Movie Nights

A/N - For Day 6 of Kaidan Alenko Appreciation Week: Love Interests, I decided to write a fluffy post war Shenga piece about Kaidan, Zi and James, and their movie nights.

Movie Nights

The movie nights with Zi and James are special, not because Kaidan especially likes the movies Zi chooses, or the healthy snacks that James prepares, but because it’s their time together. They curl up like puppies on the couch, wrapped in blankets and in each other, and forget the world outside. Kaidan and Zi sneak chocolates and buttery popcorn, and James pretends not to notice as he eats his kale and lentil bites.

It’s warm and comfortable between them, and Kaidan feels safe and loved in the darkened room as the vid casts flickering lights over them. There is something about the feel of their bodies that relaxes him; about the strength in James’ arms, and the softness of Zi’s curves as they lay together. Something in the scratch of James’ fingers through his hair, and the knowing looks he and Zi exchange at the predictable plot twists. A million little touches and looks, built up over months and years spent together as a romantic triad.

It’s the smell of James’ aftershave as Kaidan rests his head on his chest, and the biotic tingle of Zi’s powers as she wriggles and spoons against him, her back flush against his chest. It’s her soft giggle when she’s amused, and the tension in James’ body during action sequences. Kaidan feels it with them, loves their emotions, he feels a thrill that he’s lucky enough to have two such amazing people to share his life with; so open, so beautiful, so loving.

It’s squashing together on the couch, holding each other close, and managing to defy gravity while wrapped in each other’s arms.  It’s suffering through Shepard’s terrible movie choices: The Blasto Christmas Special: Blasto Saves Santa, Home Alone 17: Lost on the Citadel, Die Hard 1 and 2, and even some obscure Vorcha-Human co-production Christmas movie which James claimed was cinematic brilliance, but which appeared to be 45 minutes of a vorcha blowing things up while riding in Santa’s sleigh before learning the true meaning of Christmas from a small human child.

It’s all of that and more.

It’s Zi inevitably falling asleep in his arms, her face free of tension as he traces the curve of her cheek with his fingers, and trails them over the fullness of her lips. He loves her so much it hurts. So much it’s a warm glow inside of his chest that never fades. It’s the kisses he and James share as she sleeps between them, the pleasant ache of need that the other man stirs within him, and the knowing gleam of his eyes in the dark.

And, fuck, what he wouldn’t do for him. For them both.

It’s love. Pure and simple. Love. And he’s known it was love for a long time, maybe from the first night they slept wrapped in each other’s arms. All the other emotions, the lust, the disappointment, the jealousy, the anger, the happiness … they were all a part of it; colours of the emotional rainbow in which they lived their lives. But when they lay like this together and watch movies, everything fades into the gentle background hum of the love he feels for him.

He never expected to make it through the war, never expected to find the kind of peace he has in their arms, never expected to fall in love with anyone, let alone two people … or be lucky enough to have them love him back. But it’s when he’s lying here with them on their movies nights, safe, warm and snuggled up, he finally believes it.

Because here, in their arms, he found home.

I want to forget the world the way the world forgets about me. The way she goes on and on with or without my presence. I want to forget it all, as I slowly begin to fade away in time.
—  Lukas W. // To forget the world
Signs Pros and Cons

pros: quick mind that is full of fun ideas. have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. come across as very energetic and are good at motivating people. straightforward and honest. approach to life and situations is very sincere

cons: their immense energy may throw people off or people may dislike their energy. can be extremely restless, they always have to be moving or doing something. acts on impulse and rushes into things quickly, usually without planning or thinking it through

pros: approaches life and situations with patience and dedication. aren’t afraid of working hard or sticking with something. usually have a good routine in life. have a soothing, graceful presence

cons: are extremely stubborn with opinions/thoughts. are very cautious, and sometimes miss out on opportunities because of that. can be very single minded or focus only on one thing at a time, and hate to be rushed

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Dating Steve and being Joyce Byers’ Daughter

Request:headcanons for being joyce byers’ daughter (middle kid so jonathan is Protective™) dating steve?

A/N: hope you’ll like it babe xx

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• oh how you would glance at him every single time Steve passed by you
• he was older, cooler, he was the king of the school
• And you were the Byers middle kid
• but he helped you with your books once and your heart melted
• and one day he flirted with you non stop, making you blush but reply sassily
• after the weekend it seemed like he forgot all of that and that made your heart break
• of course he wouldn’t like you
• you’re just a little girl and he’s King Steve
• you try to forget about your stupid crush on him
• but then your little brother goes missing and the Hawkins Lab is actually a place with another dimension after it
• and suddenly Steve comes by your house more often
• but always with Nancy by his side
• you couldn’t say you were friends with Nancy but you got along and you said hi to each other
• so when your brother goes with Nancy in the woods to “ set a trap”
• ( of course you weren’t allowed. The only thing you were allowed to do was breathing. Joking)
• he left you alone in the house
• And guess who came by
• Steve Harrington himself
• “ Nancy isn’t here and neither is Jonathan”
• “ who said I’m here to see them , princess?”
• You rolled your eyes and shut the door in his face and went to your room
• and again, guess who climbed on your window?
• Steve Harrington himself
• “ I don’t care what you say. I want to talk to you.”
• you gave him a skeptical look
• “ are you ok? I know it’s a stupid question because of all the things with Will but everytime I come by I feel like you don’t want me here at all.”
• “ you punched my brother. And I’m good. Why are you so interested about that?”
• and whoops he kissed you and you kissed back
• he started to make awful love declarations
• and you giggled and gave him a chance because again he’s King Steve
• And so it starts
• At first you guys are hiding ( especially from Jonathan)
• But really everyone noticed the lingering stares and the obvious “ subtle kisses “ behind the bleachers
• and one day Jonathan is taking photos
• just after you found Will and you guys went out to celebrate
• you’re waiting with Will to the hot dog stand to get something to eat
• And suddenly Steve comes behind you and kisses your cheek
• Little poor Will is shook
• he just stands there awkwardly and smiles
• But Jonathan comes fuming and almost punches Steve
• “ stay away from my sister”
• “ Jonathan..stop”
• “ you? You agreed to be with? With him?”
• “ no dumbass. He’s just my boy toy of course I did”
• “ Will.. let’s go home.”
• “ wait no hey! Wait!”
• “ Ooops”
• “ Steve shut up or I’ll kill you”
• Jonathan giving you the birds and bees speech back at home
• And telling you he supports you but he’ll break his neck if he does anything wrong
• And from now on everything is a bit cooler
• But there’s still a tension between them
• you guys would go as Bonnie and Clyde for Halloween
• Christmas together and being happy
• parenting the children with him and seeing him give awful advice to Dustin
• “ don’t trust him girls love a sweet guy.”
• “ just don’t care Dustin. Don’t.”
• you’re dancing with Dustin at the Snow Ball
• skipping school with Steve sometimes
• Assuring him he is a great boyfriend
• Uh ok but neck kisses and him scaring you are a must
• And you would drive in his car with music on and just forget about the world
• While Johnathan is still bitter
• You and Nancy becoming friends because guess who’s dating your older brother
• you becoming quite a group
• gushing about your boyfriends
• Your mom would be both happy and angry
• “ I heard things about him you know. But he’s such a kind soul from what I’ve seen.”
• “ yeah he is.”

Not Until The Third Date

For the Sterek Week day 3 theme: Meet-cute.

In which Stiles has a fox familiar named Batman who likes to meddle. 1149w.

Derek knows he must be hallucinating as he stares, bleary-eyed, down at a little fox trying to steal his bag of chips in the middle of the snacks aisle of the grocery store.

His move cross-country to Beacon Hills has drained even his werewolf edge, and all he wants to do is crawl under the covers, pull them over his head and forget the world for a week or two. Instead, he still has to get some real food in the house and then he has a meeting with the Beacon Hills Emissary for lunch as a formality to welcome him to town.

Just a few more hours. Then he can sleep to his heart’s content. As soon as this meddlesome hallucination surrenders the chips and lets him go on his way.

The fox gives a little tug with it’s head, frowning up at him.

Derek frowns back. Tightening his grip when the fox doubles its efforts, he casts about for any other person, wondering if he’s really the only one seeing this. A woman pushes her shopping cart obliviously by, child in the seat kicking at her legs. Either this is an entirely normal occurrence for the residents of Beacon Hills or the stress of the move really has driven him to crack.

He looks back down at the fox, little growls sounding in its throat now as it braces its front legs to pull with all its might.

“Batman! What’s taking so—?”

Derek’s head snaps up to stare at the owner of the voice who’s just rounded the end of the aisle, a dark-haired, dark-eyed man pushing a shopping cart towards him.

The man rests his elbows on the handle of his cart, the quirk of a smile lending warmth to eyes not as dark as Derek had first thought. “You must be Derek Hale.”

Now everything makes sense. Derek releases the bag of chips as he straightens and holds out a hand for the man to shake who can only be the Beacon Hills Emissary. The fox — a familiar — gives a pleased yip around the packet as it trots over to the newcomer’s cart and leaps inside. It sets its front paws on the rim and stares at him, head cocked. It’s only now that Derek realises it doesn’t smell like a normal fox and he thinks he can be excused for not noticing considering the turbulence of the past few days. It’s scent actually shares similar notes with the man’s, and Derek knows it’s not just because of all the time they must spend together. He’s heard familiars are closely linked to their owners, in tune even with their emotions.

The man’s hand is warm and strong, and he tries not to stare at the long fingers wrapping around his own.

“Mr. Stilinski,” Derek greets, though he cringes as soon as the words are out of his mouth, made worse by the other man’s wince. He’d assumed the Emissary was going to be middle-aged and balding, and it had felt only natural to refer to him in such away, especially considering the pseudo-keysmash footing all of his emails. Faced with the man himself, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Though the mental picture would have been easier to deal with; this guy is gorgeous.

“Stiles,” Stiles corrects and Derek manages to recover enough to smile.

“I suppose Mr. Stilinski is your father?”

“He usually goes by Sheriff, actually,” Stiles answers wryly, and Derek tries not to blanch.

He’s barely been in town five minutes and not only is he already eyeing up the town’s most important citizen (whether or not the other citizens are aware of that fact) but he’s also the son of the Sheriff? After his triggerhappy ex, Derek’s had enough experience with guns to last him a lifetime.

“Though,” Stiles continues, thoughtfully. “If you let him eat some bacon, he’ll let you call him anything you want, his health be damned.”

Derek can’t help the laugh that bubbles up.

Stiles stares at him, heart audibly stuttering. Derek’s smiles fades, not sure how to read this situation, but movement in the corner of his eye attracts his gaze down to his basket where the fox is now perched, weightless. He nibbles affectionately at Derek’s fingers where they grip the handle.

“Batman, out!” Stiles orders. There’s a blotchy flush spreading across his cheeks, and it takes a second for Derek to put the pieces together before his own ears flush hot. It seems this is a familiar-emissary emotion bond in action.

Batman (Batman?!) obeys his owner, but probably not in the way Stiles was hoping. He scampers up Derek’s arm and perches on his shoulder, bushy tail curling gently around his throat as he rubs his muzzle against Derek’s stubble.

“Oh my God!” Stiles squeaks, throwing up his hands and looking like he’s wishing the ground would swallow him. “Cut it out!”

“There something you want to tell me?” Derek asks, fighting a smile as he cranes his head away from the tickle of Batman’s whiskers.

Stiles runs his tongue along his bottom lip in a display of nerves, though it’s affecting Derek as if it were a seduction tactic. “Not until the third date?”

“Turn our lunch into dinner and you can call it number one.” Triggerhappy exes be damned. There’s no way he’s passing this chance up.

Stiles gapes at him, the pretty blush darkening his cheeks further. It takes a few second before he manages to blurt out, “Deal.”

Batman jumps down from Derek’s shoulder and there’s a definite proud swagger as he pads back over to Stiles’ cart. Something tells Derek it won’t be the end of the creature’s meddling.

They exchange numbers, Stiles chattering all the while about a great hole in the wall that does amazing burgers and sweet potato fries that have even managed to eclipse his ‘town-renowned’ love for curly fries (“Seriously, Derek, curly fries. I don’t think you understand just how big of a deal that is!”). Derek looks forward to finding out what other facts about Stiles are ‘town-renowned’ and maybe a few more personal things too.

Stiles reaches into his own cart before he leaves and picks up the chips, placing them in Derek’s instead. Batman gives a plaintive cry.

“Oh hush. He had them first. You don’t even eat them.”

The fox grumbles but curls up on a loaf of bread and Stiles throws Derek a fond eyeroll.

They go their separate ways after a reluctant goodbye, Derek feeling much better about the morning than he had five minutes ago. Not only is he going out to dinner with a cute guy on his first night in town (Laura will have a field day if she ever finds out) but he gets to skip out on lunch and get some of that well-deserved sleep. All in all, it’s a pretty great start.

Each moment, whatsoever you are doing, do it totally. Simple things—taking a bath; take it totally, forget the whole world; sitting, sit; walking, walk, above all don’t wobble; sit under the shower and let the whole existence fall on you. Be merged with those beautiful drops of water falling on you. Small things: cleaning the house, preparing food, washing clothes, going for a morning walk—do them totally, then there is no need for any meditation.
—  Osho

“You ought to forget anything which has nothing to do with Heaven. For in Heaven is our abode.
Our Jesus is waiting for us there. ‘And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there you may be also’ (John 14:3).”

~Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi

(Photo © dramoor 2016 Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO)

“His Wedding” Part 10

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4774

Warnings: implied smut, angsty af, FLASHBACKS again bye 

Author’s Note: read and enjoy while it lasts, bc this part is the last one i will be updating until November :) but i’ll tell you guy the story is nearing its end

ps. the grammar in this part is fucked up bc of the flashbacks and i didnt bother correcting it 

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

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The first time Bucky met you, he never thought he’d be so infatuated with just your laugh alone. It was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard, making him forget the whole world and put all his focus on that beautiful sound that echoed from your chest and delivered into his ears like a symphony. Like a gleeful morning in the season of spring; like birds humming on a sunny day. It was like music to his ears. Hell, it made his heart sing with joy and he just loved to see you laugh. As if that was all he was finding for a reason to live, as long as you’re happy, it made him happy.

Since that day, the very first day – he took upon himself to make you laugh. Even the slightest opportunity was enough and if he was the reason why your day got even better, then it just made him even prouder. And he kept that promise; even if it was the simplest thing in the world, he stuck to it until the day he held your heart.

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Quite frankly, I am the worst person I know. I know the wickedness in my heart. I know my thoughts, and they aren’t always holy and pure. My mind and heart wrestle each day with being obedient. I have so many things I want to change about myself. But God, in all His goodness, still calls me worthy of Grace. He still loves me… that says everything I need to know about Him.

As undeserving as we are, He STILL loves us!!!!! I want to be emptied completely so that He may fill every part of me with Himself. Less of me, more of Him. God, You are better than anything in this world… never let us forget it!