The footprint that caught Richard Ramirez. At the time, Ramirez bought a new pair of shoes that were extremely unique and rather easily traceable. Were it not for this footprint, Ramirez might have still been killing to this day.


Dinosaur footprints // Isle of Skye, Scotland

Though a size scale may be difficult, in the top left is not a child’s foot. That is an adult female size 5 in a chunky walking boot (aka my foot), and that is no normal rock pool! Though millions of years of erosion has worn away many of the separate toe marks, that is in fact a dinosaur’s footprint. To anyone not paying attention, these would seem like normal rock pools, but on closer inspection they follow regular patterns matching the stride of dinosaurs who walked what would have been a lagoon 150 million years ago. Over 100 footprints have said to have been found at this locality (depending on how far the tide is out) but despite the numbers it’s easy to see why people hadn’t noticed them until only last year! Awesome!


The Famous Yeti Tracks

During an Everest expedition in 1951, a long trail of footprints were discovered by Eric Shipton. Shipton was 20,000 feet above sea level at this point of his climb when the footprints were discovered. Using an ice pick for scale, Shipton laid it next to the prints. The footprints were measured to be from 12-13 inches. This was the first piece of physical evidence captured about the Abominable Snowman. The photos have been the subject of a lot of criticism, but most people claim it’s one of the best pieces of evidence of the Yeti’s existence.