New Look Ahead-  September 2013/ Photography by: Andrew Soule

Model Julia Dunstall in Marc Jacobs coat; Ewanika cardigan, top and skirt; Diesel scarf; Dolce & Gabbana bag and shoes.

It’s 1948. A young European prairie wife, played by Albertan model Julia Dunstall, visits Fort Edmonton Park’s frontier town wrapped in waisty tweeds, skirt suits and an air of mystery

Calgary pilot breaks rules to fly Fort McMurray animals to shelter

For the past few days, Mann has flown about 6,000 people from camps up north to Calgary and Edmonton.

But one flight was a bit peculiar — it was like 101 Dalmations on a plane, except it involved “cats, dogs, rabbits and chinchillas … you name it,” Mann said.

Normally, Suncor planes only allow a few animals on a plane per trip, and they must be secured in a kennel, Mann said.

But that policy just didn’t make sense given the circumstances, so he made the executive decision to load them all up.

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So I know Alberta is famous for our oil industry, but to all those dickwads who want to make a joke about “the environment getting back at us” can kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus. An entire city, aka 88,000 people have lost their homes, their jobs, and whatever life they had before. This is a tragedy, and the focus here is the people who we should be helping, not ridiculing. I saw a Facebook post earlier where some self-entitled asshole was complaining about all the oil they were burning up on the highway. Listen buddy, people were evacuated with hardly any time to say goodbye. 30 minutes, to be exact. So yes, people were going out down the highway with fuel in their trunks, so that it could be delivered to those who did not have the time to fill up before they left the burning city. Sorry for not abandoning people to burn to death? Cars were running out of fuel on the highway, what else do guy expect? The only light side to this event is the fact that there have been no reported deaths, which I’m sure we’re all incredibly thankful for. Now please, we all care about the environment. Bit if you do care sooooo much, how about you donate something to help these people, and to help stop the spread of wildfires in Alberta.