Form and Void


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This scene bothered me when I first saw it. Cas is bleeding out on the floor; why is Dean’s first reaction to look at Sam instead of, say, rushing to help him?

I just recently realized what was actually going on. As many, many people have pointed out, Cas is in almost the exact same position as the last time Dean saw him. While it’s been a few months since that happened for the audience, just remember it’s been, like, three or four days tops since that happened for Dean. Just yesterday, he was having guilt hallucinations about a bloody, beat-up Castiel in his mirror.

So here he is, in the same spot as three days ago, seeing a bloody, beat-up Cas in the same position he was when Dean beat him up, but this time asking him for help.

The look he’s giving Sam isn’t “what do we do now?”. It’s “are you seeing the same thing I’m seeing?” Is Cas actually here, or is this a residual hallucination still following him around?