1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 by Chad Horwedel

You. (Dean X Reader Soulmate AU)

Short story description:(I gave my series a name now, just fyi.) Set in supernatural universe. You wake up one day, with no memory or knowledge as to how you got in the middle of a forest. All you know is youre a hunter and a good one. Almost getting killed, however, leads to you meeting the boys. Dean, instantly, feels different with you as you feel different with him. You fall in love, and knowing you have the name ‘Dean’ on your wrist calms you. But without being able to tell Dean your name, you panic. Little did you know, Dean already knows your name.

Chapter One | Chapter Two

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Castiel, Bobby

Warnings: Angst, slight mention of murder

Word Count:1603

Chapter Three

Sam stared at you. Then a smile slowly made its way onto his face. You looked at him in confusion. “You know what this means ?” He seemed genuiely happy.

“No, I don’t Sam.” You looked down at the floor.

“You have a chance at happiness.” You looked back up at Sam and saw his true sincerity.

“Look Sam, I don’t even know my own name right now, much less if this Dean on my wrist, is your brother. Hopeful wishing is great but sometimes not reccomended.” Sam’s smile dropped a little and he pulled you into a tight embrace.

“Hey, we’ll help you. You can get through this. We’ll be there every step of the way.” You looked up at Sam and smiled. After he let you go from his big hug, he led you to your room. It was two doors down from Sam’s room. You thanked him and walked in. You looked around and saw a nice room with a bed, and a desk and a bedside table. You sat down on the bed. You didn’t realize how tired you really were. Slowly, you laid down on your back and relaxed, letting sleep creep in.

       .        .        .        .        .         .        .       .       .

The sun was blinding your eyes. You turned around to see a meadow of beautiful sunflowers. You ran to the nearest one and touched its petals gently. You slowly laughed and felt at peace.

“Honey ! Be careful ! There might be some bees out there.”

“Ok, dad, I will.” You ran towards a man. You jumped into his arms. You were 7 years old again. This man hugged you with such love, you knew he was your father. He had beautiful grey eyes and salt and pepper hair. He had a smile that would always brighten your day. You wrapped your arms around his neck and held on tightly. “Dad ?”

“Yes, sweety ?”

“Always stay with me, ok ?” He looked into your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes, and smiled warmly.

“Always, tulip, always.” You giggled when he called you tulip. It was his little nickname for you. He put you down gently and grabbed your hand and you both walked to his car. A beautiful 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. His most prized possesion, in second place next to you, of course. Then, you heard it. The noise of your nightmares. The noise to ruin everything and break you. It was clear as day. A gunshot. You turned around to see a man with black eyes, standing in front your father, with a gun pointing at him. A red circle began to form at his heart. You looked at him as he tumbled down and fell on to the floor. You ran towards him. You grabbed him and yelled and yelled at him to get up, but he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t get up and you didn’t know why. The man with black eyes grabbed you and tied you up. He put you inside of your dad’s car. He hit you and all you saw was black.

“(Y/n) ? (Y/n), wake up.”

       .        .        .        .        .         .        .       .       .

You woke up startled, and surrounded in sweat. You were panting. Sam was sitting at the edge of your bed with his hand on yours. Dean was inside of the room, leaning on the desk with water and a towel and Castiel was awkwardly standing at the door. “W-what happened ?” You managed to whisper.

“You, uh, you were screaming and, uh I ran in, and I saw you, you were having a pretty bad nightmare. After I realized what was going on, I sent Dean for water and a towel. You’re sweating up a mad storm.” You were silent for moment. Sam looked at you with concern. Dean stood up and handed you the towel. You reached out to grab it and the moment your fingertips touched Dean’s, you felt a spark. Literally. Like if Dean was made of electricity. His eyes went wide at the sudden jolt, and so did yours. You awkwardly looked down and wiped the sweat off. “Wait.” Your sudden word caught everyone’s attention. “Why did you keep saying (Y/n) ?” Sam instantly looked at Dean and then at Cas.

“Um, we’ll show you.” Sam stuck his hand out so you could grab it. Hesitantly, you placed your hand in his as he pulled you towards the library. As you walked in, you saw a man standing there with watery eyes. He looked at you and the tears slowly fell down his bearded cheeks.

“(Y/n) !” He ran to you and hugged you hard. You didn’t move but this stranger’s sudden warmth felt all too familiar.

“Bobby.” You breathed out. He pulled apart from you and he chuckled just a tiny bit.

“Yeah, it’s me.” He pulled you back into another tight embrace and this time, you returned it. You were shocked that you remembered Bobby. He seemed pretty happy to see you. You wondered if anything had happened between the two of you. You just… Couldn’t remember. After he let you go, he told you everything, answered all of your questions about yourself. (Y/n) (Y/L/n) was your name. You were 23 years old. Bobby had raised you and he had to teach you to protect yourself. Deciding yourself, you trained and became a hunter. Your mom had died a few months after you were born in a car crash. Explaining your dream to Bobby, he clarified it wasn’t a dream, it was a memory. After the demon had kidnapped you, Bobby had come and rescued you. And he has been your guardian ever since. Bobby explained to you that your dad knew about this demon and his hatred towards your family and he knew it was his last day. He decided to spend it well with you. He had told Bobby of the incoming attacks and it was Bobby’s job to protect you. So many more questions were answered. Finally after what seemed to be hours and hours, the five of you went to eat. Bobby had brought you some of your clothes, so before leaving, you changed. Once you were ready, you got into the impala with the guys and drove off.

“Mmmm, waffles.” You giggled.

“Mmmm, pie.” Dean was sniffing the air like a lost dog. After getting a booth, you, Sam, and Dean sat on one side, you in the middle, and Bobby, and Cas on the other. It was awkward at first, very awkward. You ordered a burger. You weren’t really all that hungry. While the guys talked about recent hunts and what’s been going lately, you sat quietly and listened. It was very hard to concentrate, however, because Dean’s thigh kept rubbing against yours. Jolts and jolts of electricity ran through your body.  After you all had finished eating, you headed back to the bunker. You went to your room and just sat there, smilling to yourself. You heard a soft knock on your door. “Come in.” The door opened to reveal a tall, handsome, long haired man. “Sam.”

“Hey, how you doing ? Are you ok ?” He sat at the edge of the bed, worry lacing his every word.

“I’ll be alright.” You smiled sincerely. “Sam ?”

“Yes ?”

“Does Dean know ?”

“No, we haven’t told him yet.” You nodded slightly and sighed. “Cas keeps asking if you’re ok.” You smiled.

“Sam, do you know how I know Castiel ?”

“No clue.” His answer made you slump just a bit. You were hoping he was able to answer your question.

“Do you think you could call him so I could talk a little with him ? You’re welcome to stay.”

“Yeah.” He smiled and got up. He came back about 5 minutes later, with an awkward Castiel following him.

“Hi.” For some reason, Cas blushed.

“Hello, (Y/n).” He seemed nervous.

“So, uh, Cas, wanna tell me our story ?”

“Ok. ” He inched a bit closer, but was still standing very awkwardly. Slowly, he raised the sleeve from his left arm. He gently turned around to show you a name. Your heartbeat stopped. You stood up to touch the name on his wrist when you felt an undescribable pain. The moment you touched Castiel, it was as if you had placed your right hand into a flame. You screamed in agony and gripped your throbbing hand. The pain lasted for about 3 minutes when you finally were able to breathe. Tear stained face, you looked down at your right hand. You felt like someone had come and carved out out your heart, bit by bit. “No ! You weren’t supposed to touch me.” Cas looked down in shame. You looked down, when you looked back up again, he was gone. Sam was dumbfounded, and was staring at you, wide eyed. He rushed to your side and helped you stand back up. “S-sam.” You couldn’t speak because of the lump in your throat. “C-cas had my name.” You stopped, and slowly raised both of your wrists. On your left wrist, you had the four letters you had memorized by heart. Dean. However, on your right wrist, it was no longer blank. The seven letters burned into you as if you were on fire. Castiel. “Sam, I have Dean’s and Castiel’s names on my wrists !” You cried even harder than the first time and he held you as he quietly cursed under his breath.

“How is this even possible ?” You looked at Sam as you asked, and he was unable to speak. He was in as much shock as you.

“I-i don’t know.” You cried harder. You had two names on your wrist and that made your life even worse.




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