Housing Crisis in America: Trump Appoints Dr. Ben Carson as Housing Secretary

By Abayomi Azikiwe

Over the last several weeks it has become quite evident to many of those who thought a Donald Trump presidency would advance a political agenda that is markedly different from what has prevailed over the last three decades are realizing they were sadly mistaken.

Trump appealed to conservative and independent voters utilizing demagogy about building a wall on the border with Mexico and barring Muslims immigrants from entering the United States. He also claimed that he was going to bring jobs back to the U.S. from overseas production facilities.

Nonetheless, if one takes even a cursory look at the backgrounds of the appointees for his cabinet and senior advisers, all of them represent what has been gravely wrong with the U.S. for decades. The failed policies of “permanent war”, mass surveillance, the supremacy of the financial institutions, the bailing out of the banks, insurance companies and industrial firms, and systematic destruction of the population groups within metropolitan areas, are set under the current circumstances to continue at full speed.

The nomination of Dr. Ben Carson is representative of this same trend. Carson, who is from Detroit where the crisis in housing and displacement portended much for the country as a whole, comes to the cabinet portfolio with no experience in the field. Although Carson grew up in Detroit, he has never expressed any desire to correct the enormous social problems within the city which have been largely caused by the excesses of the capitalist system.
Help Us Get To A Safe Home!

Have you ever been homesick? I am, and we haven’t even left yet. Our home of 16 years is being foreclosed on. And we don’t have much time, and no money.

I’ve seen tumblr do amazing things. From getting people enough notes to get fluffy chickens to creating safe havens and helping people get safe homes.

I’ve gotten to the point where there’s nowhere else to turn. I need your help.
My family home of 16 years is being foreclosed on. We have no clue where we’re going, and frankly, the bank doesn’t care. We have no money for bags to clean out the house or afford gas to the dump. We can’t afford to rent U-Hauls or even wrapping paper for cups and glasses.
This is where I turn to you. I’ve created an online fundraiser. I know, many of you don’t have the money to help. But I want you to spread this as far and wide as you can.
Send it to your favorite youtubers, or internet personalities. Try to get them to share it. Send it out on Facebook. We’re living in this house right now on borrowed time. I won’t waste time trying to sugar coat it. If we’re not gone by the time they give us an official date, people will come in and throw our things out onto the street. They do not care where we go. They just want us out.

I am currently untreated for severe (diagnosed) depression and anxiety. My father is disabled, and any apartment willing to take him in, won’t take myself or the animals in. They’ll barely take mom, and that’s because she’s of a certain age.

We are trying to find a house for rent, but we have to make a safety deposit. We have two weeks, maybe three if we’re lucky. My father makes barely 700 a month from his check, and if all that goes to rent, we won’t be able to pay for utilities, internet (so I can look for jobs in our new town), medicine, and other bills. His check doesn’t come in til the 3rd of every month. And that’s after they want us out.

Spread this as far as you can, and try to get people to help. I am asking, and I’m practically begging, because at this point it’s not about saving face or making sure i don’t seem ‘desperate’. It’s about making it out okay.

I am begging every last one of you to please foward this. If you can’t, for whatever reason, that’s fine. But please. I just want us to be okay. And with your help, we can be. And feel free to send me questions. But please do not question the legitimacy of my situation, because this is very real and very terrifying. And I wouldn’t be this desperate otherwise.

Thank you so so much.

I’m going to tag my main fandoms because I feel like you guys can help me out. Please don’t be upset to see this in the tag. Thank you for reading this.

Why Ordinary People Bear Economic Risks and Donald Trump Doesn't

Thirty years ago, on its opening day in 1984, Donald Trump stood in a dark topcoat on the casino floor at Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza, celebrating his new investment as the finest building in Atlantic City and possibly the nation.

Last week, the Trump Plaza folded and the Trump Taj Mahal filed for bankruptcy, leaving some 1,000 employees without jobs.

Trump, meanwhile, was on twitter claiming he had “nothing to do with Atlantic City,” and praising himself for his “great timing" in getting out of the investment.

In America, people with lots of money can easily avoid the consequences of bad bets and big losses by cashing out at the first sign of trouble.

The laws protect them through limited liability and bankruptcy.

But workers who move to a place like Atlantic City for a job, invest in a home there, and build their skills, have no such protection. Jobs vanish, skills are suddenly irrelevant, and home values plummet.

They’re stuck with the mess.

Bankruptcy was designed so people could start over. But these days, the only ones starting over are big corporations, wealthy moguls, and Wall Street.

Corporations are even using bankruptcy to break contracts with their employees. When American Airlines went into bankruptcy three years ago, it voided its labor agreements and froze its employee pension plan.

After it emerged from bankruptcy last year and merged with U.S. Airways, America’s creditors were fully repaid, its shareholders came out richer than they went in, and its CEO got a severance package valued at $19.9 million.

But American’s former employees got shafted.

Wall Street doesn’t worry about failure, either. As you recall, the Street almost went belly up six years ago after risking hundreds of billions of dollars on bad bets.

A generous bailout from the federal government kept the bankers afloat. And since then, most of the denizens of the Street have come out just fine.

Yet more than 4 million American families have so far have lost their homes. They were caught in the downdraft of the Street’s gambling excesses.

They had no idea the housing bubble would burst, and didn’t read the fine print in the mortgages the bankers sold them.

But they weren’t allowed to declare bankruptcy and try to keep their homes. 

When some members of Congress tried to amend the law to allow homeowners to use bankruptcy, the financial industry blocked the bill.

There’s no starting over for millions of people laden with student debt, either.

Student loan debt has more than doubled since 2006, from $509 billion to $1.3 trillion. It now accounts for 40 percent of all personal debt – more than credit card debts and auto loans.

But the bankruptcy law doesn’t cover student debts. The student loan industry made sure of that.

If former students can’t meet their payments, lenders can garnish their paychecks. (Some borrowers, still behind by the time they retire, have even found chunks taken out of their Social Security checks.)

The only way borrowers can reduce their student debt burdens is to prove in a separate lawsuit that repayment would impose an “undue hardship” on them and their dependents.

This is a stricter standard than bankruptcy courts apply to gamblers trying to reduce their gambling debts.

You might say those who can’t repay their student debts shouldn’t have borrowed in the first place. But they had no way of knowing just how bad the jobs market would become. Some didn’t know the diplomas they received from for-profit colleges weren’t worth the paper they were written on.

A better alternative would be to allow former students to use bankruptcy where the terms of the loans are clearly unreasonable (including double-digit interest rates, for example), or the loans were made to attend schools whose graduates have very low rates of employment after graduation.

Economies are risky. Some industries rise and others implode, like housing. Some places get richer, and others drop, like Atlantic City. Some people get new jobs that pay better, many lose their jobs or their wages.

The basic question is who should bear these risks. As long as the laws shield large investors while putting the risks on ordinary people, investors will continue to make big bets that deliver jackpots when they win but create losses for everyone else.

Average working people need more fresh starts. Big corporations, banks, and Donald Trump need fewer.
Click here to support Keep Our Homes Detroit by Gregg Newsom
Keep Our Homes Detroit 25,000 homes in Detroit are up for auction and at least 8,000 of them are occupied. Our Goal: Raise $100,000 to help keep Detroit families in their homes permanently as part of the Storehouse of Hope Community Land Trust. Take action today! The Wayne County Foreclosure Auc...

Please donate and share this important fundraiser. Detroit is in the middle of the largest tax foreclosure in U.S. history. Families are trying to save their homes.

The Hernandez family, who became local heroes in their determination to keep their Van Nuys home from foreclosure, were evicted by the Los Angeles sheriffs and police at 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

In what is fast becoming a symbol of the fight against fraudulent foreclosures, the Hernandez family built a barricade across the front of the property announcing “Government By, Of and For the People.” They decorated their roof in Christmas lights proclaiming “Evict Banks” with members of Occupy San Fernando Valley, Occupy the Hood, and the Los Angeles Anti-Eviction Campaign. For 123 days, they staved off the Bank of New York-Mellon with the support of grassroots groups across Los Angeles. What is the nation’s second-longest occupation ended Thursday morning when the family and their friends were awakened by the sound of the slamming doors of dozens of law enforcement vehicles surrounding the 1400 block of Leadwell Street in Van Nuys. [READ MORE]


Why Is Liz Warren Yelling At Bank Regulators Today? (Video)

Liz Warren came to Washington to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and she is ALL OUT OF BUBBLEGUM. Would you like to watch her tear into regulators about wrongful foreclosures? Specifically: why no one knows exactly how many people were wrongfully foreclosed on, and also, why wrongfully foreclosed upon people may have gotten as little as $300 for their troubles? Of course you would, these kinds of videos are the highlight of our week too, let us all sit back and relax and bask in the glory of Liz Warren, kicking ass at the Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, courtesy of ThinkProgress.



July 2 2015 - Police clashed with people trying stop a man being evicted from his home in Nottingham. Tom Crawford, who is recovering from prostate cancer, has been involved in a long running dispute with Bradford & Bingley over his mortgage payments. 

In January 2015, more than 300 people gathered on the quiet street in Nottingham to help stop Mr Crawford being evicted. That was the second time the cancer patient had received help from total strangers, after hundreds travelled from across the country in July 2014 to stop his eviction. [article]

Another 150,000 Detroit Residents Are About To Become Homeless

Another 150,000 Detroit Residents Are About To Become Homeless

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As the looting of Detroit continues, another 1/5 of the city’s residents are slated to become homeless, under right wing governor Rick Snyder’s emergency manager.

On October 8th, Detroit’s appointed Emergency Manager, Kevin Orr, along with the city’s conspicuous mayor, Mike Duggan (read how Duggan was *elected here) and Wayne County Treasurer, Raymond Wohtowicz, announced another mass sell off of…

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Vincent found that wearing a suit, tie, and dark sunglasses gives him an air of legitimacy, while Angel finds that a brown shirt, brown pants, and a brown baseball cap lend credence to his not-inaccurate statement that he’s got a delivery.

Angel once worked for a woman who needed to serve divorce papers to her husband, but hit a little snag when the man went on vacation – with his mistress. The woman had reached the end of her already-frayed rope and, with Angel’s assistance, hatched a plan.

“I told her to let him know she was getting a car service for him to pick him up at the airport,” he says. “I got one of those costumes limo drivers wear, I got a big blank piece of paper, and I wrote his last name. Then I waited outside the terminal with the sign, and as soon as he came to me, I pulled out the papers, like, ‘Here, Mr. Smith. I advise you not to go home, because your wife’s not too happy with you on vacation with the mistress.’ And he had the mistress right there next to him, mind you. I just turned around, threw the sign away, and kept moving.”

We Can Legally Stalk You: Life As A Process Server


It seems reasonable that various economic conditions could cause this sort of crisis of homelessness. And it’s reasonable that other economic conditions could cause a glut of vacant homes. But when we see both at the same time, the train has gone off the tracks. Maybe it’s time to stop evicting people after foreclosure if they’re willing to pay some reasonable amount of rent.

When I tell this to the attorneys in charge of doing the evicting, they tell me to be reasonable. I’m afraid I no longer know how. When the world is stuck in a fun house mirror and the world is warped beyond recognition, it’s hard to draw a straight line.


“I AM GOING TO FIGHT WITH EVERY BREATH IN MY BODY…” - Patricia Williams, foreclosed homeowner fighting back

Blazing Arrow Organization joined with other community members and groups today, to help defend the home of Patricia Williams and Darren Johnson, an African/Black couple in S.E. Portland, from foreclosure. KATU news story here.

We were greeted with multiple sheriffs deputy cars, with police trying to forceably evict them. The rapid response network was activated and about 50 concerned community members and activists showed up.

A roving picket line in front of the house was initiated and at one point a number of us attempted to regain control of the house by pushing our way in as a collective force. We did gain entry into the house, but the sheriffs - who by this time were reinforced with Portland police personnel - responded by pepper spraying us. Several of us were hit, but everyone will be ok.

One person who gained entry into the house was arrested. At the moment, we have decided to regroup, and decide how to next support Patrica and Darren in getting their house back. Stay tuned, and get ready to mobilize – WE WILL BE BACK. NO MORE EVICTIONS, NO MORE EMPTY HOUSES!

“Well that lady shouldn’t have lived in such a deadbeat-ish house.”

4 Cases of Mistaken Address That Are Too Crazy For Reality

#2. Idiot Bank Repossesses The Wrong House

When Kate Barnett arrived home from a two-week vacation, she was dismayed to find that the First National Bank in Wellston, Ohio had repossessed her home. The locks were changed, and her belongings had been either sold or destroyed. This would be a stressful situation for anybody, but Barnett’s situation was extra-unique, as First National wasn’t even her bank.

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