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Ugh the Pyeongchang medal ceremony gets me right in the heart every time cause their giant mittens and toques and puffy coats and enormous smiles just make them look like two little kids having the time of their lives and then I start thinking about 7-year-old Tessa and 9-year-old Scott and ugh brb gonna go cry now

Girl mood😢😢😢😢I’m so proud of those kiddos they done good

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pst. louis carves clem’s name into chairles after her death and just calls it clem, and if anyone asks, he just like “it’s a nice name” with a :D

OH GOD!!!!

a NO N!!! this is the most bittersweet hc I have ever read holy shit…I love how after all the grief, Louis still keeps a remnant of Clementine with him 

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Do you have headcanons on the formation of a pack? Sort of like an origin story. I love the idea of packs being a group of super close friends (I'm aroace) being a family.

Hey Hi Hello!

Depends on your take on Packs in general. 

Some Packs…

  • Are made of just friends.
  • Are a family by blood.
  • Are made up of multiple families.
  • Are made up of family and friends.
  • Are made up of all Alphas.
  • Are made up of all Betas.
  • Are made up of all Omegas.
  • Etc.

Packs can be / are formed over time. 

  • New members can be added in and old members can leave to join other packs.
  • Head Alphas/Betas/Omegas tend to be the first one there (the one who created/started the pack), the oldest member, voted in, or bonded into the position. 
  • To Join the pack, new members (who aren’t born into the pack) go through a Probation Time to make sure they would only benefit the Pack. 

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The only comment I want to make is, yes, Kaito has been wearing slippers the whole time. His true talent is how his design gets a little more ridiculous every time you look at it, yet he still remains attractive.

Tired: Kaito Momota, the Ultimate Astronaut

Wired: Kaito Momota, the Ultimate Fashion Disaster

His Ultimate talent truly is formidable

Day 21: MC’s animagus form

“But Rowan… She’s too cute! Let her stay like this a moment more! (I wanna pet her.)”

“Barnaby, stop spoiling her! KARY, FINISH YOUR DARN ASSIGNMENT!”

“… Meow.”

“I said stop doing that! I’M CALLING BILL IF YOU DON’T!”


*sniff* “So cute.”

Rowan is not happy when it comes to deal with her BFF in her animagus form. Is not easier when Barnaby defends her.

But come on, she really is cute.


“For real… Shut the F*CK up, and sleep” - Morgana

Morgana’s voice actress Cassandra Lee Morris reads you a bedtime story

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Form Podcast s3e01: 

LM: This was a nice moment. 

JDS: I like how everybody just defaults to Lance.

LM: Everyone’s like “you, you, you?” Alright. (laughs)

JDS: Alright, I’ll do it. This guy is technically my rival, guys, just saying.

LM: But yeah. I mean, with any character arc you take two characters that you want to ultimately respect each other and you start them out in a very kind of, opposed sort of way, and that’s really been a large part of the Keith and Lance dynamic - is they start out in this very, you know, “I don’t like you, you don’t like me. I don’t want you to be my leader,” sort of thing. And then you evolve them to a point where they have to make those decisions and they have to start working together.

JDS: And Lance’s character arc, I mean this is from like almost day one pitch, when we were pitching to the executives, you know, he’s the guy who starts off very much thinking of himself as leadership material - and then realizes that being part of the team and being an important part of the team is just as important. So, here, you know, he’s sort of putting the idea of Shiro - he’s saying, “we gotta move on past this as a team and you have to step up as our leader.”

LM: Yeah, and so it’s a very coming into adulthood sort of thing. 

Form Podcast s3e2

LM: Lance is an amazing character, cause, I think we all have a lot of really great characters, but Lance is the one who can go to any, any range. He can get like, super angry, he can be funny, he can be lighthearted, he can be serious when he needs to. 

JS: There is like occasion there’s like those really tender, serious moments, and you’re like “Whoa! this guy actually has levels!” (laughs)

LM: (laughs) He can basically hit any emotion. I think that probably makes him one of the most relatable people. As much as I adore Pidge, I will never be that smart in my life. Hunk too, an amazing character - really fun, really sweet, but you know, he’s never gonna get to that like angry place that Lance can get to. He would get mad, but it would come out in a completely different way because he’s Hunk. 

YEAAA BOY!! This is getting delightfully self-indulgent. I’m having a great time.

I wanted to follow through on that idea of them performing in a BATB play. I am convinced that Waltolomew “without you there is no world” Stricklander would wind up adoring this musical. He’s such an overly sincere romantic… and the story would be pretty close to home in some bits.