things I learnt at the ATL/Good Charlotte Gig:

1- Alex has massive nipples

2- Benji Madden is Jack’s dad

3- Benji & Rian are both models for men’s sleepwear

4- Jack has tiny nipples

5- Jack loves Biebs

6- Jack ships Rilex & wants them to 69

7- Joel can freestyle about ATL

8- it’s not the meat of the taco it’s the stuff on top

9- Jack wants to pour his ‘white cream’ over the top of a taco bc apparently that’s how he was made?

10- Zack knows how to play ‘Don’t You Want Me’ for some reason.

11- Zack likes to sit at home and learn 80’s songs

anonymous asked:

Whatever you do, don't imagine Brandt murmuring "What did they do to you?" to an unconscious Benji

(I HAD TO, I HAD NO CHOICE, MY BRAIN WENT HAYWIRE WHEN I SAW THIS ASK. Also sorry not sorry for the cliffhanger.)

The sounds of gunfire echoing down the hall began to taper off, a loud explosion ending it completely. The lights were dim, swinging from the ceiling as the tremors from the bomb traveled down the building. It was almost cliche and had the situation been different, Will might have laughed at the way it was playing out. But he had other things on his mind as he made his way along the corridor, gun aimed ahead of him as he searched.

He heard the sounds of Ethan and Jane shouting, Luther’s voice in his earpiece from the van to confirm that they were ready to go the second that they were clear. But their voices sounded rather distant as he focused on the door at the end of the hall. This had to be it.

Once he was close enough, he braced himself and gave the door a swift kick, satisfied when the hinges buckled under the force and it swung open. Inside, two men immediately began to panic, but Will wasted no time in putting bullets in their heads, watching as their lifeless bodies crumbled to the ground. It killed him to have to do it, but he wandered around the room quickly, ensuring that he was safe to holster his weapon.

“Benji…” He rushed over to the center of the room where his partner lay, strapped down to a large table much like one you might see in an operating theater. His shirt had been cut open, revealing a sight that made him feel ill. His torso had been opened up before being sewn shut again. It was a sloppy job and it definitely looked as though it was infected. Running a gentle hand over Benji’s hair, not wanting to aggravate any injuries, he looked down at his unconscious face and shook his head, anger boiling inside of him. “What did they do to you?”

“Do you have him?” Ethan’s voice echoed in his ear and snapped him from his trance.

“Yes. I’m bringing him to the south west exit. Meet me there, Luther.”

“You got it.” At Luther’s confirmation, Will undid the restraints and carefully lifted Benji into his arms. He felt so light and limp in his hold and it made his stomach turn. He wished that he could have killed each and every last one of these bastards for what they had done, but he shook the thought from his mind and focused on getting Benji to safety. They had to get him to a hospital and figure out what had been done to him.