Fort Hood

Noel Fisher was spotted in Texas (Fort Hood) and, in that area, there’s a mini series being filmed based on Martha Raddatz’s New York Times best selling book “The Long Road Home” and Nat Geo is adapting it. And Noel recently followed National Geographic on twitter so i think he might be part of this project (and maybe this is the news he was talking about). The book depicts the eight-hour battle to rescue a First Cavalry Division platoon ambushed on April 4 in 2004.
The series will be filmed around Killeen and Fort Hood, with production scheduled to begin in March and continue until July.


American former US Army Private First Class,  Naser Jason Abdo, was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for planning to attack a restaurant full of soldiers near Fort Hood.

Two days after his arrest, Abdo shouted “Nidal Hasan – Fort Hood 2009,” an apparent reference to the 2009 Fort Hood massacre in which Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Hasan, allegedly shot and killed 13 servicemen. Abdo had been previously accused of spitting blood, which he believed to be HIV positive, on his guards.


If nine people can be shot dead while praying in their church…

If 12 soldiers can be gunned down on their own base by fellow soldier…

If a congresswoman can be shot in the head six other people can be gunned down…

If a gunman can walk into a movie theater and kill 12 people…

If 26 people - 20 children - can be gunned down in their elementary school…

If 12 people can be shot dead at a Navy yard…

If six Sikhs can be shot dead at their temple…

If two police officers can be shot dead while leaving their police station in the middle of the night…

If black men, women, and children can be gunned down for simply being black…

And if no one wants to do anything to change this…

It is not safe to live in the United States of America.

I really do wish I had more people to hang out with in Killeen/Fort Hood. Like really…I don’t bite. I feel like I keep losing friends because I’m always working or because of the army life. 

So, if anyone lives in Killeen/Fort Hood and just wants to chill sometime, inbox me on here. I really want to meet someone I can go on random adventures to Salado or Austin or even Waco with. Someone whose SO would mesh well with my fiancé so we could have another couple to hang out with (because we don’t and it kind of sucks). 

Hit me up? 

A shooting Wednesday night left at least one person dead and at least 14 others wounded at Fort Hood, the sprawling Army facility that in 2009 was the site of the deadliest mass shootings ever at an American military base, law enforcement officials said.

There were conflicting reports of whether the gunman was dead. One senior federal law enforcement official said the gunman was a member of the military and had been killed. Another official said the gunman “has been neutralized,” although he would not say whether that meant he had been killed or was under arrest. Military officials would not confirm the status of the gunman.

The Fort Hood Press Center said that the injured were being treated at the Carl R. Darnall Medical Center on the post and at other local hospitals.

The shooting that sent Fort Hood in Killeen, Tex., into a lockdown sparked a massive police response and brought back memories of the deadly rampage there in November 2009. On Nov. 5, 2009, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire inside the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, shooting unarmed soldiers and commissioned officers as they tried to hide under desks and tables. Major Hasan, a Muslim military psychiatrist, shot and killed 12 unarmed soldiers and one civilian while wounding or shooting at 30 other soldiers and two police officers.


The New York Times, “Fort Hood Shooting Leaves One Dead, 14 Injured.”

Jesus Christ.

The shooter “had behavioral health and mental health issues.” He said the soldier, who self-reported a traumatic brain injury and was taking anti-depressants, had been under examination to determine whether he had post-traumatic stress disorder. “We are digging deep into his background,” said Gen. Mark A. Milley.
My husband and I had a good talk today ♡

As it turns out, Andrew got his orders and we are moving back to Fort Hood! We are very excited. That’s where we lived before moving to Germany so we’re looking forward to getting back with our Ft Hood friends along with being 2.5 hours away from our hometown of Fort Worth which is where all of our family and friends are. We will be moving back in July (:

Since we are only getting to live in Germany for 1 year instead of 3, we have decided to use 2014 all for ourselves. No more clubbing with friends, no more spending money on alcohol to go over to a friend’s house… None of that. Our money will be saved up wisely and spent on us vacationing to other countries mainly over 4-Days. The mail has been very slow these past couple weeks so we are still waiting on our passports and 2 packages but once they get here, I will immediately plan a weekend getaway to France!

When we move back to Killeen this summer, I’ll enroll myself into CTC (again), I’ll find a job and we’ll be back in the state where our hearts belong. ♡ I can’t wait to move back home.

2014 is going to be a fabulous year, probably just as amazing as 2013 was.



My mother’s house was broken into last night. Alongside valuables, her dog, Zeus, is also now missing. Zeus is a Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix. He is old and is blind in his right eye. The right eye is very red and noticeable. He wears a thick blue and white collar with a silver, circular dogtag on it. He is very friendly and will not bite. He has very thick brown and black fur and is about 40 pounds.

He was lost around the Rancier area in Killeen, near Lake Road.

If you see him please call me at (254) 319 0633