwamoto at the end. Wrap it up with one last model kit, Bly Noise. I think for Mega May, I’m just gonna focus on putting together all these kits. They’ve piled up since Hobby Rock…^^;