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Why is everyone still arguing over Cloti/Clerith? Can you guys…just not? :/ Enjoy the game and stop fighting.

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The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- Rin Asks Sousuke to Laugh and Makoto & Haru Share Telepathy
  • The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- Rin Asks Sousuke to Laugh and Makoto & Haru Share Telepathy

Another small snippet from the Free! Seiyuu Event~


Nagisa: All right, let’s start with some practice!

Everyone: Practice for…?

Nagisa: Yeah! In order to attract the most customers possible, we need to have some cashier training!

Rei: Ah, I see!

Momo: Seems pretty interesting~

Nagisa: Okay, in either case— Haru-chan please sit here! Sou-chan you sit here.

Sousuke: Uh…okay…

Nagisa: All right, now Sou-chan please take Haru-chan’s order!

Sousuke: Err…order?

Nitori: I see now! You must practice how to take orders from people!

Rin: But that’s something that anyone can do! Why do we need to practice this crap?

Nagisa: C’mon c’mon, let’s just try it out first! All right let’s go— 3, 2, 1 GO!

Sousuke: Hey, hurry up and order something.

Haru: Grilled salted mackerel.

Everyone: Uh……..

Rin: This is bad…

Nagisa: I told you right!

Rei: With this kind of customer service, all our customers will run away!

Makoto: And a normal cafe like this wouldn’t sell mackerel!

Rin: Uh uhhhh in either case Sousuke, you gotta smile!

Sousuke: Ha…ha….haha………



Momo: Ouch ouch owww!!!

Nagisa: Okay next! Haru-chan, would you like to try it out? Mako-chan come over here!

Makoto: Ah, okay. All right let’s do this, Haru!

Haru: Yeah.

Nagisa: Ok here we go, Haru-chan— 3, 2, 1 GO!

Haru: *silence*

Makoto: *smiles*

Haru: He wants chocolate cake and coffee.

Rin: Wait wtf? You can’t just read each other’s mind! You gotta talk!

Haru: I don’t need to hear him to understand him.

Rin: But that would only work on Makoto!

Makoto: *laughs*

Momo: Omfg, THEY CAN DO THAT?!!?

Rei: It’s like they’re communicating telepathically. This is definitely very close to full-on telepathy.


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