Another 'the girls aren't actually real' theory

I’ve noticed some similarities within the hyyh pairings and the girls in these highlight reels

So Tae ran away with his girl after being spotted by the police whilst doing graffiti- the same way he did in the Run video with Rapmon. And in the last video we saw him swing the golf club the same way Rapmon did in the prologue video.

Hobi’s girl injured herself whilst dancing- Jimin hurt himself in the same way doing the same choreography.

Yoongi angrily left his girl in the street which reminded me of the fight scene in run before he threw the chair.

There were other similarities too of course- like Jin’s girl being in a car crash like Jungkook was and Jungkook seeing an empty hospital bed like Jimin did in Lie- and they all just make me think that we are watching the same stories again but with the girls replacing a specific member.

Honestly, I don’t know I’m just trying to make sense of it all.