FATshion FEBruary day 1
So it has begun and there would be no better way to kick it off but with this dope submission!

Meet Ady Delvalle
From: Boston
IG: iam_adydelv
FB: Ady Delvalle

Hat: Forever21
Elongated shirt: Parish Nation
Pants: Akademiks
Chelsea Boots: ASOS
Watch: Michael Kors

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@arudolph: thank you!! :’) I don’t really attend any cons regularly, but I’m hoping to be at momocon again next year! one day I’d like to try for katsucon, too, but that’s sort of a pipe dream right now haha!!

anon 1: honestly, this is such a tough thing to navigate, and I’m not sure there’s any great advice I can give since it happens to me, too…!! the main things to keep in mind are: don’t post incredibly high-resolution images, and watermark / sign your work (preferably somewhere it’s difficult to crop or edit it out). you’re definitely doing the right thing in notifying people who are using your work, though, even if it doesn’t always resolve itself. I think there are a lot of people who just don’t realize what they’re doing is wrong.

anon 2: I actually bought that shirt from forever21 a few years back! they don’t carry it anymore, but you can probably find it secondhand somewhere with enough digging

@leellow: AHH THIS IS SO SWEET, THANK YOU…!! I do have some keychains leftover, but I won’t be opening my shop for a good while…I’ll be sure to post when it’s up! I also don’t have an instagram right now, but I’m hoping to get one once I eventually get a nicer phone haha T _ T

anon 3: I actually don’t have a lot of time for games anymore…!! I’m sorry!


Looooooooove this guy! So fashion foward and definitely representing for the big guys out here!!!!

Meet Khakan
From: Texas 
Age: 26
I.G.: Krazikaprikorn
Tumbler- krazikaprikorn

In Outfit 1 
Shirt from Urban Outfitters 
Jeans from Forever21 
Long tan coat from the thrift store 
Boots DSW
Sunglasses RayBan    
Watch Aldo
  Earrings Aldo 
Scarf Forever21   

In Outfit 2 
Gold shirt Forever21 (21men)
Long Plaid button down Forever21 
Jeans Forever21 
Boots DSW 
Watch Aldo 
Hat Forever21 
Earrings Aldo 

In Outfit 3 
Black leather tank with studs Forever21 
Black drop crotch pants Forever21 
Royal Blue plaid button down Urban Outfitters.
Royal Blue Loafers H&M 
Black Hat Forever21 
Blue cross necklace Forever21 

In Outfit 4 
Black long vneck Project Social Tee. Com
Lightwash jeans thrift store 
Boots DSW 
Necklace Aldo 
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signs as Forever21 t-shirts

Aries - “Eat Your Heart Out”

Taurus - “Go Fuck Your #Selfie”

Gemini - “You’re the Pine to my Apple”

Cancer - “More Issues Than Vogue” 

Leo - “Parties, Love, Boys, Music, Parties, Dancing, Whatever”

Virgo - “Mon Belle”

Libra - “Livin’ La Vida Broka”

Scorpio - “We Loved with a Love that was more than a Love”

Sagittarius - “Heart Breaker”

Capricorn - “Coffee for Breakfast, Chips for Lunch, Chocolate for Dinner”

Aquarius - “Avocados are Trending”

Pisces - “One of a Kind”


When you’re trying to dress in Winter Fashion, but the weather tells you to put on some shorts…XDD

Crop Top/Forever 21 Plus/8.90$? Up to 3X
Cover/Charlotte Russe Plus/15$/Up to 3X
Shorts/Cato Fashion/Up to 24
Shoes/Torrid/36.50$/Up to 13
Purse/Bealls Outlet/7.99$