FATshion FEBruary day 1
So it has begun and there would be no better way to kick it off but with this dope submission!

Meet Ady Delvalle
From: Boston
IG: iam_adydelv
FB: Ady Delvalle

Hat: Forever21
Elongated shirt: Parish Nation
Pants: Akademiks
Chelsea Boots: ASOS
Watch: Michael Kors

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signs as Forever21 t-shirts

Aries - “Eat Your Heart Out”

Taurus - “Go Fuck Your #Selfie”

Gemini - “You’re the Pine to my Apple”

Cancer - “More Issues Than Vogue” 

Leo - “Parties, Love, Boys, Music, Parties, Dancing, Whatever”

Virgo - “Mon Belle”

Libra - “Livin’ La Vida Broka”

Scorpio - “We Loved with a Love that was more than a Love”

Sagittarius - “Heart Breaker”

Capricorn - “Coffee for Breakfast, Chips for Lunch, Chocolate for Dinner”

Aquarius - “Avocados are Trending”

Pisces - “One of a Kind”


Looooooooove this guy! So fashion foward and definitely representing for the big guys out here!!!!

Meet Khakan
From: Texas 
Age: 26
I.G.: Krazikaprikorn
Tumbler- krazikaprikorn

In Outfit 1 
Shirt from Urban Outfitters 
Jeans from Forever21 
Long tan coat from the thrift store 
Boots DSW
Sunglasses RayBan    
Watch Aldo
  Earrings Aldo 
Scarf Forever21   

In Outfit 2 
Gold shirt Forever21 (21men)
Long Plaid button down Forever21 
Jeans Forever21 
Boots DSW 
Watch Aldo 
Hat Forever21 
Earrings Aldo 

In Outfit 3 
Black leather tank with studs Forever21 
Black drop crotch pants Forever21 
Royal Blue plaid button down Urban Outfitters.
Royal Blue Loafers H&M 
Black Hat Forever21 
Blue cross necklace Forever21 

In Outfit 4 
Black long vneck Project Social Tee. Com
Lightwash jeans thrift store 
Boots DSW 
Necklace Aldo 
Watch Urban Outfitters for big guy fashion!