Today I demonstrated blacksmithing to 76 transgender kids. It was an honor to be able to bring my craft to such a wonderful group. 

Being in a group of people ALL of whom are trans, like me was an amazing feeling. I don’t often get to forge in an environment where everyone else is trans, and we all just get it. Today, I realized just how liberating it can be when we all share that common experience. 

Y’know what this means? We need more transgender blacksmiths! Get Smithing! :)

Forged Love - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is now posted on AO3.

Katniss reacts to Peeta’s strategy to save her life.

I received the loveliest message from @madamemarquise​, letting me know she is travelling tomorrow (Friday) and was sad she would have to wait to read my chapter. As a thank you for her wonderful support I have posted a day early.

I’m so spoiled by the contributions of my betas, @papofglencoe, @finduilasnumenesse and @titaniasfics. You’ve kept me motivated, give great advice, and ask all the right questions to make FL the best it can be. 

I love the the gorgeous banner @akai-echo made for me— Thank you!

Hugs to everyone who has read my story. I appreciate hearing your thoughts, and your encouragement is deeply appreciated. ❤️

anonymous asked:

Even though the Constructicon fae aren't a part of any court I bet they visit The Autumn Court from time to time because they all have a crush on Prowl and wanna see if he'll party with them. 😆

Definitely!  That was actually what I had in mind!  ;)

The Constructicons actually used to be part of the Winter Court, but were banished for failing to safeguard Megatron’s treasure vault and letting one of the Seelie run off with an ancient artifact that Megatron had once stolen from them.  They actually don’t mind being Courtless, as pretty much anything is better than being constantly under Megatron’s thumb.  However, they miss the structure of being a part of something bigger, and feel like their talents are being squandered.

But then Prowl comes along, and oh, he’s just so clever, and handsome, and strong, and suddenly everything just sort of clicks for them.  So they start thinking about joining the Autumn Court instead to be with him, because if Starcream can come and shake things up and make himself at home there, why can’t they?  It drives Prowl absolutely bananas.  Poor boy can barely stretch his legs on a walk without being trailed by five very large, very eager admirers.  

[[Quickly realising Lazarette is kinda a dick to those who are not forged/cold constructed.

Not to say she’s outright prejudice (she totally is), but it seems like a backwards notion for her, considering Automaton based lifeforms pride themselves on the fact they differ from organic lifeforms and have a perfect form the moment they emerge from the well of Allsparks.

This hasn’t happened yet in any of my threads, but I’m almost positive if any of my partner’s muses revealed that they are the bi-product of two or more bots spark merging and creating a brand new spark, her honest to god response would be. “Oh, you’re one of those.”

She gets why organics need to breed, it’s part of their unfortunate biology they have yet to evolve out of, but mechanoids are special. They come directly from a signal, infinite power source and are crafted with a frame that has been made solely for them and serves a function. Say what you will about the caste system, but everything about them was thought out carefully to the last detail from the initial design phase, to the blueprints and prototype models.

In her eyes, couples with offspring just complicate matters. You have no idea what this new life form will look like, you’re just mashing your CNA together and preying this sparkling will receive the best qualities from each partner. It’s all about chance and there’s no guarantee they’ll be brought into the world without faults. Why take the risk?]]


They keep getting more and more perfect omg


Porsche 991 Turbo S ADV05 M.V2 CS Series by ADV1WHEELS
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ADV.1 Wheels is a global leader of custom forged wheels for high performance and luxury cars. We design, manufacture and market concave wheels for the automotive industry.