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Ford looks at the piles of paper scattered around the table and groans. “This is just for the room assignments for the roadies?”

“Sadly, yes,” Lardo says, patting her on the back. “It only looks complicated though. I mostly have a system you can stick with, you’ll just have to worry about the new frogs next year.”

“Somehow I almost wish I was trying to schedule rehearsals again,” Ford mutters.

“Here,” Lardo hands her a small red folder. “Look, this is the basic set up, okay? I have one for hotels that have strictly doubles, one that has doubles and singles, and hotels where you might have to squish 3 per room. It happens sometimes.”

“Okay,” Ford flips the folder open and compares the sheets side by side. “So some people are always together, some people move around, and - what are those red exclamation points at the bottom?”

“Those mean absolutely not,” Lardo points out one pair. “Like, Whiskey and Tango get along really well normally, but before a game Whiskey needs quiet, and Tango always has questions. Terrible combination, as we discovered on their first roadie. Tango and Nurse is actually a good combination, because Nurse likes a bit of a distraction, and he can usually direct the conversation back to a somewhat relevant topic. Whiskey and Dex get stuck together a lot, because they both appreciate the quiet, unless I know Chow and Dex have a comp sci project due. Then I’ll try and put them together because they’ll probably be up half the night anyways, and then you don’t have two pissed off roommates. Ransom and Holster shouldn’t be split up, because frankly, it just makes them sad, and then they pout, which is a little bit pathetic but also endearing?”

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You know how it’s like a not quite canon but mutually accepted thing that Holster’s into musicals?
When Ford gets added to the group chat she and Holtzy develop A Bond™ and when Ransom and Holster drop by the Haus to visit she and Holts just have this long complex handshake that ends with the entirety of Defying Gravity from Wicked.
Holster ends up having a very “this is my child and you will not hurt her” approach whenever they hang out or go get coffee always forgetting that this girl has BALLS and will fight anyone that makes fun of his teeth.

“Hey, I like your shirt!”


Two and a half months and 126 followers later, the prize for my 500 followers giveaway is finally complete. @euseevius has been so incredibly patient and I’m thrilled to gift this lovely picture of Ford being a lesbian to them! (: I hope you all enjoy it as well!

let’s talk about the bitty&ford captain&manager dynamic. i’ll start

  • so jack and lardo bonded in a special quiet-person low-voice assertive-introvert retreat-within-yourself-to-complete-important-projects maybe-batman way
  • which means bitty and ford bond in a no-nonsense extrovert-chatterbox repress-feelings-with-frantic-activity kind of way
  • they talk about a very specific subset of music. like she knows who beyonce is? but the important thing is that they like the same sad music. i’m talking lorde. i’m talking dixie chicks. i’m talking aretha franklin at her ABSOLUTE SLOWEST. is it possible to cry to sunday candy by chance the rapper? ford and bitty do.
    • they are each other’s structured emotional time people. like, as much as SMH is big boys with big feelings, they have outbursts. ford and bitty like to schedule times to get wine-drunk and sit at the kitchen table and listen to past lives by kesha and sob together
  • bitty, upon walking into the house: i can bake here
  • ford, upon walking into the haus: i can keep my sewing machine here
  • he stress-bakes a pie. she stress-patches all of her jeans. black sabbath, which she introduced him to, plays very loudly from her beats pill.
    • When You Hear Heavy Metal Keep Out Of The Kitchen (will poindexter to freshmen, 2017)
  • ford, for all her emotional evenness, is a physical shitshow. think nursey’s clumsiness with chowder’s raw kinetic enthusiasm. when u a theater kid u learn to talk with ur whole body & scoot around on ur knees. this is a nice counterpoint to bitty, who has the smug gracefulness of a guy who can do turns with his leg up by his ear, but the emotional consistency of a ride designed by a bloodthirsty 9-year-old on rollercoaster tycoon
    • bitty’s movements: (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) / bitty’s feelings: (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻
    • ford’s movements: (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻ / ford’s feelings: (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
  • hear me out: ford grew up where football is a big deal AND theater is a big deal. ford is from texas
    • normally texans and georgians don’t have THAT much in common. but against these assholes from the Tundra……….they are a team
  • technically lardo was shorter than bitty. but in terms of raw power, he Would Not Dare. so ford is the first person in a million years that bitty can be bigger than. he’s a total dick about it. head as elbow armrest
  • ford really likes to swing dance. learning basic swing is a universal Performing Arts Kid Thing, & everyone always practices it bc you get to touch boys. during rehearsal breaks you’d just see a couple nerds busting out a fallen angel lift in the corner. bitty knows the basics and can pick moves up fast, so it becomes a thing, especially at kegsters. nobody gets a concussion but there are a few bloody noses
  • while bitty went into college definitively gay, ford is in the ??? stage of sexuality. they talk about this a lot. she still knows more gay slang than he does and tells him he u-hauled with jack
  • ford is the only person who can be bluntly mad at bitty. bitty is the only person who can be bluntly mad at ford. it’s not often or for long but it makes everyone else feel like they’re in the twilight zone
  • as i said, being in theatéré makes you really physically expressive and fearless. and ford is so small, and she is surrounded by Muscle Boys, and what i’m saying here is that scene from brooklyn 99 where jake is like “terry will catch me” and runs and jumps at him and terry’s like “i’m holding coffee!!!” but he catches jake anyway? except terry is bitty.
  • she borrows his cardigans and he borrows her scarves Thanks

One night after a long rehearsal, Ford ends up crashing at the Haus because they have an early practice the next morning and she doesn’t want to be late. She wakes up to find someone has tucked a big soft quilt around her and there’s a coffee cup waiting for her on the kitchen counter, and the frogs walk with her to practice and when she gets back to the Haus to grab her stuff and head to rehearsal, she finds out Bitty made her a lunch because he knows how hectic her schedule is and someone (probably Lardo) snuck some drama and hockey themed stickers into her bulletjournal so she can mark her practices and rehearsals, and Holster had sent her a link to a pump up playlist he made on spotify and Ransom had printed out a nice colour coded schedule of their rehearsals and games for the month from the handwritten one she and Lardo had finished two days ago

scene from my upcoming ford-centric fic

“I’m a lesbian,” she blurted. She instantly regretted it.

Nursey stopped just outside the door of the kitchen and arched a single, perfectly-formed eyebrow. “Cool,” he said. “It’s always ‘swawesome to get another queer person on the team. Wait, shit, are you cool with the term queer?”

Angela blinked at him. “Um, yeah? It’s cool. Wait, you don’t care?”

“Of course not. I have two moms and, also, I’m pansexual,” Nursey said, snorting. “But if you don’t want me calling you cutie, it’s chill. Now, come on, Bits made french toast and it’s time for you to meet the, uh, main part of the team.”

He strode in the kitchen, leaving Angela behind him, perplexed. Slowly, a smile spread its way across her face and she moved to scurry after him.

Things I assume about Ford because she’s a stage manager: 

  • has a penchant for dealing with drama (but not acting drama) 
  • knows how to fall asleep at any given opportunity 
  • flip side: knows how to run on three hours of sleep and only act “generally tired”
  • has literally seen/heard everything and therefore is not phased by nudity, sex stories, stories about about really dumb shit people did while on drugs
  • will not fix your love life for you, but will lend an ear while you work on the shit you’re supposed to be doing 
  • will give you sex talks because you probably don’t know as much as you think 
  • is completely used to people breaking out into song 
  • even if she didn’t play an instrument, she can read music well enough
  • probably was in choir at some point, probably needs to be reminded that her voice is nice 
  • is a blow dart champion 
  • is actually wonderful at improv 
  • always has tape, a pen, and paper on hand 
  • is used to muttering to herself “you’re doing your job if no one notices you doing it” 
  • has probably told countless people the same thing 
  • despite being great at yelling, she definitely gives Bitty a run for his money in the “passive aggressive” banter department
  • has more cardigans than dex has flannel
  • often looks like she has her life more put together than the rest of us, sometimes this is accurate
  • you want to divert the conversation? Ask her what her favorite show is or ask her if she’s seen ___ and prepare yourself for a very lovely (if not long) conversation
  • has a Gordon Ramsey like temperament: which is to say if you made an honest mistake “hey no harm, let me help you” if she’s told you how/why to do something eight times and you fucked up? You better run bitch

Source: literally years of observing/befriending an ASM

The Haus door opens and closes, slamming like it hasn’t been properly closed, just dropped. Bitty turns off his music.
“Hello?” He calls out. “Nursey? If you came back for your sweater you’re too late, Lardo’s wearing it.”
Bitty waits for a moment, his chemistry homework abandoned on the kitchen table. He checks under the towel on the counter and sees that the bread is rising, mostly. Bitty’s never been the best at bread, which is unfortunate, because it’s cheaper to make than buy at the store and he spent all of his grocery money on stupid food, like butter and bagel bites.
You can not survive on butter and bagel bites for two weeks. Bitty has tried.
“’cues me.”
Bitty turns around. Standing in the doorway to the kitchen is the new manager, Ford. She’s carrying a bookbag as big as she is, a Samwell sweatshirt, and a very large water bottle filled with what looks like energy drink.
“Can I study here?” She asks. “My dorm is filled with criminology majors. They’re everywhere. I think my roommate has a project? Nobody told me. Now I have algebra homework because I’m in one of those like, baby math classes for people who scored low on their math ACTs, and I don’t have a place to study where I can drink my Monster in peace.”

New Old Captain

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Lardo was hunched over her laptop working on a write up for her final art project and Ford was across the table from her, finalizing room assignments for the boys’ upcoming (and final) roadie, when the front door opened and a voice called out, “Hello?”

“Jack?” Lardo scrambled out of her chair and into the front hallway. Ford leaned over to save Lardo’s document, then slowly followed after her. She didn’t think she had met anyone on the team named Jack, but who else would be coming to the Haus? She ran through a mental roster of the team, but didn’t come up with anything.

She found Lardo wrapped up in what looked like the world’s comfiest hug with a man who had to be a foot taller than her, and if he wasn’t some sort of athlete, Ford would eat her rooming assignments. His arms, good lord.

“Who’s this, Ris?” He asked, catching sight of Ford.

“Ford, our new manager,” Lardo’s voice was muffled into his chest. “Ford, this is Jack. You should have told someone you were coming, Ransom and Holster made an extra practice today and everyone else is at the rink.”

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