Footlose (2011)

I can’t believe it took me so long to see this movie ! I think this one it’s in my top 5 dance movies ever ! This is the remake of the one from 1984. I have to say that the newer version it’s much better in my opinion. 

The action takes place in a small town in Georgia. In the beginning we can see these teens partying while driving, sadly all 5 of them die in a car crash. Later we find out that the teens were returning home after a dance. Then three years later when Ren moves in with his aunt and uncle after his mom dies we find out that one of the teens from the car crash was the reverend’s son. We also get to meet Ariel, the reverend’s daughter. So to cut the long story short there is alot of dancing haha and i love it !! I’ve been searching for a good movie about dance for so long ! 

The actors were so hot ! Kenny Wormald is really cute and Julianne Hough is smoking hot ! The whole movie i was like “I wanna look like that !!! Like now !!”

Anyway, that’s all i’m gonna say so have fun watching it and feel free to tell me if you liked it.