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LUCKY SEVEN is a fire emblem fates zine with our favorite thief niles as its muse!!!! this was a super fun project spearheaded by kaze & me 

32pg of full color illusts + b/w comics (re: niles’ past/future) with 16 brilliant artists!!

alin | andy leigh r | catherine | cosu |emmy | dahui | jelly | kaze |  lou | mallius |  milleto | myku | peri | shy | vawn | ven | brett

there’s also a charm bundle with a pre-order exclusive button set! you can pick it up at otakon or ♡♡♡ PRE-ORDER HERE ♡♡♡♡

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Is there a certain style you have that is not a button up shirt , pants , and a brown bag ? I'm just wondering , and if you need any help I could give you some fasion tips !!!

The bag stays.

some good #looks on boys

•gray sweats + thin black tank top

•tiny lil short shorts + a soft cotton striped t-shirt + vans

•high waisted skirt + crop top + flats + soft, dewy makeup

•thin white tank top (no bra, tiddies out, nips visible) + black cotton panties

•white t-shirt + funky patterned button-up (unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up past the elbows) + tan chinos + oxfords

•classic “little black dress” + stillettos + intense makeup

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#BC ANDREW WOULD LOOK SO CUTE WITH SALT WATER CURLED HAIR OKAY FUCK ME UPPPPP well shit now i can't stop thinking about this

honestly neither can i anyway andrew would look like some kind of ocean god and i’m totally fine. just. fuck i keep imagining him in like full beach mode. obv he has his armbands on but like, if its a small beach he’d be shirtless, maybe, or just in a white shirt. oh jesus acutally, andrew in a white button up and shorts but the shirts wet cause he went for a swim with neil. picture it. curly hair and like a clingy slightly unbuttoned white shirt and just black shorts probably (or neil’s jorts?? andrew is jorts) and there’s sand all up his calves and he’s got some freckles from the sun but he’s also tanning a bit and the tips of his hair are lighter. (also consider neil playing with it and giggling a little at how crunchy it is and trying to curl his hair into little ringlets around his fingers). anyway #AndrewMinyardForGodOfTheOcean2k16

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Steven 17 + connie 19

they’re here,

send me a steven and a connie for a stevonnie!!

Stages of Winning Camp NanoWrimo...

When your zombified self realizes that you crossed the 50,000 word count line 150 words ago…..

When you REALLY realize that you’ve crossed the 50,000 word count line…

When the bone-deep weariness you’ve somehow kept at bay via dangerous levels of caffeine and spontaneous jumping jacks finally catches up to you….

When you submit your work and wait… and wait… and wait for the validate button to light up because processing 50,000 words takes a minute…

When you finally validate and gain access to your goodies page….

When you realize that even though you got 50,000 words in, you’re still a good 40,000 away from the end of your novel…

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Can you have Lance trying to nickname his s/o but it turns out to go from embarrassing to cringy. He eventually comes upon the word Darling, and that finally hits the right button. How it ends is up to you!

“How about doll?” Lance asked, idly looking over his nails.

“What, are you Keith now?” You smirked.

Keith huffed and crossed his arms “Bear?”

You furrowed your eyebrows and confusion and Lance shrugged.

“Sugar-bear?” Keith tried, flashing you a hopeful smile.

“Nah…” You said, trailing off. “What’s the point of this again?”

“Come on! We just need to find a good name,” Lance said, stroking a non-existent beard.

“Aha! I got it,” Lance cried out after several seconds, “Darling!”

You pondered his words and then shot Lance a smile, “Perfect.”

anonymous asked:

hmm, don't you ever have the thought that soo is insecure about his body, in this case im talking about his tummy bc he always buttons up his blazer, isnt it some kind of action to protect his tummy from the audience's eyes?

hmm it’s possible anon. from what i’ve heard ksoo has an issue regarding anxiety (?) – some fans said this due to the fact he loves biting his nails, so i think what you’ve said is possible 

i hope he doesn’t feel pressured regarding this body thing bc i’ve read on fanacc that BH kinda starve himself (he didn’t eat rice and spat out his food [?]) to gain muscles (abs) cuz he had promised the fans back then to show them that… 

so i hope he (or any other member) doesn’t do the same thing just to look good ;~;

bts as things

seokjin: the smell of coffee. the battle marks of flour on your face and clothes after baking. milk and honey chapstick. pastel colors. licking cake batter out of the bowl. romantic comedies. freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. constellations.

yoongi: warm blankets on a cold, rainy day. film cameras. polaroid photos. mocha almond fudge ice cream. bath bombs. button up shirts. seeing your breath in cold air. handwritten letters. hand warmers. pine cones. the sound of keyboard clicks.

hoseok: the rays of sunshine that seeps through the window in the morning. making someone smile. fireworks. a good hair day. bumping into a childhood friend. hearing a story about yourself as a child. the rainbow after the rain. balloons. cotton candy.

namjoon: big shopping bags. the marks of lipstick on your wrist after shopping for makeup. sketchbooks filled with fashion designs. learning to speak a new language. abstract art museums. yellowing classic literature books. round glasses. calligraphy pens.

jimin: walking barefoot in the grass. squeaky giggles. lotus hand cream. eskimo kisses. warm clothes straight out of the dryer. eye contact with your crush. texting under a blanket. thick rimmed glasses. cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

taehyung: laughing so hard that the laughs are silent. the adrenaline after riding a roller coaster. mirrors that make your face look funny. rolling down hills. speaking in a helium voice. watching clouds change shape. animation movies. picture books.

jungkook: timberland boots. plain white t-shirts. extreme sports. the sweet pain after a workout. sliding around on a wood floor with socks. learning to play a new instrument. superhero figurines. extra large stuffed animals. action movies. tiramisu cake.

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Kaz and Inej's first date?? Bonus if it's a couple date!! hehehe. Thank you. (:

Okay so I’ve been absolutely wanting to write this/waiting for someone to request it, so thanks for that! I lowkey fangirled over this when I was writing it :P

“Try and smile,” Wylan had said.

“Talk.” Jesper had said.

“Don’t mess up.” Matthias had said.

Kaz had no idea as to how he was to do all of this at once. He’d already thrown aside his pride when asking Nina for help with what to wear, and she’d declared that everything he owned was “depressing”. She’d dragged him out to shop and they’d come back with a new button-up, and blue waistcoat. Nina had told him that he was not allowed to wear a suit jacket because “It’s a date, Kaz, not a heist!” Besides, there wasn’t much pretending around Inej, either.

He still couldn’t believe she’d agreed to have dinner with him. He’d been so sure she’d turn him down, so sure that she wouldn’t want to spend time with him, that he hadn’t even been nervous about asking her out. It was a spur of the moment question, words that flew out of his mouth before he’d even had time to think. They’d been eating at their favorite waffle house, along with the four others. Syrupy plates and crumbs had been scattered over their table, and Jesper was cracking jokes left and right. While all of this noise had been happening around them, Kaz and Inej talked in their own little world. They talked about many things, about money and people and friends. And then Kaz decided that Inej looked strangely beautiful in the establishment’s dim lighting and his brain prodded him to ask her on a date.

Stepping out onto the flat roof outside of his window, he braced his hands on his hips and stared out at Ketterdam. The sun was on its way to the horizon, the light lazy and golden. Kaz had laid out a blanket, and pinned down one of its corners with a bag filled with food he’d picked up from a restaurant. Two sets of utensils, plates, cups, and a bottle of cider he’d bought were opposite of it. Kaz was just bending down to switch them when he sensed her behind him.

“Hello.” She said, cheeks a little red from the wind. Her hair was not coiled and pinned, it fell around her in dark waves. She was wearing her quilted vest over a loose, fluttery, short black dress that would’ve showed a great deal of leg except for her knee-high stockings.

“Hello.” Kaz returned, remembering to keep his footing.

“You look nice.” Inej commented, a smile pulling at her lips.

“You look better. I mean, you look nice also, but more than I do.” Kaz swallowed hard, stiffening. Inej laughed softly and his tensed muscles loosened immediately.

“Thank you.” She sat down, tucking her skirt under her knees. Kaz hurried to sit beside her. He rubbed his forefinger and thumb together, the leather covering them unpleasantly shifting against each other. With a quick glance he noticed that she didn’t have a single blade on her. There was a beat of silence where he slowly removed his gloves. Now both of them were vulnerable. Inej looked at his hands but didn’t say anything, waiting patiently.

“I still remember what you said.” Kaz explained quietly. “About my armor.” He looked up and saw her lips part briefly. They stared at each other for a good amount of time before a crow flying past squawked loudly.

“Let’s eat.” Inej pulled the food towards them.

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