A very rare unifoozle. Sighting of this creature are very few and far between and until recently they were thought to be extinct. She is a very sleepy creature and would love nothing more than to snuggle up with you.

This cute creature is available over on my etsy shop!  She’s $40 +shipping.


Made to order foozles are always available if anyone is interested!
Normal foozle are $40 and deer foozle are $45 (before shipping).
Here’s a link to a listing for normal made to order foozles on my etsy (if you’re interested in a deer foozle I can make a custom listing).
I have several different colors available and a few different fur types (which I can show you if interested).

18 plushies are still looking for homes!

Currently available are:
1 foozle ($40)
3 bats ($20 each)
9 dinosaurs ($15 each)
5 elephants ($17 each)

Prices above do not include shipping.  Please check out my etsy shop for these plushies’ listings (which include better pictures).  I will happily remake a plush in a specific color (if I had said color of fabric) if you do not see what you’re looking for!  However, I charge an extra $5 for custom orders.  Or you can suggest colors for future batches if you don’t mind waiting.

(One light blue dino has not been listed yet, but I will list it for you if you want him!  Just message me.)

Signal boosts are very appreciated!  I need money to buy Chirstmas presents and such.

This is Mumble. Mumble is a type of creature known as a “foozle”. Mumble likes to think of himself as a sheep. He will follow flocks around until they accept him into their group. He will try and blend in with the sheep, but when a shepard finally notices him he will move off and find another flock of sheep.

Mumble is made of some sort of sherpa type fabric, double sided minky for his face, fleece for his horns, and felt for his nose. He is right around 11 inches tall at the tip of his horns and he’s super soft and cuddly.

He’s $40 and you can buy him here:

You can get 15% off buy adding “HAPPYBIRTHDAY” in the coupon section.  You’ll need to act fast, though.  The coupon runs out on the 15th!