Breif context: me and two friends went to a Dennys late at night to play a one shot. At one point my fellow PC (the bard) had a small flame cast at his characters groin.
BARD: I’m bound! I can’t put this out! (Laughing hysterically)
DM: well the Orc walks up and raises his foot to stop out the flame.
DM:(losing it) I can’t believe… How big would you say BARD’S crotch is? I gotta know what I’m aiming for…

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geez its so refreshing to see a blog that isnt bitter nitpicky su crit. i really like this breath of positivity

Oh it’s so good to have you here!! Welcome to the Cinnamon Roll Club!

We’re gonna spread them good vibes and ride out this wave of negativity together, just you wait and see!

Dear Inferno,

It was a bit awkward at first, but knowing at least a bit of the slang used in a country you’re visiting always proves helpful in easing into its culture.

I have studied religions other than my own, and, having met many of their followers, drew a few of my own conclusions about them.  The most important of them is this: a religion can shape the one follows it into a good and noble human being, or into a putrid and selfish creature, depending on how it is practiced.  I have witnessed this truth in many of my fellow Khura’inists, in fact.

-Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

P.S. It’s not very often I hear that outside of my own country.  Thank you for your compliment.

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going off that other ask, I agree that Harry can be kinky. And I love that there's so many stories for that but there's like zero... romantic smuts on here. It's all good and well because I truly do admire the work put into writing kinky things but I have a soft spot for romantic ones. (I hope this doesn't sound like I am complaining, I love your writing. Just an observation.)

If you mean here as in my blog, unfortunately, I agree with you. I’ve already expressed to my friends and fellow writers how I’d love to write something more romantic but I just … can’t. I’ve tried a lot and I’ve managed a romantic moment here and there, but most of the requests I get and ideas I have are mostly on the kinkier side, so I’ve just accepted the fact that my blog and writing are on the kinky side of things.

I’d LOVE it if we had more of the romantic stuff too, but that’s not the case and I’ve come to terms with that lol

But, there are a lot of talented writers out there, like @permanentcross and @whoopsharrystyles and @trulymadlysydney and @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly that write more on the romantic side (also including the naughty stuff) and I am sure there are many others too, so I’d advice you to check them out cause they’re amazing!

me: sometimes i think you guys call out things that arent inherently racist and while i can see where ur coming from most of the time i dont think its very good
ten white anons in my inbox at the same time: you are SOOOO right i should be able to be as racist as i want without being called out thank you my fellow whitey!!!

SJ Res 34- Arizona

I have one further note about SJ Res 34, which allows internet service providers the right to sell private personal data without consent or notification.

My fellow Arizonians, we have our Senator, Jeff Flake, to thank for it.  He brought the measure to the Senate, and he is wholly pleased with himself.

I have read his justification for the resolution and it makes no sense whatsoever.  He seems to be claiming that the measure actually protects consumers, which is demonstratively not true.

He is up for re-election in 2018.

If this resolution is passed, we must make him pay for it.

He didn’t stand up for us.

He acted against us.

Never forget that.