Your Latte Isn’t Why You’re in Debt, and the People Who Say It Is Are Lying to You
Behold the Starbucks latte. The delicious mix of espresso, steamed milk, foam, and add-ons to taste is ubiquitous in our culture.

Warren and Tyagi demonstrated that buying common luxury items wasn’t the issue for most Americans. The problem was the fixed costs, the things that are difficult to cut back on. Housing, health care, and education cost the average family 75 percent of their discretionary income in the 2000s. The comparable figure in 1973: 50 percent. Indeed, studies demonstrate that the quickest way to land in bankruptcy court was not by buying the latest Apple computer but through medical expenses, job loss, foreclosure, and divorce.

Giving up a latte or another such small extravagance in this environment wasn’t going to be enough. Yet the personal finance shills continued to tell people their problems were mostly of their own making.

Try to rip people off with shady flipped houses? Watch me flip your bank account.

So I don’t think this is entirely pro, but this just happened and I’m quite pleased with myself. Sorry for how long it is, I’m a wordy person.

Background: my girlfriend and I have been trying to buy a house for a month or two. Housing market where we live is tough, we don’t have a huge income, most houses sell within 24 hours, etc so it’s been a struggle. About a month and a half ago we found a house that was PERFECT. In the neighborhood we wanted, 2 bed 2 bath, at the very top of our price range but still doable, etc etc. Best part is that it’s beautifully renovated, new roof, everything is new and gorgeous! We put in an offer, but get outbid by someone else (which is crushing, if you have yet to experience that).

We mourn and then continue searching for other houses….until we get a call from our agent saying that the other buyers backed out and the seller is offering it to us first before putting it back on the market.

A quick important note here: the seller is the owner, but is also acting as his own real estate agent, and he runs his own business buying foreclosures and flipping them. This is important later.

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of huntresses and men [1]

1: Strucker’s Roadhouse

Summary: Hunters weren’t the best kind of company to be in most of the time. || supernatural au || bucky barnes x reader, ft. steve 

Warnings: barnes doesn’t have a filter, smol!steeb, language, i think that’s it for now

Notes: Kudos to the amazing @retroasgardian for looking over my shitty writing. I hope you guys enjoy this! And yes, there is a reason that Steve is tiny lmao. Length of this chapter is a little over 1200 words. This fic is gonna be a sloooooow burn between Buck and the reader. Feedback is greatly appreciated! If you’d like to be removed/added to the tag list, let me know!!


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Private Readings (Cole Sprouse x Reader)

Imagine: One day when minding the book shop, you come across a strange-yet-handsome young man perusing the shelves. What you thought was another annoying private reader would turn out to be more than you ever imagined.

You were at your wit’s end. Your summer of working at the bookstore was not the magical, mentally-stimulating experience you had imagined it to be. Instead it was days of rude, somewhat-racist customers, disorganized shelves, and your worst nemesis–private readers.

Private readers were “customers” who came into the shop only to read through the books without paying, then leave. They were the biggest enemy to your business–your grandfather’s business, until he had passed away. This shop was the last thing of his you had, and you were not going to give it up thanks to some private readers.

You were kneeling on the floor, exasperatedly reorganizing a shelf when you spotted the feet of a private reader in the adjacent aisle. You could tell who they were just from the way they stood. They would lean against the shelves for extended periods of time without moving as they read their book of choice. Sometimes, they’d even sit on the floors!

You stood quickly, sliding a chunk of books off the shelf so you could see the culprit. He was a tall, dark-haired young man with expensive-looking clothes and a lanky build. He was currently privately reading an Archie comic. Your face reddened. But no matter how handsome, private reading was not allowed. For anyone.

“Excuse me,” you said, a hint of irritation in your voice. “Private reading is not allowed.

The man turned to you, an amused smile on his face. His angle gave you the full view of his freckled, tan face, deep blue eyes, and impeccable bone structure. He looked so familiar, yet you couldn’t place it.

Your irritation grew, overshadowing your growing attraction. “Does that work on all the girls? They must not have a ‘no private reading’ policy.”

The man’s expression fell slightly. He sauntered down his aisle, turning so he was standing in yours. He walked up, hand extended.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said with a chuckle. “I’m Cole. Cole Sprouse.”

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About a decade ago, home prices exploded to bizarro levels, then millions of families got behind on their mortgage payments. A financial crisis spiraled out from there, almost destroying the world. Things have improved a bit since then, but it still sucks for lots of people. If you can’t make your payments, the bank squares the debt by seizing your home, and you’re left out in the cold. In the modern world, it’s one of the worst things that can happen to you that doesn’t involve a somber doctor asking you to please sit down.

That’s where Evelyn comes in. As part of her real estate job, she works with banks to handle foreclosures, evictions, and lockouts. We asked her what it’s like watching this tragedy unfold again and again. And yeah, it’s a fucking nightmare.

I Foreclose Houses For Banks: 5 Awful Realities

When Angels Answer

Title: When Angels Answer

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,600(ish)

Warnings:Descriptions of spousal abuse, terminal cancer, character death, angsty, fluffy, smutty, tear your heart out stuff

A/N: I would love, love, LOVE, feedback on this!! Angst isn’t usually my thing so let me know how it is!! Enjoy!!

Today you’d been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. And you were happy. How’s that for a fucked up life view?  This was the happiest drive home you’d had in 15 years.

Home was your own personal prison cell. You did as you were told because why would you further anger an already hate filled man?

This was your way out. You were only allowed one doctor’s appointment a year, apparently his care for you was enough to keep you healthy for ages. In reality, he didn’t want anyone seeing his fists handiwork. The one appointment a year meant you wouldn’t receive treatment. You could let the cancer grow and spread. You had a way out.

Sound extreme? Oh, it definitely is. Do you know what else is extreme though? Being thrown down a flight of stairs to be dragged back up by your hair, to take a steel toed boot to the gut and tumble right back down again. Why? You accidentally spilled his beer while he tried to have sex with you.

Running never worked, his grip on you was too tight. He tracked your cellphone that must be on you at all times. He counted the mileage on the car before and after you drove, only certain pre-approved routes were able to be used, so he would know if you spent any extra time out of the house. The neighbors all thought you were an adulterous slut, thanks to your lovely hubby of course, and whenever they saw you leave the house when he wasn’t home they assumed you were going to cheat and would call him right away.

There was no way out, until now.

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This is a video uploaded to Youtube by an acquaintance of Dylann Roof and close friend of Joey Meek, Shane Kimrey. Shane died from suicide in 2014.

A few weeks before the massacre Joey Meek, who’s trailer Dylann had been staying in, took his gun from his car and hid it. “I thought he was going to do something that night, in his drunkenness,” Joey said, and as he went over it again, he started thinking less about Dylann and more about another friend of his named Shane, and what Shane had done in his own drunkenness.

Before the trailer, the Meek brothers lived in another part of Lexington, in a house in a subdivision called Ridgewood. Dylann had lived on an adjacent street, and Shane lived nearby. Shane often stayed with the Meeks, who liked having him around. 

He would stay for weeks at the house in Ridgewood, and when Kim lost the house to foreclosure, he would stay at the trailer, even though he had his own trailer by then. He was around when Roof arrived in May, but the two didn’t interact very much. Mostly, Shane drank and played video games. He was 21 at that point and saying troubling things that none of the Meeks took seriously. 

Kim (Joey’s mother) was the first to find out. She called Joey to say that Shane had put a shotgun in his mouth and killed himself. Joey remembers getting teary, and he also remembers not believing it and asking Dylann to drive him over to Shane’s trailer.

Lindsey Fry (Joey’s girlfriend), and Dylann stayed in the car, and Lindsey remembers him not saying a word or expressing any kind of emotion. Joey and his brother, meanwhile, walked up to Shane’s door, half-expecting to see Shane waiting for them, laughing that they fell for his joke. But then they were inside, seeing Shane’s blood all over the couch, and Joey was getting sick.

“Anyways, when I was in there I had grabbed his boots — they’re right over there,” Joey said, pointing to a pair of worn cowboy boots he took from the trailer that night as a memento. The boots were mixed into a pile of shoes in the bedroom where sometimes Shane slept, and sometimes Dylann slept.

Is Real Estate For You?

For many years now, plenty of people that are wealthy have gotten that way through investing in real estate.  Real estate investments are one of the things that can bring ongoing financial profits every month.  When it increases in value, your investment becomes that much more important and profitable. 


You can get your money’s worth when the value of your real estate investment increases.  However, people that are interested in real estate investment need to know that it is more than just making money. 


There are many things you need to consider if you are interested in investing in real estate, in particular residential real estate.  There is no doubt that you can be very wealthy with this.  However, you will have to stay in it for the long haul in order to make it work for you. 


If this is your first foray with this, you will want to weigh your options as far as how you will purchase your initial property.  Not a lot of people have the entire amount up front to purchase the property with cash. 


So, instead of saving, some people will go ahead and get a loan in order to get started.  Some experts say that it is better to wait and save your money first.  This way, the monthly income that comes in will go to you instead of the lender.  You will also be able to build wealth quicker by paying the entire amount in cash. 


However, it is still possible that a bank will loan you the money you need in order to get the property.  If you go this route, make sure that you have some backup funds in the event you get in a financial rut.  At least you will still be able to pay on the loan. 


Of course, the better situation is to have all of the money up front and pay cash outright for it.  After that, you would only be responsible for repairs, maintenance, taxes and other miscellaneous items.


When considering a property for investment purposes, you will need to know how much it will cost you in taxes.  Every year, you will have to do this or you could find yourself with a lien on your home.  In addition to that, you will need to determine a monthly rent amount for whoever you allow to stay there. 


Some investors will go through a rental or management company to get their rent.  This can release some of the duties from your schedule.  On the other hand, you will have to shell out more money to the company for outsourcing. 


Only when you are financially able, should you do this.  As a beginner investor, you should be responsible for collecting the rent and other fees as deemed appropriate.


Make sure that you have enough money put away for repairs, expected and unexpected.  You never know when something will stop working in a split second.  It’s better to be prepared that unprepared for things such as this.


Saturn in the 2nd House

More than the average individual, cultivating your own self-worth is going to be more challenging for you. There are many blockages standing in the way of you truly loving yourself and feeling at ease in your own skin. You must realize that a lot of these blockages are self-created. It’s not enough to say that you suffer from not feeling “good enough.” That is quite a general statement that can apply to everyone at some point in their life. It’s that it might make you deeply resistant to even overcoming this feeling. When you’re caught up in your fears, insecurities, and doubts, without doing the work involved to better yourself, it’s as if no amount of self-help statements, compliments, affection from others, money, or nice things will ever compensate for that crippling feeling of lack. It’s just this emptiness inside that nothing can really fill. But, you may desperately attempt to fill it. It’s not uncommon to see you become a massive, compulsive consumer, under the misguided belief that buying all of this stuff is going to make you a better person. The age-old phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” applies to you for so many reasons. The first being that, yes, going down the route of extreme materialism isn’t going to get you anywhere, with this placement. If you foolishly think that your worth is tied up in the car you drive, how much money you make, or the house you have, you’ll soon realize how mistaken you are. It’s actually quite a pattern to see your material things repossessed or taken away, in some way that brings your worst fears to life. Eviction or foreclosure notices can plague you, that beautiful car could get wrecked or totaled, and you may even regularly become the victim of theft, major or minor. Your wallet may constantly get lost or stolen or maybe people are just always “borrowing” your stuff, often without even asking and never returning it. All this does is exaggerate the green-eyed monster of greed and possessiveness within you. You have a fear of just losing your shit. I mean literally losing what you have. It’s enough to give you a very neurotic case of “what’s mine is mine.” If you run into someone with this placement who freaks out if you so much as move their laptop or rearrange their books or anything else that’s seemingly harmless, they are still operating out of a place of fear and worry. The root of all of this is your poor self-esteem; the feeling that these possessions are an extension of yourself. It can be tough to feel solid and substantial for you, which is what makes you desperately possessive. Also, the potential for cheapness and stinginess of this placement is legendary. You may have been born to a poor family, or who has quickly and easily learnt to be able to live on minimal resources. You are a survivor who will start your finances from zero. You will dedicate a lot of your time and effort to build your income and establish your security net. You can become a workaholic, or a millionaire, if you’re lucky. In any case, success comes slowly and usually late in life. Nevertheless, when it comes, there is no turning back; you will have a very wealthy old years. You are a logical person who weighs in on every situation with reason and caution. You are all about commitment and responsibility. You take your time in making decisions because you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Chaos is not something you want to deal with. In fact, you have difficulty dealing with anything that doesn’t go your way. This inability to go with the flow can muck up the work sometimes and cause problems that you don’t know how to take care of. You don’t like to gamble or otherwise risk losses of wealth. You may sometimes forget about enjoying the money you earn, and keep too much aside for a rainy day. In extreme situations, you can be a very stingy person, which many times is not at all visible to yourself. In addition, you can have melancholic thoughts and depression over material matters, even if things are not going so bad. You frequently worry excessively about whether you have enough money, and having everything you need. You can feel impoverished, regardless of what you own or what you had growing up. You feel very insecure around your own ability to sustain all of these things. You may feel a lack of self- value and security inside and so wealth and ownership represent the only sense of structure you feel is real. You may lean heavily on others for material needs and have not mastered the lessons of self-sufficiency and how to earn a decent living. On the other side, once you’ve mastered these lessons, you will take your finances very seriously and will not rely on others for financial help. It might make you feel depressed for having to spend $25 at the grocery store; for groceries that you most certainly needed. The sheer act of just spending money can be disheartening for you. It’s as if you look at your bank account and want it to remain perfect and only want to build from there. So, any form of spending is seen as a threat to your security. But, of course, this can get absurd. It’s to the point where you can truly worry about ending up in the poorhouse. Your worst fear is poverty, ending up some homeless beggar on the street without a cent to one’s name. This is a worry that can continue far into adulthood, even when you already have cultivated financial security for yourself. The truth is, when you are acting out of fear and anxiety, there is never enough security for you. All you can think about is wanting more and hoarding what you already own. This is another definition of the “money does not equal happiness” mantra. You can spend all that time pinching your pennies and still end up feeling insecure and unhappy, often because you’ve become such a curmudgeon that you can’t help but feel unhappy. It’s quite a breakthrough for you to understand that money has to be enjoyed. You cannot just earn and save in such a rigid fashion without taking the time to not only use your money with an attitude of joy but have a true attitude of appreciation for what you already own. This is a wisdom that dawns on you on your later life. It’s a compulsive feeling for you to feel like you don’t have much. When it comes to your income, you might always say, “I don’t make much money…” When it comes to your home, you might think, “Well, it’s not the nicest place…” In terms of the car you’ve just bought, “Well, it’s not the newest model…” And so on and so forth. It takes maturity for you to realize how you keep undermining yourself by diminishing the worth of whatever you own. You can become a true master at handling money, through plenty of effort, persistence, and discipline, as well as through many stumbles and setbacks. You can experience wonderful success by taking the right attitude toward money. Of course, you have to be practical and disciplined about how you save and spend. At the same time, don’t be too rigid or controlling. If you trust that there is more money coming your way, you will find your income being strengthened significantly. The less you care about money, the more you’ll have, especially since you already possess a skill for handling money efficiently. This combined with your newfound gratitude will bring a steady cash flowing your way. You need to discipline yourself to truly, deeply love yourself, to want to experience real peace of mind. The stability you seek first has to come from within. Then, it can manifest externally. So, I think the only way you will be able to worry less about money or be less neurotic or destructive about it is to be much more comfortable in your skin and worry less about yourself. Doing lots of affirmations to tell yourself that you’re good enough is crucial and will very likely help you through. This is a time where you may be so full of negative inner voices that it’s hard to see anything good about yourself. So, this is when the good sense and simplicity of the 2nd House must be channeled. Just don’t listen to any of those voices! You are very susceptible to people’s input over their worth. The society we live in can be very judgmental and for very superficial reasons. Someone just dropping a hint that you don’t make enough money, for example, is enough to lead you to feel terribly unsure of your worth. Do not look to others for this validation. Find structure in the simplicity of listening to that one voice – your own voice – and making sure this voice is full of love and appreciation for whatever you have and whatever you stand for. It doesn’t matter if it’s “enough” for others. Is it enough for you? This allows you to cultivate the strong values you need to feel accomplished.

For as long as there has been an internet, there have been people trying to beat the system. From phishing schemes to fake Nigerian Princes just looking for a quick loan of your entire bank account, the Worldwide Web is wall-to-wall with hackers and scammers.

But what’s bad news for many can be good news for some. Just like the stock market crash was great for the bank foreclosure sign business, so too is an internet stockpiled with evildoers good for experts in cybersecurity.

While there are a lot of skills necessary to be a capable hacker, none of them need to be learned on a college campus. The road to being an expert in cyber security simply starts with having a strong understanding of computers. Considering that nowadays, humans practically receive a smartphone with their birth certificate, we’re willing to bet you’re on the right track without even meaning to be. With over 85 hours of content, these courses will give you the requisite knowledge to pass standard industry exams. Get the Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle here for just $69.

4 Reasons You Need A Cyber Security Job (And How To Get One)

A Plea for Help

Hey y’all! My girlfriend, my cat and I are all about to be in a really tough situation. My family is losing their home to foreclosure in less than a month, my girlfriend was thrown out of her home and can’t go back there, and God help me I’m not giving up the cat who has literally put his furry body between me and hurting myself.

We are desperately seeking housing in the Western MA area, but are both currently in poor mental and physical health and struggling very hard to find work. If anyone is able to help out some queer disabled lesbians, the email linked to my PayPal is  and we are planning on making a crowdfunding page as well! A donation of even a dollar or two could make a huge difference for us, and if you donate and give me contact info for you like a tumblr username or an email, I will be happy to draw you a picture or send you a thank you note.

Even if you can’t donate, could you please share this post?? It sucks having to ask for help when everyone is struggling, but I know we’re going to pull through no matter how bad things seem today.

So here’s to our blistered feet. Here’s to my whimpering knees, your weary shoulders. Here is the foreclosure of my shame and here is our brokenness. Look at us being so damn human: yes, it happened, yes, it was not our most graceful unfolding, and yes, we were both so present the whole time.
—  “And If I Am to Forgive Myself” Sierra Demulder