One last #hammer post. Actually it’s a repost from @centerformetalarts, where I #forged this yesterday, along with a descriptive explanation of the process. If you have any interest in #metalworking, you should check out @centerformetalarts. Awesome facility, great people… I pretty much want to take every class. Thanks again! #Repost・・・
Dave Bradley’s finished claw hammer. Dave forged both the nail pull bevel and the nail head slit using the hot cut chisel. These forged angles are a direct result of the angled hot cut. See the last two posts for Dave in action showing this technique, as well as his IG @bradleyworkshop for additional hammer shots and other goodness.
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Ren Shibasaki has a very, VERY strong dislike for broccoli. He even gives them his “evil eye”.

But with the Heroine’s fabulous cooking full of love, she’s been able to get him to eat broccoli. Her broccolis are the only kind of broccoli he eats.

Lately, his horizons have expanded and he has been able to eat broccoli other than the ones that the Heroine makes.

Go Ren!

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Part 1: Yamato and Saeki by 8/4 1:00am (UTC)!
Part 2: Ren and Takao by 8/8 1:00am (UTC)!
Part 3: Kunihiko and Yuta by 8/11 7:00am (UTC)!

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Event Walkthrough - My Forged Wedding Party - Unforgettable Summer Romance

Event Ends: 8/12 3:00am (UTC)

  • Before you start a route, take note of your Individual affection and add 10-12k to it. This is what you need to shoot for to clear the individual affection amount. Team amount is the only thing consistant among all.
  • Event Battles cost 20 Stamina instead of 50
  • When you start a route, it begins a 30 minute fever. Wait until your stamina is full before you choose!
  • Once you have completed all happy ends, run through and play normal ends to get character epilogues!
  • Don’t forget to check your stamp sheet on the event top page and get items once you have cleared them!
  • Ren & Takao will be to be added on 8/4 1am UTC.
  • Kunihiko & Yuta will be to be added on 8/8 1am UTC.
  • Early Clear Part 1: Complete Yamato and Saeki’s HEs by 8/4 1:00am UTC
  • Early Clear Part 2: Complete Ren and Takao’s HEs by 8/8 1:00am UTC
  • Early Clear Part 3: Complete Kunihiko and Yuta’s HEs by 8/11 1:00am UTC

Team Affection Amounts (if you run all HEs followed by NEs)

  • First HE Route: ???
  • Second HE Route: ???
  • Third HE Route: ???
  • Fourth HE Route: ???
  • Fifth HE Route: ???
  • Sixth HE Route: ???
  • First NE Route: ???
  • Second NE Route: ???
  • Third NE Route: ???
  • Fourth NE Route: ???
  • Fifth NE Route: ???
  • Sixth HE Route/All Clear: ???

Answers under cut. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED TO BE 100% ACCURATE (until A/B answers are confirmed)!! Use at your own risk.

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How to Forge a Railroad Spike Axe (by thepxsmith)

  1. Smash the point into the shaft.
  2. Keep smashing.
  3. Try to keep it from bending while smashing.
  4. When you get to 4"-4.5" you can stop smashing (Your forearms will be super tight and your fingers curled permanently around your hammer by now).
  5. Make a slit in the top side. I use a slot punch, usually takes 3-4 heat cycles for me to get it through.
  6. Drift the hole out just a wee bit. No need to get crazy here, we will come back and refine this later.
  7. Flip it back to the side and hammer the “ears” down a little. This will also open the drift hole more so be subtle.
  8. Work the inside over the horn or some other smaller round bar to create the starting indentation for the beard.
  9. Continue to heat and work that beard.
  10. Use the cross-peen hammer to start fanning out the edge shape.
  11. Before the edge is thinned all the way beat that beard down in from the top to curl it inward. Keep the inside shape cleaned up over the horn.
  12. Once you have your blade/edge shape 95% finished go back into the eye and spread it the remainder of the way.
  13. Clean up the ears and then align the edge over the center using your final drift and a vice.
  14. Grind it, sand it, polish and buff to your hearts content.


  1. Whatever you do to one side of the axe you must do to the other. I even keep track of my hammer blows so I know what to replicate on the other side.
  2. Keep things aligned as you go. It takes time and patience but keeping it where you want it will help you finish it balanced and symmetrical.
  3. Use the proper tongs/tools. I use three different tongs to make mine:

Forging a Knife Blade from Raw River Ore

All done in field conditions!

1-2. Searching and collecting the bog iron ore from the bottom of the river.

  1. Cleaning the iron ore by burning it.

  2. Burned iron ore, there’s about 4 kg of it.

5-6. Materials needed in the melting: iron ore, lime and wood charcoal.

  1. Melting ongoing. Furnace is made mostly from soapstone blocks and clay.

  2. View to the furnace at end of the melting.

  3. Decrypted furnace.

  4. Lump that contains slag and iron. Something gone bit wrong in melting as the iron and slag were mixed in one lump, instead of two lumps where one contains mainly iron and another the slag.

  5. Iron (on the left) separated from slag.

  6. Crosscut of the iron piece.

  7. Iron pieces that are forged flatter. These are put together by forge welding.

  8. Folded piece of iron. The iron piece must be folded and forge welded solid again many times. That makes the iron piece more homogeneous and condensed.

  9. Chiseling the iron piece, so that it can be folded again.

  10. Knife blade is starting to take shape.

17-18. After three days of work: finished knife blade made from the local iron ore.

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