Fort Myers

🌀Hurricane Tips!🌀

Hoping that everyone in my hometown and state will stay safe and sound! My family and I survived through seven hurricanes and over a hundred tropical storms/sub tropical cyclones: here are some tips that we used to survive! Prepare for a week of no water and electricity!

  • If flooding is in your area, don’t take showers or drink any of the tap water! Try to avoid contact with floodwater. This is highly contaminated water; the floodwater goes everywhere (decomposing graves/animals, standstill bodies of water, highly fertilized areas, etc.) and contain insects and dangerous animals.
  • Turn your fridge and freezer at the coldest setting! Only open it if necessary. Keep the cold air trapped. 
  • If you have space and electricity, keep gallon ziploc bags of (purified) water upright in your freezer! This will keep your freezer cold in case you no longer have electricity. Plus if purified, it is an extra supply of drinking water.  
  • If the hurricane has not hit yet in your area, fill up your bathtub, sinks, and several buckets with water. This water can be used for flushing the toilet, washing dishes, bathing yourself, etc. If purified, that is an extra supply of water. 
  • Your dishwater is a literal metal bunker! Keep important documents in here to stay dry: your passport, birth certificate, social security, wallet, money, insurance policies, identification. If you have to evacuate, it is important to take all these with you. Don’t worry if water gets inside your dishwasher, it will drain out at the bottom.   
  • The same goes for your washing machine! Your washing machine is built is drain water, so stock it up with loads of ice and cold items. The ice water will all be drained away when it melts.
  • When phone lines are down, use walkie talkies. In the chance that you and your family get separated in an evacuation attempt or when the lights go out in the dark, walkie talkies have a long enough range to communicate with them.
  • When you have to evacuate, you should already have a bag filled with items that you really need. So state issued IDs, water, food, toiletries, flashlights, batteries, walkie talkies, radio, etc. Keep these items in a ziploc bag within your backpack or bag in case you have to wade through high waters. 
  • Unplug any small appliances. Try to reduce the amount of flowing electricity and open wires/cords in your home in the case you have flooding.
  • In the case you have no electricity, use flashlights! Try to avoid using candles. When there is wind and flowing water, or in a moment of confusion, a candle can easily get knocked over and cause a fire. There will be little to no fire services in your area. 
  • Even if your windows are boarded up with wood or metal barriers, keep away. The winds can climb up to more than 100 mph, but it is debris that the winds pick up that will most likely take down the barriers. Avoid rooms in your house (if you can) that have large windows. If you can’t, quickly do what you need to do and then leave. 
  • Stay safe!

    If anyone can add on any tips for pets that would be great! (I don’t have any so I don’t know what is best for them.) 

    Feel free to add onto this list! 

I feel like witchy people can sense each other

Oddly enough, they all come to my work too (except the barista at Barnes).

This one guy was wearing a Mjolnir necklace, and I complimented it. He thanked me and told me it meant a lot, because it’s a symbol for his religion. Then he followed that statement with “but I feel you already knew that.”

A young lady was in my shop today and was asking about tea, and talking about lavender and aromatherapy, and I noticed her moon tattoo on her left forearm. I told her it was lovely, and she thanked me and told me that she loves the moon. She leaned across the counter and whispered “She gives me strength.” I told her I felt the same way, and she got all happy and said “So you know!” and I really feel like we just had this connection about it without having to come out and say (in front of the other guests in my shop) that we’re witches, or we study the occult, or any of the like.

At Barnes, the young man at the cafe had a beautiful Amethyst necklace, which (you guessed it) I complimented and asked if it was Amethyst. He was quite surprised and happy that I knew, so he told me all about the shop in town where he got it, and a few other hole-in-the-wall places between Naples and Fort Myers that sell things like crystals and herbs and incense. Places that don’t have websites and aren’t on yellow pages or the like. 

I have had so many experiences where one of us compliments the other on our jewelry, or a tattoo, or a piece of clothing and it launches us into a conversation about the occult, or witchy things, or even just Paganism, but neither one directly says that it’s what it is. We help each other out, give each other little tips and tricks (and sometimes I will tell people which teas I use for spells and incense and baths) and we go our separate ways. I like to think that they think of our exchange at least a little, because these exchanges give me a type of energy that I quite enjoy, and they make my weeks more fun and full of color. 

It’s good to know that we are everywhere.

Checking In

Hey Guys,
So I’m here in Fort Myers, Florida. My home. They are saying this is where Irma is going to make her official landfall. We are inland as they have evacuated half the city in fear of 15’ storm surges.
I’m at a hotel built to withstand these winds but my heart is breaking knowing how much of our community is elderly retired people who live alone or with their spouse.
I stayed behind because I love my city and I want to make sure that no one here is left to die or be trapped in their home.
I have come to terms that my car, my job, and my house may be gone on Monday morning. All those things are second to myself and my loved ones. My parents, youngest sister, and dogs left earlier this week and are out of harms way. See you all on the other side. And if not… Thank for all the great nudes over the years. - PJ