Benji (B.I.G) [Profile]

REAL NAME: Benjamin JaeWook Bae (벤자민제욱배) [K-Poppin’ 2014.07.24]

GROUP(S): B.I.G (비아이지)

POSITION: Vocal, Rap

BIRTHDATE: 1992.05.03

ORIGIN: Indiana, United States of America —> Seattle, Washington, United States of America [Sports World 2014.07.15 + K-Poppin’ 2014.07.24]




ZODIAC: Taurus / Monkey

HEIGHT: 183cm (≈6’0”) [STARAZ 2015.02.10]

WEIGHT: 72kg (≈159lbs) [STARAZ 2015.02.10]

FAMILY: mother, father [K-Poppin’ 2014.07.24 + K-Crush America 2014.07]

EDUCATION: Juilliard School (Violin major, 2010~2011) [STARAZ 2015.02.10]

HOBBIES & SKILLS: violin, yoyo, beatboxing, rap, writing lyrics, composing, cooking


  • 바흐를 꿈꾸며 언제나 칸타레 (Always Cantare) (tvN, 2014.12.05~2014.12.26) [fixed cast member]
  • 잘 살아보세 (Good Life) (Channel A, 2015.03.12~present) [fixed cast member]


  • Music Access (Arirang Radio, 2015.04.20~present) [DJ]


  • He started playing the violin at the age of 4 & studied it up until his first year of college, but knew it wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. [Sound K 2014.07.28 + ”Hello” MV Interview 2014.07.30]
  • When he was in elementary school & junior high school, he would participate in musicals over the summer, but it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he started to entertain the idea of pursuing singing. Later, he also took dance classes while enrolled at Julliard & during that time his dream of becoming a singer was solidified. [K-Poppin’ 2014.07.24 + Sound K 2014.07.28 + ”Hello” MV Interview 2014.07.30]
  • He came to Korea in 2011/2012 with the purpose of becoming a singer & trained for 3 years before debuting. [Sports World 2014.07.15 + K-Poppin’ 2014.07.24]


  • “I don’t really try, but my cuteness just oozes out naturally… like sweat.” [K-Populous 2014.12.07]
  • (After the opposing team said they had more experience.)
    “We fresh! We fresh, like vegetables! You know like fresh fruit. You know what I’m talkin’ about?” [After School Club After Show 2015.01.21]
  • “Celebration Day turn up!” [After School Club 2015.02.24]
  • “I’m much more normal in comparison to some of my members. I just want the power of teleportation.” [Sound K 2014.07.28]
  • Q: Could you briefly introduce yourselves, please?
    B.I.G: Hello, my name is XXX & I’m the rapper/vocalist/etc of B.I.G.
    Benji: Hi, my name is Benji. I play the violin, sing, rap & sort of cook. I also like pandas.
    [K-Crush America 2014.07]

Photo Credit(s): Benstory | LOVE BENJI vv  | MINT CHOCO

Last Updated: 2015.05.04

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What was your:

  • Last drink = Lucozade
  • Last phone call = Kaitlin
  • Last text message= Kaitlin
  • Last song you listened to = Jason Mraz, I’m Yours
  • Last time you cried = Last night
  • Have you ever:
  • Dated someone twice= Nope
  • Been cheated on = No
  • Kissed someone and regretted it = No
  • Lost someone special = Yes
  • Been depressed = ..yeah, I guess
  • Been drunk and thrown up = No
  • List three favorite colours: Grey, Blue, Green
  • In the last year have you:
  • Made a new friend = Yes
  • Fallen out of love = No
  • Laughed until you cried = Yes
  • Met someone who changed you = Yeah
  • Found out who your true friends are = Yup
  • Found out someone was talking about you = Yes
  • Kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list = No
  • General:
  • How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = Most of them
  • Do you have any pets = No
  • Do you want to change your name = No
  • What did you do for your last birthday = I went out for a meal with my family
  • What time did you wake up today = 9:30 Am
  • What were you doing at midnight last night = Sleeping
  • Name something you CANNOT wait for = Seeing my girlfriend in June.
  • Last time you saw your mother = Right now
  • What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = How much my grandparents hate me
  • What are you listening to right now = Life after Beth (a film)
  • Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? = Yes
  • What’s getting on your nerves right now? = I have an itchy hand!
  • Most visited website = Tumblr
  • Blood type= I don’t know
  • Nickname = Clo/ Shep/ Shepherd/ Chloe Shep
  • Relationship Status = Taken
  • Zodiac sign = Gemini
  • Pronouns = She/Her
  • Favorite TV show = Rizzoli and Isles
  • Elementary = What are you asking?
  • High school ??
  • College = ?
  • Hair color = Brown
  • Long or short= Short
  • Height= 5"3
  • Do you have a crush on someone= yes
  • What do you like about yourself = My eyes
  • Tattoos = I’m not opposed to them, but I don’t have any and I don’t plan on having them
  • Righty or lefty = Lefty• First surgery = I’ve never had surgery
  • First piercing = My ears
  • First best friend = Roxanne/ Kealy
  • First sport you joined = Swimming• First vacation = Spain
  • First pair of trainers = I don’t know
  • Right now:
  • Eating = Nothing :(
  • Drinking = Nothing :(
  • I’m about to = Get food!
  • Listening to = A movie
  • Waiting for = Food!
  • Want kids = Right now?! No
  • Get married = Not right now!• Career = I work in a hotel…is that what you’re asking?
  • Which is better:
  • Lips or eyes = Eyes
  • Hugs or kisses = Both
  • Shorter or taller = Taller
  • Older or younger = Either
  • Romantic or spontaneous = Spontaneous
  • Nice stomach or nice arms = Arms
  • Sensitive or loud = Both
  • Hook up or relationship = Relationship
  • Trouble maker or hesitant = Trouble Maker
  • Have you ever:
  • Kissed a stranger = No
  • Drank hard liquor = No
  • Lost glasses/contacts = Yes
  • Sex on first date = No
  • Broke someone’s heart = No
  • Had your own heart broken = No
  • Been arrested = No
  • Turned someone down = Nope
  • Cried when someone died = Yes
  • Fallen for a friend = Yes
  • Do you believe in:
  • Yourself = Sometimes
  • Miracles = No
  • Love at first sight = No
  • Heaven = I don’t know
  • Santa Claus = No
  • Kiss on the first date = Yes
  • Angels = No

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Mother Of Us All | Closed Starter |   iam-yourqueen |

He’d been famished after the interview with Benji, more mentally exhausted than he’d expected – but in a good way, an excited way he hadn’t felt in quite some time, save when he was with Marius. The opportunities to set a few things straight, to give voice to his own thoughts and feelings rather than by proxy of the books written for and by others; it was something he’d needed and hadn’t even known.

Central Park was his next destination; dangerous after dark, and when he’d been mortal, he’d always avoided it once the sun had begun it’s decent on the horizon, on those rare occasions he had ventured out before Armand would seek him out. But now it was waiting there for him, like a full buffet in waiting, and he could already hear the perverted and dark thoughts of a few that lurked in the shadows calling to him like a beacon.

He made his first kill within minutes, some common thug who’d approached him with a pocketknife, intent on slitting his throat for his wallet. Too quick, his prey had gone down, and Daniel had tasted almost instantly the drugs coursing through this one’s veins, making him dizzy. He went on his knees with the body, drawing out those last few mouthfuls that he could before the heart had stopped.

When he’d pulled away was when he’d first heard it; the thundering heartbeat of another immortal, but such was its strength that he found himself frozen in place. This was no common vampire, but an ancient that had to rival the age even of his lover. Preternatural eyes scanned the area around him, and thought ever instinct in him was to run, as Marius had always instructed him to do, doing so now felt foolish. Running from anything immortal would only serve to attract it’s attention.

Something to his left caused his head to snap in that direction, and that’s when he had seen it – seen her, though everything he’d seen in the past told him it was impossible. Hadn’t he seen with his own vampire eyes the twins, Maharet and Makare, with her brain and her heart in their hands? He even started to shake his head, but thought better of it, and he stared at her a moment more with wide eyes before he did the only thing that seemed right in that instant.

Already on his knees, he bowed his head, recalling as rapidly as he could that Marius had kept her often in shrines, that she, Akasha, the mother of all vampires, might find it pleasing to see one of her own, and especially one as young as he was, pay her some respect.

Chloe: “Get your passports updated ladies, because we are going to the beautiful Copenhagen!”

Everyone: *cheering*

*Awkward silence*

Fat Amy: “Where even is that?”

Chloe: “I don’t know, I failed maps.”

EUROPE! By; Chloe Beale.