Severely and repeatedly drugged and raped by a sociopath. Today will mark almost five weeks to the day that my life was so very closely taken away from me. Under the influence and struggling to maintain any scraps of any logical or cognitive function due to drifting intermittent consciousness. I was force fed multiple pills of valume, crystal meth and god knows what else while spiked with Flunitrazepam also know as Rohypnol the date rape drug.
Kicked out and abandoned of the location of the attack I was left wondering the streets for hours dishevelled and barely clothed without an ounce of dignity or recollection of what and for how long occurred prior. I had NO shoes on, NO wig my trousers were half way off, No bag which I later found bits and pieces of further up the road. I could NOT speak English, I didn’t even know my own NAME. But I knew something was severely wrong. I didn’t even know how to order myself an uber home to safety.
Each and everyday I see videos pictures and read about people like me transgender people, black people black men women and children black Trans women beautiful women being attacked raped brutally killed and slaughtered and I’m SICK OF IT!!! YES I AM SICK OF IT, yes you can say ALL LIVES MATTER because you choose to be more than less WELL informed of the facts but when it comes to HATE CRIMES, HATE CRIMES SPECIFICALLY due to your RACE, YOUR GENDER EXPRESSION and the FACT that our lives to most meaningless and worth nothing simply due to the just how common place it has become to take our lives that they are thought of as DISPOSABLE, AND THAT IS NOT OKAY!!!!! I am not reading off statistics or something i read up about on tumblr three minutes ago I’m speaking SOLEY from EXPERIENCE. I AM NOT A VICTIM AND I REFUSE TO BE JUSTICE HAS TO BE HAD AND HAD FOR US ALL, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE UNFORTUNATELY ALREADY PASSED!!! When severe life changes occur you realise that NOTHING MATTERS existence is solely about education, raising consciousness and improving the human condition FOR ALL!!!! #BLACKLIVESMATTER #BLACKTRANSLIVESMATTER

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Chemistry is something you can't force, it just happens, and we're particularly adept at spotting it because we're a generation of shippers (haha). We can see when a director is trying to force multiple romantic moments on two characters with no chemistry, we can see raging chemistry between two characters that 'hate' each other. All this is to say, people who think TH/TS have chemistry? Um, there's nothing there. Not only that, they think these two people are having sex? Yiiiiikes.

Domestic Disturbance

Title: Domestic Disturbance
Link: AO3
Square Filled: Role Play
Ship: Dean/Castiel
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Role Play, Dom Cas, Sub Dean, Forced/Multiple Orgasms, Masturbation, Handcuffs, Overstimulation
Summary: Desperate enough to settle for a pillow held sheepishly in front of his crotch, Dean shuffled over to the door and opened it a crack, keeping himself mostly shielded behind it. A uniformed officer stood in the hallway, scowling fiercely at him.
Word Count: 3,060
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo.

all I want is you, to want me

read it on the AO3 at

by Adrenay

When Bucky first realized it, he was alone.

With four fingers up his ass and his teacher on mind. Completely aware of what he’s doing, but trying to deny it nonetheless.

(AKA the one where Bucky really wants to fuck his teacher, but settles on his own imagination.)

Words: 2005, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Twin Cities Anarchist People of Color Engage Militancy Debate - IT'S GOING DOWN
From Unicorn Riot On July 9th, 2016 Black Lives Matter Minneapolis (BLM-Mpls), along with members of other ...

On July 9th, 2016 Black Lives Matter Minneapolis (BLM-Mpls), along with members of other groups and non-group affiliated young people, led a protest march and shutdown of highway I-94 In St Paul, MN to demand justice for Philando Castile.

During the shutdown, a multi-jurisdiction task force fired multiple rounds of rubber bullets, flash bangs, CS gas, rubber ball grenades, 40mm marker rounds, and pepper spray at protesters. In response, water bottles, rocks, and firecrackers were hurled back by numerous protesters towards police lines.

In recent days, as tensions have grown over issues such as noise levels at occupations and defense against white supremacists, questions of militancy, anarchism, direct action, and community self-defense have shot to the front of public conversation.

During and after the action, prominent BLM-Mpls activists and others made statements asserting that it was solely outside individuals who were instigating self-defense against police.

An organizer also stated through a loudspeaker that “white anarchists” were throwing fireworks onto the highway and thus “endangering black lives”.

Throughout the action, white protesters presumed to be anarchists based on their protective facial masks were verbally pressured and confronted by some BLM-Mpls allies and activists. Black anarchists and others were seen coming to the defense of their white friends before, during, and after the I-94 demonstrations, arguing the importance of focusing energy on fighting for social and economic justice instead of blaming their own allies for police repression.

An anonymous black anarchist organizer summed up their frustration and stance on militancy by stating:

I’m tired of this. Honestly. I’m gonna say some shit and I’m not gonna censor anything and you need to understand. Niggas been fuckin’ shit up. And by this I mean both at the 4th precinct and at 1-94. The militance that I’ve witnessed has been by hood niggas … with no politics and with no fucks given. I’m starting to understand that white liberals’ quest to seem so “not racist” and “POC-friendly,” and black leaders’ internalized respectability, has people completely ignoring the existence of black militance. That’s what I’ve seen. At the same time, I was too busy trying not to get hit with marker rounds up front to see everything, but if they were doing anything, white anarchists certainly weren’t alone.

The implied targets of BLM-Mpls criticism and their supporters expressed their own frustration of BLM-Mpls’s statements. “Phillip”, an organizer with the IWW’s General Defense Committee (GDC), stated

White ally means fighting back. It doesn’t mean taking orders from some leader/authority on the megaphone. It means fighting back SIDE BY SIDE with our melanated comrades, not standing in front of them and snitching to the peace police that people are picking up rocks.

There is historical precedent of political repression of anarchists in Minnesota, from 1917’s raids against radicals in Duluth and Minneapolisduring the first Red Scare, to 2007-2009 when Twin Cities anarchists faced state and federal law enforcement house raids and nuisance charges around the RNC.

The 2008 RNC also saw the “St Paul Principles” adopted, supporting a diversity of tactics, supported by a wide range of activist groups, avoiding any public or media denunciations of fellow activists and events.

As multiple networks mobilized politically under the banner of “Occupy” in 2011, dozens, if not hundreds of groups, like Oakland, considered adopting variants of the St Paul Principles in order to create more political cover for radical action.

In this broader context, in the last decade, counter-currents against militant action from more mainstream groups and the state also emerged. In numerous instances, the more mainstream side have often symbolized their antagonists as some type of ‘outside agitators’ and ‘white anarchists’ in congruence with the state’s common strategy of dividing ‘good protesters’ and ‘bad protesters’ – the very dichotomy the St Paul Principles helped prevent.

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If I control two Lunar forces, and my opponent casts a spell, both will trigger but will they both get sac'd? The card doesn't say "if you counter this spell, sacrifice Lunar Force." So I think they both get sacrificed whether or not the ability actually counters something.

Yes, both will trigger and both will be sacrificed when their triggers resolve. 

Having multiple Lunar Forces on the battlefield at the same time is a bad idea. here’s his new url! please be safe guys!

Thank you for this update!

Let it be known that this user has done the following, and continues to do so even though they have been caught multiple times

  • Forces/Coerces minors into drawing pornography for them
  • Has made minors give him nude photographs in the past
  • Blatantly hits on underage users and seems to think it’s ok because they “do not mean to”
  • Talks down to suicidal minors, telling them such things as “death is peace” and “if you want to die i won’t stop you”
  • Thinks they can be abusive and shitty all they want because “they warned you” (it doesn’t work like that)
  • Does all of the above constantly without really caring that they get caught for it every single time. Has no intentions of changing.
  • Manipulates others into thinking they’re an innocent, harmless being then turns right around and treats them like garbage

A lot more of their atrocities can be found at my callout blog, located As the founder and one of his exes, I in no way condone the harassment of this person and politely request that you do not communicate with them in any way whatsoever

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oh man there are so many abuse survivors who are jasper sympathizers including me and you know while I do not hate lapis her whole holding someone against their will via force is something my abuser did to me all the time, it is an abusive action and part of the abuse Lapis committed against Jasper who yeah is abusive as well but making note of that isn't demonizing Lapis which is something I hope you can grasp.

While I understand where you’re coming from and by no means do I want to invalidate your feelings or opinion I would just like to point out that Lapis’ stance can barely be conceived as abuse as it was more of a retaliation. 

Jasper held Lapis against her will via force, it was shown multiple times that Jasper was not only emotionally abusing Lapis but would also PHYSICALLY GRAB HER AND PULL HER AROUND. The fusion of Malachite was only consented because, yes, Lapis wanted to have a say in what happened to her for once. She wanted to have a say in what happened to Steven, the first person in probably God Knows How Long who reached out to her and treated her as more than an object, who treated her as a friend.

So, yes, it could be interpreted differently by some. But in the context of Steven Universe, Jasper’s actions were far worse than Lapis trying to find some semblance of control in amongst all the turmoil she’d been through. She spent months under the ocean quite literally Fighting Her Demons and Malachite could even be interpreted as a metaphor for the toll that abuse takes on you, you try and you try to suppress it, you can hold hold everything down at the bottom of the ocean for as long as you want, but eventually it resurfaces.

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at the very least on twitter, you aren't forced to see multiple opinions on a post besides one ,which is the original tweet.

Im forced to see “little twitter rants (1/56)”

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Now i wonder how the Battle Lord think about of the other Egg-Bosses ^^

I can tell you right now he holds some degree of respect for Tundra as a warrior, but not as a parent.

He thinks Akhlut is a complete barbarian but admires how much he’s conquered.

He, like everyone else, finds Thunderbolt incredibly annoying

He’s a bit put off by Abyss’ attitude, but they actually like being around each other and become decent friends when all is said and done, and have thought about joining forces multiple times

He finds Maw incredibly..unsettling. Not creepy, just kind of…off.

He respects Storm’s discipline but thinks she has a massive stick up her ass

He’s neutral towards Clove, but sometimes thinks Cassia is a bad influence on his son and a spoiled brat, but doesn’t say it out loud anymore. And at least his son’s happy

He has no real feelings about Axel, as they’ve rarely, if ever talked

He thinks Hood is a complete bitch and the kind of person Speedy should never become

No real opinion on Wendy

He thinks Neph is beautiful and really wants to get on her good side. He’s getting close, but she still doesn’t “like” him

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that cotton eye joe post, what do they mean 'dab'?

Honestly I am so jealous that you can ask this question. I have been subjected to 7 year old boys dabbing endlessly for months now. The other day I had to tell a kid to “quit dabbing and go to the bathroom”. I’ve been informed multiple times that “Cam Newton has the best dab”. I myself have been forced to dab on multiple occasions. It never ends. 

It’s a dance move. I don’t know the origin but here is a video of Squidward dabbing

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//i actually am very hesitant to role playing with OCs. comes with having to be forced upon by multiple threads back in my gaia days, and forcing to swallow mary sues. that auto “hi i’m so and so, i’ve known you my entire life, i’m your apprentice, and we have three kids toge-”

Relationships dont work like that in real life. it shouldn’t work that way in threads.
I’d rather build time and get to know people. Actually learn about them as a person would, rather than read a long winded bio. Not a lot of people tend to like that, so its few ocs that i’ll role play with or just not bother.