Majid Jordan FT Drake - My Love (Official Video) (New)


Majid Jordan (feat. Drake) - My Love.

I Love Owl City Because

There are a million reasons to love owl city and I cannot even begin to articulate how much you and your music mean to me. It is a source of inspiration and of comfort. Sometimes both at the same time. 

So, here is a letter to adamyoungofficial

I grew up an artsy person and one of my favourite things to do was doodle your song lyrics. Sometimes it was words, most of the time, I loved to illustrate the strange and whimsical imaginings in your music. My childhood fantasies were literally the product of your songs and up till now, I still find so much magic in the music you make. From astronauts on ocean floors to watching stars fall over the Hudson bay or waltzing through the forest with ghosts and sharks. You opened my eyes to so many impossible things that are still so lovely and wonderful. It made me the person I am today and shaped the way I thought and created. I can see it in the art I make, in the music I play and even in the things I write. I would not have been me today if I had not had your music to inspire me in the way that it did and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Another thing I guess is also the sense of familiarity and home-y ness in your work is pretty damn amazing. I mean, after a long day theres really nothing like hunkering down with some tea and owl city to recharge (that or blasting your music, full volume with speakers and headbanging to dreams and disasters). Im a pretty introverted person most of the time and the familiarity of your music can be a much needed comfort some days. After all, I, and I’m sure many other of your fans out there grew up with your songs. Theres really no better explanation than that.

So in total, I love owl city because other than being the source of a lot of my inspiration and a reminder that life can be amazing and lovely because it is what you make of it, it is also a part of what makes me, me and I wouldnt have it any other way. 

Me and the hootowls send our love and, well, I hope you see it and I hope it provides the same kind of inspiration and comfort that Owl City gives to me.