What do you desire?

Aries: Adventure, vitality and boldness.

Taurus: Comfort, pleasure and devotion.

Gemini: Laughter, conversation and intrigue. 

Cancer: A sense of home, nurture and belonging.

Leo: Adoration, expression and loyalty. 

Virgo: Discipline, wit and and healing qualities.

Libra: Beauty, connection and fairness.

Scorpio: Depth, devotion and meaning.

Sagittarius: Freedom, humour and wisdom.

Capricorn: Achievement, stability and purpose.

Aquarius: Innovation, knowledge and autonomy.

Pisces: Understanding, serenity and mysticism. 


At the sleepover and we are about to watch this….

And considering the trailer sent us into hysterics….

Dutch Swearwords.
  • Oh mijn god - Oh my god
  • Godverdomme - Goddamnit
  • Gadverdamme - Mostly used in the Netherlands in gross situations. - Gadverdamme, Josh threw up!
  • Idioot - Idiot
  • Hou je kop - Shut up (literally ‘shut your head/face)
  • Kak (Dutch), stront (Belgian) - Shit - ‘Kak, I’m late’, ‘Het is strontweer’ (It’s shitweather)
  • Kut - Quite vulgar word for vagina. Used like ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ - ‘Kut! I forgot my homework!’ You can also put ‘kut’ before any word. If you fall off the stairs, you can say ‘Kut trap!’.  You got stung by a bee? ‘Kut bij!’
  • Klote(n) - Quite vulgar word for balls.- ‘Kus mijn kloten!’ (Kiss my balls), ‘Wat een kloteweer’ (Literally: What a ballweather.) You can, like ‘kut’, put ‘klote’ before any word.
  • Pik - Quite vulgar word for penis - Wat doe je nou, pik?! (What are you doing now, dick?!) 
  • (Rot)zak - Literally (rotting) sack. - Dick, prick,… 
  • Lik mijn reet - Lick my ass
  • Kus mijn reet - Kiss my ass
  • Homo - Gay man
  • Flikker - Faggot
  • Pot - Gay woman
  • Mongool - Disabled person 
  • Debiel - Disabled person
  • Hoer - Whore
  • Teef - Bitch

A lot of Dutch people consider diseases like cancer, tyfus,… as swearwords for some reason.  They combine it with anything; from ‘Kankerweer’ (cancerweather) to ‘Kankerhoer’ (cancerwhore) to ‘Tyfuslijer’ (Tyfussufferer). Although you may hear this a lot in the Netherlands, this is uncommon in Belgium.

Words like flikker and pot also are very offensive to gay people.

Please do not do this EVER; even if you hear others say it. 

Any suggestions? Comment :)

fairy tale - сказка


злой - evil
смелый - brave
башня - tower
жаба - toad
очаровательный - charming
в некотором царстве, в некотором государстве - once upon a time (lit. in a certain kingdom, in a certain state)

New Words/Hовые Cлова:

давно - for a long time, a long time ago
сажа - soot
яд - poison
конец - end

Trollstigen - Norway

Trollstigen is a serpentine road in Norway. It is popularly known for its steep inclines and 11 hairpin bends. During peak season, 2,500 cars can pass through daily. 

Opened by King Haakon VII in 1936, vehicles over 13m long, such as buses, are banned from travelling on the road. The road is also closed during certain times of the year due to the dangerous effect weather can have.

anonymous asked:

Best Yaoi manga recommendations pleeeeaase?😊

Sorry for a late reply!! All of these you can find on the Manga Rock app~

Play Zone

Best Ending?

Yoru to Asa no Uta


Yarichin Bitch Club

Bachi Bachi

Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki

Caste Heaven

Iberiko Buta to Koi to Tsubaki

Color Recipe

Blood Bank

Abarenbo Honey

Royal Servant

Kabeana Heaven Hole

Jackass! - Sawatte li tte Dare ga Itta yo?

Kesshoku Impulse

Ibitsu Na Koi No Seesaw Game

Mother’s Spirit

No Color Baby


Sweet Heart Trigger

Hidoku Shinaide

Ten Count



Sayonara Alpha 

Hajimari Wa Naka Kara

Neon sign Amber

Animal Sweets NOT taken by the Precure! (Will add more when they release more)

Giraffe Mille Feulle
Bear Pancakes
Flamingo Churro
Panda Cookies
Strawberry Melon Bread
Swan Cream Puff
Dolphin Jelly
Hedgehog Fruit Tart
Poodle Chococake
Otter Cookies
Beluga Whale Strawberry Daifuku
Whale Jelly
Sheep Cupcake
Kangaroo Cupcake
Red Panda Cupcake
Bird Cupcake
Hamster Cupcake
Cherry Blossom Daifuku (Swedish Fish)

April 30, 2017

Remember how I said list-making Hannah would be back soon? HERE SHE IS MY DUDES !!! Last night I went to a party with my best, best gals and dressed like an idiot and danced in my fav velvet boots. It was so, so lovely and reminded me who I am: someone who doesn’t settle for mediocrity and has lots of love to give and lots of people who love her in return.

Since my race is next week (a week from today!!!!) I couldn’t drink, but I danced so much and had fun drinking water with my lovely lady April haha.

Here are some lil moments I’m holding onto:

  • Before the party, Taylor and I went to see our friend in an improv show. We go to nearly every one and it’s such a good ritual to have. Last night I realized I knew 1/3 or so of the audience, and it reminded me that I’m really making a life here. I’ve come so, so far in 2 years.
  • Also went to a music fest downtown put on by our college radio station with Taylor, Rachel, Em, and a few others and me and Emily (of course) danced like idiots — ESPECIALLY to the house music.
  • A-Punk by Vampire Weekend was playing as we left so Em and I just started FLAILING and doing this little jog/run dance.
  • Also she helped me pick out my outfit and we went and got iced coffee (and in my case a matcha latte) and I made her pasta for dinner with vegan sausage, mushrooms, and onions ah
  • At the party, there were these two girls who kept telling me MULTIPLE times how good I looked as if it was of the utmost importance for me to understand their sincerity. It totally made my night
    • This happened a lot with a lot of different girls and I just love girls so much and girls who support each other I could burst
    • Also having a girl gang is like ????? What is better?????
  • At one point during the party, me and my friend Nic jacked the aux and it was a BLAST
  • My friend Jack and I played Kanye’s “The New Workout Plan” and did all the essential workout moves while singing every word (cue: DUMBBELL ARM MOTIONS). It was something out of Georgia Nicholson.
  • At another point during the party, my friend braced me by the shoulders and looked at me VERY INTENTLY to tell me how happy he was that we’re friends and it was so PURE.
  • After the party I took a few people home and Nic rode behind us on his bike and I didn’t know how to get outta the neighborhood so I drove really slow next to his bike while he navigated me. All the windows were down and we were listening to the College Dropout.

That’s all I got for now, lovelies. Megan might come see me today but otherwise I’m cooking all day for a cookout I have later with a student org I’m in. I feel so lovely and whole because I’m realizing that I’m not a broken person. I haven’t failed. I haven’t isolated everyone in my life or scared them away with my mental illness like my ex-friends who bullied me in high school said I would.

I’ve made a life here and there are so many people who love me.

Sending you all love and resilience. If I can be okay, you can too.

All my love always,
H xx

p.s. the song for today’s overcast Sunday morning with a cookbook and my big ol cup of coffee is “Beach Comber” by Real Estate

Five problems in chthonic physics

1. Consider a perfect sphere, of uniform density d and radius r, which has just been discovered in the deepest vault of a newly-found pyramid in Egypt. If it is exposed to a metaphysical potential V(x) of the type described in the Voynich Manuscript, derive the width of the ghastly chasm that is about to yawn open beneath the vault, and give the most likely half-life of the sanity of any observers.

2. What physical processes lead to the formation of lightning? Assume a day-old corpse is placed in a standard reanimation chamber. Using Cornelius’s animatory decay equation, estimate the size of thunderstorm that will be needed for a 50 percent chance of full revival.

3. Describe the chain of fusion reactions that provide the Sun’s primary energy source. When the planets align, calling the Old Ones from the void, that other set of reactions that Science dare not name will start up in the Sun’s heart. Estimate, from basic physical and mystical principles, the time that an observer located on the Earth would need to observe a change in the Sun’s output from the starting of the Other Reactions, and show that this far exceeds the time required for humanity to succumb to the ghastly malignities of the Old Ones.

4. If an ancient flooded city is submerged in a water-filled well of 50m diameter and 100m depth, show that water pressure will be sufficient to seal shut that city’s haunted temples, given that they demonstrate a typical level of cacodemonaical activity. Assume a team of investigators, heedless of the awful phantasms lurking below, descend to the city in a spherical submarine of radius 3m. If energy transport within the well is primarily by convection, how long after their intervention will it take for the surface of the well to be contaminated by the soul-annihilating stench of evil?

5. Consider a vast, crawling horror beyond the capacity of the healthy human mind to imagine. Is approximating the horror by a uniform cylinder of length x and length r a valid strategy for preserving the desperate shreds of your rational mind for long enough to scrawl a warning message in the tunnel to this accursed place? Assume moderate light levels and approximately one litre of blood for ink.