Alice Radley is 33 years old and is Joshua Radley’s widow. She works as an artist in her spare time but is primarily a mother and a socialite. Prior to thre war she fell in love with Joshua and while he never fully shared Mayte views, she remained loyal to them - or, loyal to Joshua. The war was scary times and even if she could run back to her family and hide she wasn’t sure that she wanted to. She loved Joshua, she married him, and for most of the war she had three daughters with him. More importantly, he protected her. The light side wouldn’t hurt her because technically she was an innocent, Mayte wouldn’t hurt her because of Joshua and her half-Mayte children, and the dark side led by Johnathan Marks…she was inconsequential.

Still. Alice was afraid, very afraid. So for the most part she stayed hidden at home with her daughters and only left the safety of the home Joshua put wards around by herself to grocery shop, buy new sewing materials, and occasionally see friends. If accompanied by Joshua or another Mayte she’d go into the world more often.

After the war Alice was allowed to live a life of luxury but because isn’t a true Mayte she is bullied and loathed by the others in her privileged class. Many non-Maytes hate her and spit on her as well. Others pity her like they pity Delphina West - a good girl who fell in love with a bad, bad man. 

Little does Alice know, but the reason her twin daughters have been growing cold to here and her eldest has been acting strange is because her children are being indoctrinated to despise her.

She doesn’t know how, but somehow since the war’s close, she and Kate Stone have fallen for each other. It feels strange in so many ways - her first relationship with a woman at this age, how she still feels like she’s Joshua’s, and how Kate should hate here for bearing four children for Mayte and for living freely - but Kate is her greatest source of solace these days.

Without Kate and Delphina’s friendship…Alice doesn’t know what she’d do.

As an unforseen side effect of Joshua’s anti-aging potions, all four of the Radley children have been born with some sort of consequence.


JOLIE HANNAH RADLEY: eldest daughter [9 years, fc Jojo Siwa] 

  • unknown as of now, but in a few years it will be evident that Jolie is a squib

MARINA GABRIELLE RADLEY: middle daughter [8 years, fc Clara Lukaisik] 

  • Marina is about 50% deaf in her left ear

MEREDITH BRIANNE RADLEY: youngest daughter, twin of Marina [8 years, fc Ava Kolker] 

  • Meredith was born with poor vision that has recently been fully corrected by healers

JOSHUA MICHAEL RADLEY: son, born after Joshua’s death [3.5 years, fc Mekhai Anderson]

  • born with weak legs, healers are struggling to give him proper mobility
  • can walk a little but not for long, and very unsteady
  • Alice will stop putting him through a lot of tests, healers’ visits, and new potions at around age seven and just embrace the fact that Josh will need a wheelchair and crutches to get around

Wanted connection: A Mayte who is genuinely kind to her, her friend.

This guy is Tadeusz Kosciuszko and honestly he’s one of my favorite figures in the American Revolution, and in history in general. His story is very interesting and, in terms of his role in the American Revolution, he’s vastly underrated. Born in Poland, he happened to be in France when the American Revolution broke out and efforts were being made to recruit officers there. While the war appealed to many French nobles as an opportunity for military glory, Kosciuszko was drawn in because of his support for Enlightenment values, human rights, and national sovereignty, influenced by his experience of growing up in Poland during a time of civil war and encroaching foreign powers. As an engineer and colonel, his contributions to the revolution were invaluable. After the war he returned to Europe and led a failed but significant revolt in his own country. He became close friends with Thomas Jefferson, who wrote that Kosciuszko was “the purest son of liberty… that I have ever known”. In his will, he set aside the money he received for his contributions in the American Revolution so that Jefferson could free his slaves. Spoiler: Jefferson still didn’t free them and I’m quite angry about this. Sadly, Kosciuszko died exiled from his home country, unsuccessful in his efforts to prevent Russia’s conquest of the Polish-Lithuanian Conquest or emancipate his peasants (Tsar Alexander refused), but his work was not forgotten and inspired future generations. Like Lafayette, he was truly a hero of two worlds.

The painting is Kosciuszko at West Point by B.J. Czedekowski (1947)

A Forgotten Future

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“Just two more days,” she said, bright blue eyes finding gilded gold. “Can you believe it?” 

Katara reached across the center console, dodging the empty Starbucks cups and discarded food wrappers— the sustenance that’d gotten them through the day— and put her hand on his thigh. It was a familiar gesture, a common one, a move she always made when his fingers gripped the steering wheel and she chatted from the passenger seat. 

Today, however, it felt… intimate… far more binding and surreal than she ever really expected. It had to be the wedding, Katara told herself, their wedding. 

She shot Zuko a shy, happy smile. “I get to marry you,” then, a laugh bubbled up and her excitement burst at the seams. “In two days, Zuko. Two days and I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine. We’ll be—” 

       ‘—a family.’ 

Katara nodded, both amused and warmed. A family. He saw a future with her, with their dog Druk, in their little home they’d just closed on an hour ago. 

How many kids would they have? How many years would they be at the other’s side? How long would she have the privilege of loving him? Calling him her family? 

The questions flicked through her mind, each one making her heart swell and tears rise. Happy tears. She was so excited. 

Katara squeezed his leg tight, beaming at him when he glanced her way. A thousand images flashed before her eyes, her future with him, full of love and tenderness and hope.


Blinding headlights pulled her gaze to the road. It’d only been a second. Zuko was still on his side of the dotted yellow lines… but the other driver…

“Zuko, look out!!” 

She shrieked and he swerved. 

The rest— just a handful of seconds— played out in slow motion. She heard tires screech, heard Zuko grunt as he yanked the wheel to the right and the car jolted towards the shoulder. Maybe they would’ve been fine… if his fist on the horn had alerted the other driver… if the other car hadn’t clipped the tail end of their old Honda. 

The car flipped. She heard metal creak and crush, glass shattering. She watched the world turn upside, watched the ground come rushing back. 

Her head smashed into the window. 

Blinding pain. Warm blood. 

       ‘Kat? Kat!! Katara, are you okay!?’

Then… nothing. 

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“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” Sam confessed. “Because I don’t want you to hurt me, and I don’t know if you feel the same way but,” Sam sighed. “You’re just so good, and I love you.”

“Are you going to propose now?” You mused, eyebrows raised and a smile growing on your lips as Sam fumbled with the slice of pizza in his hands, almost dropping it.

His pout and glare he gave you almost made you laugh out loud. “You don’t sneak up on a guy when he’s eating, Y/N.” He informed and you rolled your eyes, still leaning against the archway that led into the kitchen.

“Yes you do, especially when your boyfriend tries to cheat on you with a piece of pizza.” You countered and this time Sam rolled his eyes playfully, a blush forming on his cheeks in embarrassment.

“I wasn’t cheating on you with food.” He said, his own lips curving into a small smile as if he knew something you didn’t. Your eyes narrowed.

“Well if anyone talked to me the way you talked to that pizza, I would be in love.” You teased and Sam narrowed his eyes as well.

“I serenade you…sometimes.” He murmured and your smile grew.

“Baby, ‘Baby, baby, I love you but I gotta go right now and save Steve’s ass.’ Isn’t that wooing as you think. No matter if you mention Steve’s perky ass.” You winked and Sam gave you a mocked offended look.

“I got a perky ass.” His eyes wide like he was surprised you didn’t mention it.

“Oh I know. Wait, is that really what you got out of all of that?” You laughed and Sam beamed.

“No,” he stretched the word out and then suddenly you were looking down at him as he got down onto one knee. “You want to be 'woo'ed, and I don’t know if I’ll have enough courage to do this later, so how about this?” He asked with a soft nervous laugh as he opened the small box that contained a beautiful ring.

“Oh my god,” you gasped, your hand coming to your mouth covering your shock as you looked from the ring to Sam. “You really were going to propose to the pizza.” You softly teased even though tears were welling up in your eyes.

Sam chuckled and rolled his eyes. Your joke making him less nervous. “More like I was practicing on the pizza before you caught me red-handed.” He teased back before looking up at you again with a beaming smile. “But seriously, Y/N, you’ve made me the most happiest man in the world. I am so lucky to have met you and that you actually liked me too. I love you. You’re my best friend, the love of my life, my everything. And you will make me so happy, happier than I already am, to call you my wife. So, Y/N will you do me the honor of marrying me?” His eyes hopeful.

You dropped to you knees too. Your lips crashing against Sam’s in an excited kiss, tears already rolling down your cheeks before you pulled away.

“Is that a yes?” He asked and you laughed nodding your head and grabbing the ring, slipping it on before giving him another quick kiss.

“Yes, it’s a yes.” You smiled wide admiring the ring Sam picked out before a playful look crossed your face. “But really Sam?”

“What?” He asked, he was admiring the ring just like you, before looking at you confused.

“You practiced on pizza? Like some people practice on friends or in the mirror, but pizza?” You smirked and Sam’s smile was big as he groaned.

“You know what, you shouldn’t tease your fiance about how he does things.” He jabbed back.

“Uhm, as your soon wife? It’s my job.” And Sam’s eyes brightened at the title.

“My wife,” he hummed testing it out and loving it.

“My husband,” you replied and you two smiled like dorks. Both of you still on your knees in the kitchen, left over pizza forgotten and your future bright.

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When? When will this all end?, A question I always ask to myself. Why does pain has to be like an endless feeling? I envy those who already found their happiness, and the courage to move on from their past. I envy those who are already in their future, forgotten what the past made them. In my condition, even if one day the future comes to me, I can’t forget what the past did to me because it really hurts that it leaves marks on every part of my body. And it will just make me remember every single day how hurt I am. I’m already tired crying every night, drinking away the pain in my chest, and distracting myself by saying to others I’m okay. I’m tired. I really wonder if this pain will all disappear and be forgotten.


THE WORD AYAHUASCA: comes from the Quecha language and means “soul plant”, “death plant” or “vision plant” known by many different names from the 72 cultures that ingest Ayahuasca in Peru, Columbia and Ecuador. This legendary hallucinogen is used by Shamans to cure illnesses and to communicate with the Spirits. Various Shamans of the Rain Forest simply refer to Ayahuasca as the “cure-all”. To the indigenous people, it is known as a sacred medicine that can cure all illnesses. Without a doubt, it is the most celebrated hallucinogen of the Amazon.

ACCORDING TO THE INDIGENOUS FOLKLORE: Ayahuasca is the fountain of knowledge, the best way to reveal the mythological origins of life. The anthropologist Gerardo Reichel-Donatoff once wrote that to consume this spiritual drink is to become the center of the cosmos. The origin of our existence where the individual sees tribal divinities, the creation of the universe and of mankind, Adam and Eve, the creation of animals and the establishment of social order.

THE BIG CLEANING: Ayahuasca has never been used casually or for recreational purposes in the traditional societies. The Shaman, which is the person who knows how to bring out a chemical induced state of trance, guides those who wish to embark on the “search for vision”. The Shaman is without a doubt, the master of ceremonies, the key figure in drinking Ayahuasca. After sunset, the bitter drink is passed in a circle from person to person, and the Shaman begins to sing or chant about the visions that they will see. When they hear the song, the participants feel a certain tingling on the lips and a burning in their stomach. A nauseating energy ill overwhelm them, and many will begin to get sick with vomiting and diarrhea (but not necessarily everyone). This is a strong and unstoppable movement of the colon that penetrates all organs passing through the intestines like a liquid laxative of the soul, cleaning the entire body of all parasites, emotional blocks, and ancient feelings of resentment. This is why the natives of the Amazon refer to the “purge” when they speak of this drink. “One cannot help but be impressed by the notable improvement in their health attributed to the purging caused by the plant”, wrote the psychologist Ralph Metzner, editor of “Ayahuasca”. Metzner wrote an anecdotal report of the complete disappearance of certain types of cancer after one or two sessions using Ayahuasca. The rejuvenating impact of the “purge” helps to explain the exceptional health of those who use Ayahuasca, including even the oldest people.

TRAVEL IN TIME AND SPACE: After the inevitable purge, the senses sharpen and the initiate experiences are “magnetic liberation of the whole world”. After that spectacular visions are coming like a turbulent pandemonium of images that change faster than you can think. While one is under the influence of Ayahuasca, people frequently have the sensation of being separated from their bodies and catapulted into a strange area of excursion. During this trip outside of reality, marvelous sights appear and enchanting landscapes that unexpectedly give way to unsettling encounters with wild jaguars, enormous iridescent snakes, and other predator beats that will try to attack the person. William Burroughs described a sensation of flying long distances when he drank Ayahuasca during a South American expedition in 1953. “The spiritual drink is a trip in time and space”, he wrote in a letter to Allen Ginsberg. The blood and substance of various races: black, Polynesian, Mongolian people of the mountains, desert nomads, Indians, new races that have never been experienced before will pass through your body, incredible trips through the mountains, deserts, and jungles… A place where the past is forgotten and the emerging future combines in a vibration without sound.“ It is unknown, why the visions provoked by the Ayahuasca include animals from the jungles of the Amazon. Especially when people from other continents ingest the sour tonic. Long anecdotal stories about rivers and electric radiations that illuminate the night sky are classic elements of the experience with this liquid. An indigenous said: "Always when I drink Ayahuasca I have such wonderful visions that I have to cover my eyes with my hands, because I am afraid someone would steal them.

Title: Run to You
Author: cbsnforeverandalways/iwalkalone258 
Character(s): Barry Allen, Iris West
Category: Romance
Rating: G
Word Count: 633
Chapter(s): 1 of 5
Summary:  Intimate moments between Barry and Iris leading up to May 23rd. [Drabbles]

A/N: I wanted to write some intimate moments between Barry and Iris leading up to May 23rd and how each of them struggle with the realization that Iris may die so here is the first chapter. These are in no particular order. They are drabbles. Added note: This is dedicated to @wanderer765 because she inspires me. Please stay sweet, always. Thank you.

The drumming of her heart almost lulls him into a sweet comatose state. He loves being like this with her. She’s sprawled underneath him with her iPad glued to her fingers. He figures she’s either working or reading or doing both because of the stillness in the atmosphere. It’s late, midnight late but neither can sleep.

Barry snuggles closer into her petite frame and smiles at the rumble of her chuckle. Has he mentioned he loves being like this? Her fingers combs languidly through his hair and every so often she presses a kiss to the top of his head. Nothing in the world is worth more than these individualised, unique moments between them.

His eyelids flutter downwards and he inhales the strawberry aroma of her body wash. Always strawberry with a hint of citrus. He turns his head and kisses the exposed area of her chest. The heaviness of the future is forgotten temporarily with each ticking second. She doesn’t die in fourteen days when they’re  tangled up like this. She’s tangible, real and his for the eternity they promised each other.

Savitar doesn’t exist, the threat he poses doesn’t factor into any section of their lives and Barry, God, Barry for the life of him wishes they could stay in this perfect little bubble forever. A bubble where he sees her walk down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. A bubble where she tells him in front of the entire universe that he’s it, he’s the one. A bubble where they have children and she wins the pulitzer award for being the best journalist. A bubble where she breathes, and breathes, and breathes. He sighs in an attempt to ease the sudden pain caterpillaring around his ribcage.

“You okay?” She questions, dragging him from his traitorous thoughts. He was never any good at hiding his emotions from her. Barry levels his chin on her chest and looks up into her face.  There’s a pregnant pause where they stare openly at one another and she uses the heel of her foot to caress his outer thigh.

“Mhm,” He mutters, watching every inch of her expression. Her curls frame her face and the love in her eyes race through him faster than any lightning bolt.  She’s beautiful. Actually more than beautiful and sometimes he wishes he had the appropriate words to tell her as much. But describing how gorgeous she is is similar to describing how he feels. There’s no logical phrase or description in the world that adequately informs her of any of it.

“Are you?” He retorts before she can weasel an honest answer out of him.

“Yes.” There’s a tilt to her lips, it’s mischievous and sexy. He leans over and takes the iPad from her grasp placing it somewhere on the bed, forgotten.  

“Good,” His movements are quick and Iris doesn’t see it coming. He shows her no mercy as his fingers race all of her body tickling her. Her laughter rings out, soft and melodious. He doesn’t allow his mind to ponder on the what if’s. What if Savitar succeeds? What if he can’t save her? He doesn’t allow any of it.

He straddles her hips and she starts wiggling out of control from his playful assault and all he can do is pause. He pauses to take her in; her curls, her smile, and her bright eyes. He pauses to soak every detail of it in.

“What?” She asks once her breathing evens out. Her hands have found their way onto his, their fingers entwined like the strings of their souls.

“I just…” he pulls their conjoined hands between their bodies as he leans down. “I just, really love you.” Her eyes soften, and she angles her head upwards to receive the press of his lips.

laymansterms12  asked:


1) A cartoon you remember that nobody else does.

4) A cartoon you wish would be forgotten.


6) The worst moment you’ve ever seen happen in a cartoon.

The end of The Iron Giant was pretty heavy.

13) A currently airing cartoon that you know is going to be forgotten about in the future. 


Living in a Long Forgotten Future

We take a look inside the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Shimbashi, Tokyo, during a night’s stay. Designed by Kisho Kurokawa and built in 1972, the cube-shaped units are meant to be individually detached and replaced as they age, but never were. The building has since fallen into disrepair and is slated for eventual demolition.

Looking Into Our Future (Kaitlyn x MC)

Note: To make it short, I’m no writer and this is actually the first “essay“ I wrote for fun. I didn’t expect for it to get this lengthy so I became lazier as I got to the end. For a while, I’ve thought of writing something related to the prompt before it even came out so I was quite shocked when it did. Anyway, I try.

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lastoneout  asked:

1, 13 and 20

A cartoon you remember that nobody else does:
Fat Dog Mendoza

A currently airing cartoon that you know is going to be forgotten about in the future:
Probably Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, which is a shame.

An experience with a cartoon you thought you were going to like but turned you away from it:
I thought I would get into Clone Wars but I tried watching the first episode (chronologically) and my prequels allergy started acting up.


Who even are you?

You are more than your name

You are your actions

Your words

Your forgotten past

Your uncertain future

You are the impressions

You are everything you left behind

And everything you still carry with you

You are me

I am you

We are all the mess we can’t understand

The chaos we create

The problems we can’t solve

The monsters we fear

Why are we like this?

Who even are we?

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Forgotten Future is becoming really beautiful! Have you considered using this to tell the story of Azula shooting Zuko? I know it's a common thing in your stories and I've always wanted to know the story of the event itself.

OOOOOO like another thread? @honxrable I SENSE ANOTHER STARTER COMING ON

the end

i have seen more endings than beginnings. i have seen the rise and fall of such greatness. i wept as the library of alexandria burnt to the ground.

now as an ending approaches i can’t help but feel sad, for those whose stories will end before they know it. for those who will be forgotten. for the future they will never know.

thing-you-do-with-that-thing  asked:

Not rushing. Just curious. Did you stop writing the future and the roommate series?

I know you’re not rushing, don’t worry. 

And I have tried to write more, I’ve just kinda hit a creative block. I have not forgotten about them, trust me. It’s just I try to write more and nothing comes, and I don’t know why. I had so much planned, for Future but New Roommate especially. 

But no, I haven’t forgotten or stopped writing Future, New Roommate, or Magic even. 

I’m so sorry those series have fallen off my radar guys. I know so many people love those series, and I’m so so sorry that they’ve stopped.