Well, this is a sort of tutorial.. (??)

well.. DISCLAIMER: its ok if you draw Sally with the first muzzle form.. it doesn’t look bad on her.. remember Ben Bates pre-reboot Sally Acorn?, it looked very nice like that. anyways…

so its just thing of likes and learning.. in my case, i learned that to make a character look more SEGA Sonic like, you don’t nesesary have to go for the Tails or Rouge face design…  or the typical Sonic body type.. and concerving some stuff from her original design makes her look ore recognizable as herself… dunno if i explain myself very well  ^_^U hehe…

also.. her eyes.. to make a character look more SEGA, you don’t necesary have to make their eyes really wide big just like Sonic’s..

so that’ would be… hope this results useful somehow..


Pages from Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything! #4 (2016)

Writers – Dustin Weaver & Ben Bates

Artists – Dustin Weaver page 1, Nick Pitarra 2,5-7,10-11, Benjamin Tiesma 3-4,8-9, Damian Couceiro 12-13, Pablo Tunica 14-15,19, Tadd Galusha 16, Aaron Conley 17-18, Ryan Browne 20

Colorists – Bill Crabtree pages 1,3,4,8,9,12-16,19,20, Michael Garland 2,5-6,10,11, Jean Francois Beaulieu 17,18, Ryan Browne 20

The Marks of Running Ink pt.18

The Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]

Pairing: Negan x Tory Miller (ofc)

Word count: 1,884

Summary: The world as Tory knew it didn’t exist anymore. The world is a nightmare where corpses come back to life and where you can barely trust those at your side, a world in which no wall can offer sanctuary. In a world where nothing is more important than surviving, what do you need a soulmate for?

The world as Negan knew it ended in a hospital room, but his new world started right there as well, a world at the tip of his fingers, a world for him to write the rules. And rule number one is: Nothing matters if you’re dead.

Warnings:SLOW BURN, angst, swearing, death, violence, fluff, hurt/comfort, child endangerment, general trauma, drama, mentions of infidelity, general lack or morals, mentions of nudity, mentions of blood, apocalyptic world. As always, I don’t want to give the story away in the tags, read at your own risk.

Author’s note: Sooooo! We’re here! Let’s all thank @jeffreydeanneganstrash, because she’s a great beta, a great friend and just so damn talented and we all wouldn’t be here without her, i love her! Now, we’ve started book two of The Marks and I’m so happy, you have no idea. We have a new summary, a new chapter title and the world went to hell! Which means more angst!! So please tell me what you think. You want a tag? Sure, drop me a line!

Now this chapter is for @i-am-negan-trash, girl, I adore you so much. I hope you like this one.    

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Henry wasn’t in bed.

The sheets were cold already.

Tory sat up, releasing a sigh slowly. She left the bed and took a short shower. She dressed fast and methodically, using every second of the ten minutes it took her to get ready.

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Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog #252 Cover by Ben Bates (deviant art)

I’m really interested in reading this series! I go online and see comic dubs and different pages from several comics, and I really love the artwork and the imaginative characters that were featured. If I could just find the first comic, I would love to read it! I just wish they made this into a tv show rather than “Sonic Boom”. There’s a lot of potential merchandise here! 🎮🏃

anonymous asked:

With news of the IDW Sonic comics coming up tomorrow, what are your hopes and wishes for it?

The license and it’s characters to be treated with respect

You know, IDW not pulling an Archie, not incorporating half-baked, disingenuous bullshit such as hooky “character development” (Read; Character derialment for agenda’s), stuff that has no place in a Sonic work i.e Political commentary/Conspiracies, grimdark nonsense and generally the comic to be loyal to the feeling of the games.

Some actual quality standards for storytelling and characterization without writer biases or questionable ideas showing their face

No creator’s pets please. No spotlight stealers either. Or flagrantly annoying and/or badly designed canon foreigners. Had enough of that in Archie thank you very much. And for the love of God, I expect the SEGA characters to be recognizable i.e No jerkass Sonic a ‘la Flynn!Sonic, complete dumbass Knuckles a ‘la Boom!Knuckles or psycho Amy a ‘la X!Amy.

I also expect logical and absorbing storytelling without plotholes, idiot plots or bad “humor” a ‘la Pontaff.

Good artists to be hired.

I for one wouldn’t mind at all and would in fact be very happy if Diana Skelly, Tyson Hesse, Ben Bates, Steven Butler and Evan Stanley to say a few were hired to draw art for the comic. I rather liked their art in Archie.

Faithful game adapts would be pretty swish.

If IDW for instance used the Adventure games as the basis of story arcs, adapting their storylines in a faithful and whatsmore interesting way and perhaps even adding more of value to what is there to work with, you won’t see me complain at all.

Sidelined characters being given focus.



CELEBRATE 275 ISSUES OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG with his good buddy Mega Man and the worlds of STREET FIGHTER, BILLY HATCHER, NiGHTS INTO DREAMS, MONSTER HUNTER and more in this DOUBLE-SIZED ISSUE! “Worlds Unite” Part Eleven: It’s pan-dimensional pandemonium as the unified army begins their attack on Sigma!  Sonic, Mega Man and X lead an all-star roster of heroes from across the SEGA and Capcom universes in an all-out assault against the villainous robot from the future!  Will they be enough to save all their worlds, or has Sigma already become a god?  Featuring a wrap-around cover from the legendary Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante! PLUS 5 variant covers from Edwin Huang, Lamar Wells, Tracy Yardley, Rafa Knight and part 11 of the epic 12-part connecting variant cover series by artist Ben Bates! Don’t miss the penultimate chapter to the biggest crossover event in Archie Action history!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tyson Hesse, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms

Apparently Josie Bates’ “special friend” Kelton (I think) is like 22 years old and has had something with Josie for a while now. She just turned 18. Kinda pervy in my opinion. Does this guy have anything better to do than date someone barely legal?! Also, I find it creepy that he’s 22 cause that’s Ben’s age, and it’s like Ben courting Josie Bates. Creepy.