Ford Times

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Luke Skywalker, Ford, the Eighth Doctor, Newt Geizler, Milo Thatch, Marty McFly

  • give a CapriSun and lay down for a nap - oh gosh. marty. let marty nap he gets so little sleep in the trilogy and telltale games
  • enlist to help build a pillow fort - luke!
  • slingshot into the deep recesses of space - eight again because space is totally his thing. he’ll be… well. as fine as he ever is. which is maybe moderately fine sometimes…..
  • sing bad karaoke and play DDR at 3am with - newt
  • smack with a rolled up newspaper - i’m going with ford this time. both stans will now have been smacked
  • let borrow the aux chord on a road trip - i guess that leaves milo? i have no idea what music milo would listen to. this is a real wild card

Mabel and Ford vs the Future: Complete

Finally finished the comic! Mabel and Ford (with a little help from Stan) understand each other a little better before the end of summer. A take on Ford and Mabel bonding, as there was precious little of it in the series.